Archangel Metatron: Power of the Heart

archangel metatron eraoflightdotcomThe draconian brotherhood has played its part in your part of the galaxy. It is inconceivably difficult to assume that it was allowed to happen this way, but this because of the planet’s absolute demand for free will. The free will has in fact not applied to everyone, one might think, but it has become the result and the third dimensional reality. Some beings with pendants who have been strong and powerful have used their free will and intelligence to exploit and reap and deceive the innocence, the pure and basically free and independent. In their terribly powerful abuses, they have pushed and tamed the innocence, creativity and opportunity for peace.

In the third dimensional reality you lived and to a certain extent live in, the conditions for going out in the poles are a fact. Goodness versus evil, light versus darkness, lightness versus weight and knowledge versus ignorance, etc. The perpetrators have had the free will to abuse you. There has not been a balance for very, very long on your home planet. The balance between the masculine and the feminine, between the divine and the profane. You, as your own personalities, have also been victims or perpetrators of one another, life after life in different constellations.

This existence has been guided by the draconian brotherhood, which for a very long time has set the tone for the pyramidal control, where the summit exploits all who descend further down the pyramid. This does not mean that pyramids are evil, but it has served their purpose, we can say a little playful in a pyramidal good way.

The draconian creatures do not give up easily. In fact, they refuse to release the grip at all. They don’t scold any funds and I really mean NO funds to get to you. They try to infiltrate in the most cunning way, where each of you has his Achilles heel. The more intelligent you are, the more refined will be their covert attacks.

There is only one way to outwit the draconian power company, but it is by far the best and the absolute all-inclusive.

The answer is the power of the heart. It is a power of the pure heart that this exploitation does not stand a chance against. You radiate the power of the heart and are within yourself, without fear you are more powerful than any draconian. You no longer have any food to give them, any nourishment of your emotions. Stand firm in the power of the heart, look with deep compassion on your fellow human beings and what has served their purpose. You have also been perpetrators, abusers, oppressors so you have the deep understanding. Look with compassion and say thank you it is enough now. Our innocent children should be the children they are in the true paradise their bardship really lets them in. Thank you enough. A new wave has come with the light of love from the highest heights. The wave sweeps the lower structures with it and leaves no room for draconian sadistic games with our children and fellow humans.

I am part of the original creator and my power is very great (the channel symbolically sees the whole sky lit up in a yellow tone) and I do not allow the abuses to continue on my shelters. It can’t go too fast dear friends, I say it again, you have to be patient because it can’t go too fast, all that has been going on for so long. Should the purging proceed faster, the atmosphere closest to the earth’s surface would be burned. All the disasters that happen are a result of this. You see a slight ripple of the combustion that would be total if the whole process went faster.

However, I tell you, do not be afraid dear co-creators. Without being steady in the power of your own heart without judging, just each and every time we create the new wave.

I, the Archangel Metatron, greet you with powerful humility.


» Source » Channel: Beatrice Madsen