Daily Message for 9/12/2023

“Social distancing” was practice for the future, and it will return again. You’re going to social distance permanently from many friends and family in the coming days. This is due to the difference in the vibrational frequency of individuals, and the reality chosen by each being. You have chosen to be a part of the Fifth Dimensional Earth. While they have chosen other realities and frequencies. ~Kejraj

Daily Message for 4/4/2023

Greetings! The world is not ending. What is coming to an end is the darkness in the world. All the low energies which no longer serve humanity are to be transmuted and or released from Earth, as she and humanity awaken from the nightmare, and enter a reality which most have not even dreamed of. A whole new beginning of true love, peace, prosperity, and unity. ~Kejraj

Daily 777 Message For 1/6/2023


Yes, you are ascending. Yes, you have made it. Yes you shall continue to shine your light, and reach higher levels of awareness. Yes, the drama and chaos may accelerate in the coming days, as the matrix is deconstructed at every level. And you will continue to hold your light, your peace within, for this greatly assists the world. ~Kejraj

Daily 777 for 11/01/2022

Many have no problem doing the SEARCHING. It is the DISCOVERY itself that they are afraid of. The discovery in knowing that they are as great, if not greater than those they have worshiped. By fearing and denying themselves their own DIVINE POWER, they continue to suffer. It is time to move forward and claim this, your divine power, wisdom, and create with the light of your heart. ~ Kejraj