Sensitivities And The Light Body

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomWhenever I come down with a bad cold, the thing that bothers me most is losing my sense of smell.  I realize during those times how much I depend upon that human sense for my enjoyment of life. Not being able to smell the grass, the honeysuckle, or the earth on my walks, or taste my food, or my coffee. Taste, to a great degree, depends upon our sense of smell.

I remember when I was in grammar and middle school, I would actually enjoy my homework.  Well, it wasn’t so much the subjects themselves, but there was something about those big, heavy books I liked.  I liked the way they felt and smelled.

I remember how mesmerizing it felt when the bus that took me to high school would rattle as it went over roads paved with bricks.

I loved the smell of freshly printed comic books.

Of course some things didn’t smell so great.  Like gym class.  The locker rooms in particular.  And being bullied by the bigger girls had left me with, as far as that part of my school day, the smell of fear.

I loved the scent of my mother.  Of her Jean Naté perfume.  When I owned a cat, I loved the sound and the vibration of his purring.  Talk about soothing.

Since my ascension began,  I am overly  sensitive to smells.  For instance I can’t tolerate most women’s perfumes.  Especially if they are oil-based.  Most men’s colognes are more pleasant, maybe because they don’t have those heavy, sweet overtones.  Theirs are more on the spicy side.   I detest the smell of fabric softener.  At the cafe, I have to remove myself from the proximity of both the perfumed and Downy fabric softener folks.

I wash my clothes in non-perfumed detergent and I use vinegar as a fabric softener.

Even most essential oils are too much for me.  I find them very heavy.  Many household cleaning products are irritating to my throat, including bleach, and many other every-day atmospheric and environmental pollutants.

I use white distilled vinegar for all my household cleaning.

Sometimes I miss the days when I could tolerate all of the normal airborne pollutants and chemicals in various products. Because it feels like I spend an inordinate amount of time and energy trying to control my environment.  I used to love visits to the library.  Now I find the mustiness of the older books irritating to my throat and tongue.

It can be exhausting and discouraging being in a body that doesn’t yet respond to our soul’s frequency.

I know it’s the light body integration and assimilation that creates these sensitivities.  And I know it too will pass.  In fact some things that did bother me no longer do.  Many of us know all too well how this body can feel like a burden, and not a joy.


Our soul is into experience, especially the physical one that we are having here.  It loves immersing itself in this time and space environment.  This kind of sensual, visceral experience isn’t possible in the non-physical.

But the human feels pretty beat up at times, and can get discouraged with the daily challenges of being in a body that is still to a degree not a match to the higher frequencies.  And in the meantime, the light body process brings up cells that are resistant, and diseases at times, all there to be released.

So just as the human is adjusting to the higher frequencies, our soul is also in the process of adjusting to being so connected to its own creation, our physical body.

Our carbon-based body is actually quite adaptable to its environment.  Which is why we were not as sensitive to that environment before we began our ascension.  What we are experiencing now is the light body adapting itself to us.

And in the process the light body integrates with our physical body.  The light body is impervious to harm from chemicals and pollutants,  so as we integrate our light body, we are less and less affected by the earth environment we find ourselves living in.

Many of us are less and less affected on an emotional level by others’ energies, and even by our own mind’s lower vibrations.  But unfortunately the physical vessel is the last to catch up


It’s no fun being in that uncomfortable stage of this integration, which at times feels endless.  But it’s good to remind ourselves that our sensitivities are what makes being here joyful.  To taste, touch, smell, hear and see with heightened senses.

Most humans have dulled their senses on every level.  They compensate for it by becoming extreme in other ways, in order to feel alive.

As we become more conscious, we don’t really enjoy dulling our senses.  We are no longer trying to protect ourselves from what we consider a threatening environment.  We eventually welcome that environment, rather than retreat from it.

It will always be challenging living in a world with a considerably low consciousness, but our soul knows, with the help of the human, how to navigate this Earth, and she knows how to adapt and adjust to our physical body.  In turn, our physical body benefits in ways it could never do on its own.


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