Ashtar: Discernment

ashtar eraoflightdotcomThis is Ashtar Sheran and I have a message for all those awakening now on Planet Shan.

We are aware that there is much difficulty within your community with dishonesty and deception. The lightworker community has been invaded by the dark in an effort to keep your collective vibration down. Off planet influences are working overtime to prevent spreading of light and love within your community. Social media is a large part of this as well.

It is part of your mission as a lightworker to learn to discern lies from the truth. As you determine words to be a lie, your vibration will rise and you will become more discerning. Being able to sense energy is also a valuable tool and the empathic one is best with this.

Sharon Stewart is such an empath. She is sensitive to lower energies but is faster now at transmuting them, which is the work all must do in order to help heal your world. My Divon Aquila, with her sword by her side, fighting for the light upon earth, is my voice and my heart. She stands in my shoes on your planet, she speaks my words for me so that I may assist you in other ways.

I am one of the most replicated entities by the dark ones. So is Archangel Michael. All channeled messages by any extraterrestrial/divine entity must be scrutinized to see if any part of the dark agenda hides within the channeled words. Beware that channelers are particularly targeted because of their ability to reach many people. People who channel organically can be easily compromised by the dark – they already have dominance of your lower minds. Sharon is adept at sensing the energy of, and finding the few words in a channeling that make it fake. Awareness of the dark agenda is key. At this time, naivety is your worst trait. The dark will stop at nothing to spread more lies and ruin the reputation of the light ones you work with.

It is your task to become aware of the ruses the dark ones are playing on you, it is your task also to master these ruses and not to fall prey to them. To the extent that you yourself are dishonest, you will be able to be fooled. You are living in a world of illusion where death, fear, anger and hatred run rampant. The only truth is love. To the extent that you fall outside of this truth, you can be deceived.

It is part of your work. It is part of your Ascension. We cannot protect you from these untruths – you must learn to do this yourself. In order to know the truth, you must know deception – that is part of duality. The dark is playing its role to the hilt and so you must never let your guard down. Keep your heart full of love and follow those who speak to your heart. You cannot go wrong.

I remain in service to your light,



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6 Replies to “Ashtar: Discernment”

  1. bodhimoss

    Hi Cheri. I also saw the flat plane, surrounded by a spherical dome of spinning, permeable, translucent, toroidal energy, thereby confirming (in my mind at least) both the globe and flat earth models.

  2. Ed

    ashtar sheeran
    01/17/2020, 8:27 AM
    but what should we do??

    and as the book of hermes once foretold. There will come a time when the wise will be thought insane, and the wicked will be thought wise. Whatever can we do in a world which favors the most indoctrinated, the most mind controlled, whatever can we do?? To begin with most of us do our work in secret.



    Ed says:
    January 22, 2020 at 06:26
    Tablet Of Mercy
    Emerald Tablet
    Hidden Words
    Seven Valleys
    Four Valleys
    This Is The Last Book…

  3. Ed

    Freeeeequency creates Seeeeequency


    Here We GOOOOO!!!!

  4. Wayne W Hansen (@waynewhansen)

    “It is part of your mission as a lightworker to learn to discern lies from the truth.” — Ashtar Sheran. The spinning globe is a lie and the flat earth dome is the truth… History that does not include the mud flood of 1812 is a lie. The mud flood researchers are trying to tell the truth of the previous civilization that was destroyed, and that the horse and buggy settlers found the gigantic mansions and used them… Teaching ascension without teaching the space ship rescue first, then experiencing the ascension on the star ships, is not teaching the original Ashtar Command teaching. From the book, “The Crystal Stair”, Ashtar: “We are waiting for more volunteers who are interested in this first wave of ascension and who are willing to take the time and energy to prepare themselves for this.
    You will be taken to a ship.
    You will be lifted physically as an etheric and physical being.
    You will receive training if you wish to be an ascended master and return to assist the remainder of humanity in their ascension process.” Also, teaching ascension without the prediction of earthchanges, is not teaching the original Ashtar Command teaching.

    1. Cheri

      Hi Wayne! The flat earth with a dome (or starry canopy) is what I saw when I travelled through the ascension corridor to activate my lightbody. It is the earth blueprint or what people call the firmament and it is flat as only seen through the pineal gland. It is where all our own blueprints are stored and is etheric. I think the earth is a plasma spiral like everything else in the universe all moving and spinning at various luminosity. Everything is spinning plasma light including us as all living things are in truth lightbody not dense, static physical mass. We are temporarily stuck in a controlled illusion through a biological hack of the blueprints and by controlling our brainwaves limiting our perception. Normally we enter the blueprints of any creation and immerse ourselves into that reality as we choose.

      IMHO we don’t need training to become an ascended master as we have all done this many times before which is why we are here. It is a process of cellular transmutation like we are doing now by reconstructing our DNA library. I don’t like the word teaching (mind construct) as we are here to be examples of what lies in each and every one of us. You could teach and focus on volumes of intellectual knowledge and never ascend. It is a DNA process. These so called “ships” are our lightbodies. Ashtar is the ET presence of prime creator that lies within the DNA of us all. If you believe in cataclysmic earth changes you will create this and align with that reality. This is how they managed this in the past, we created the earth destruction scenarios over and over through the mind control and intellectual propaganda because we lost our discernment and believed all the lies. These were repeating mass creations just like they are trying to do now with climate change and end of the world destruction.

      There will always be cycles of natural earth changes but humanity creates the destruction not the other way around and not through pollution although this makes life miserable but through shared belief systems. We are creators not victims.

      Love sharing with you as it is all so interesting really once we get over the fears and stop reacting from survival mode. We all should know by now that we are eternal. Soon we will be able to step into another earth blueprint because we vibrate with the frequency of that reality yay!

      I am not looking at the past anymore to create the future. That was the mind control. Thank for sharing your wisdom! 😘