The Angels: Perspective, Storms, and Sunshine

the angelics eraoflightdotcomMy dear friends, we love you so very much,

Our channel has a little phrase this time of year, “Its pumpkin season!” In truth, there are so many seasons on your earth, all at once! In some places it is planting season. In others, it is the season for harvest. In still others, it is the season to prepare for a very cold winter to come. For some it is swimming season!

All over your globe, at the same time, but in different places, people are experiencing very different realities. In fact, even in the same house, the same job, or the same family, people experience vastly different realities.

Each one of you is a universe unto yourself, living in a reality you share with seven billion others but experiencing life uniquely through the lens of your own personal perception.

If you put ten people in the same exact situation you would have ten different perceptions, and therefore ten different experiences of “reality.”

So, what does this mean to you? Simply this dear ones – You get to choose how you will experience the “raw material” of your life. You get to sing in the rain, soak in it, slip in it, or all of the above. You can see an angry person as a hurting soul for whom you will pray, or as a wicked monster whom you will choose to hate. You can view your challenges from the perspective of a victimized and hurting human – as horrible evidence that life is out to get you. Alternately, you can see them from the perspective of your soul – as opportunities to grow and expand into greater love and personal power.

In every moment you feel less than joyful, ask yourself, “How might I better look at this situation? Can I try a different lens, a different perception of this reality? What thoughts would give me greater peace, love, and joy right now?” We’re not saying you should “think positive” if you cannot. Simply ask yourself, “What thoughts might feel a little better now?”

You can inch your way up the vibrational scale, little by little even when you’re not inclined to be positive.

Perhaps you can shift from feeling victimized into problem solving and seeing yourself as a competent and capable human being with the power of God behind you. Perhaps you can shift from feeling angry at someone else to being kind to yourself. Perhaps you can shift from sadness to hope, from feelings of betrayal to thoughts that God will never abandon you. You can always stretch a bit, with your perception and reach for a thought that feels a little better.

Dear ones, your perceptions about life – the lenses through which you view reality – will color your days beautiful or ugly, painful or pleasant, empowering or victimizing. You get to choose.

You may not easily be able to choose your first reaction to a situation because that is programmed and habitual, but you can choose your second, third, and so on… and in so doing you not only shift your thoughts, your feelings, and your energy, but in time you will shift your entire reality.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


» Source » Channel: Ann Albers