Goddess of Creation: The Central Sun

divine mother 1 eraoflightdotcomAre you ready to bask in the high vibration of the Central Sun??? This channel is filled with a huge amount of love. In the beginning I am overwhelmed with emotion and struggling not to cry. I had another technical glitch which is very frustrating, and this opened the door to a massive amount of sorrow. The Goddess speaks at the very beginning of the changes from the last six month. The fall/ spring equinox is on September 21st and the full moon was this past Friday. Therefore, the time of this channel was very powerful for clearing the negative energies.

The Goddess also spoke about how often people are in a place where they are not listening to their true self and this is becoming more and more of a problem. When someone is not listening to their soul or their divinity, they become disconnected. When people are disconnected, they fall more so into their ego. This is a disconnection which leads to people feeling lonely, abandoned, scared, lost or many other emotions. This in turn opens them to align, frequently unconsciously, with any negativity around them or in the media.

This channel helps you to clear that energy so that you may back in the love of the central sun.

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I know you hear the tears in Shelly’s voice and I know that she’s upset about this evening; however, what she is tapping into is something that is happening universally.

There is a clearing out of pain and suffering and this is the end of the equinox, of the six months of the equinox, and so much culminated during August. August was a month in part, the portal that opens up with the Lions Gate brought in another wave of energy and light. Through that energy and light there was a rebalancing that began to take place upon the earth.

The recent full moon which was, I believe, just two days ago from this recording was the completion of that cycle. So while the gate itself, the portal was open for me maybe only about 7 to 10 days, the waves of energy that were integrated from the influx that came in during that time has been continuously integrated since then.

With this full moon it was as if it was a reflection for many, many people creating a potential to look not only at their lives, but to look at opportunities that were coming about for them and this in turn has, I don’t know quite how to say this but, how many of you go through your life living your life thinking that you are doing what you want to be doing but you are not; and even if you’re not doing what you want to do you still acknowledge it and move forward. How many of you are living a life that feels like a façade? How many of you are seeking to manifest certain things and those things that you seek to manifest are simply lifting up the façade.

The point of all of this is that millions of people live their life in just this way, they don’t think about their divinity, they don’t think about spirituality, they don’t think about what their soul truly wants them to do. And this is a part of the wave of energy that began six months ago, had a huge impulse around the summer solstice and then again this last month of this quarter of the year. And while there is an aspect of Shelly that can relate so much of the sorrow that she tapped into before this experience tonight, tonight’s channel, was actually tapping into the acknowledgment that so many people are living these lives that are not the lives that they want to have.

Sometimes it’s just about wanting to have more in your life. Sometimes it’s about doing what someone else thinks that you should do. Sometimes it’s about creating a life that you think you should have when your heart and soul is telling you something different; so many different potentials of how this all will come about.

What I seek to do in the journey this evening is to assist people with having the clear vision from their soul. We talk about the soul all the time, we link with it every single time we get together, when in the All That Is you’re working directly from your soul’s energy. So this needs to be a conscious stream that is with you in your everyday life and there are probably millions of people that might be saying, “I’m unhappy, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know where I should be going” and this vibration or this energy in many ways for a lot of different people just seems to amplify what they don’t know.

So for this evening what needs to take place is that each person upon the earth can have the opportunity of tapping into what they do want to have, not from an ego perspective, but from their soul’s perspective.

Another way of explaining what this is a result of, is so many people that get away from their spirituality are moving further into ego, not recognizing that you as the human, as the person, have to be a blend of both your soul and your personality.

The human experience is made up of experiencing things through your emotions, about living with thoughts and beliefs that have an impact upon you, about living with your physical reality as it is. Some people might have disabilities, some people might have illnesses, some people might have perfect health and strength, some people might have, the list is endless, but it is you. It is your body. It is what you have manifested in this life. Everything can change and it does all the time.

The problem arises when you think to create change without integrating your whole entire soul, consciousness, emotions, thoughts and physical. If you think to make the change in only your thoughts and only your beliefs and you detach that emotional aspect it gets derailed and everything, everything in life has to come from soul or from source.

I the Goddess and all the many, many star beings and Angels are working very, very diligently that the earth can move into a spiritual consciousness that moves through 100% of the people and we are at one of those tipping points once again. It is going to shift, it is going to go through, but because it is a tipping point it causes people to feel anxious, uncomfortable as if something is happening and this is what Shelly is tapping into; because she would say to you 30 minutes before this was starting she was completely fine, relaxed and centered and balanced and ready to go and then when the computer glitch took place, boom, it opened up a doorway through frustration that allowed for all the other people that are feeling in such a way to just go pouring in on her. You, the people that listen to this and participate in this are the ones that are so sensitive. You’re sensitive to the energies, you are open to the flow, and while you’re open to the flow or the higher consciousness is moving through you are also frequently open to the flow of anything that is moving through and sometimes it pulls you down.

In part because Shelly is having this experience that she is and I feel certain every single one of you can relate to it, be it in this now moment or at some point in your life. It’s not that you have to make choices that change your entire life for the rest of your life in a moment; it’s about opening to love and allowing love to immerse everything, everything in your life.

When you’re in a space of joy and excitement it’s easy to feel the love. When you are in a space of compassion it’s easy to feel the love. When someone is in a space of sadness, despair, depression, anger, love is as far away as you can imagine. Now that is not true consciously, but the perspective is that love is nowhere within and around you. Love is the foundation for everything. Love brings balance; love brings acceptance and through love you are bringing in the spirituality that will anchor your planet.

I always believe that these transitions taking place at this time upon the earth are doing so for the betterment of the earth. I still believe that 100%.

I believe in humanity. I believe in all of you who have come to be within this space. I believe that more and more of the resources of the universe are readily available to you.

The common denominator out into the universe is your soul. Your soul is that part of you that lives forever. Your soul has an aspect of you that is out mingling in these high vibrations becoming the filter that brings it down into you in this lifetime, right here, right now. It’s there and for anyone, be you a part of this teleconference or someone unconsciously feeling disconnected, I send a conscious alignment that each one of you will feel it coming down from your soul into your human awareness and that it may move through your emotions, your thoughts and everything.

I send this flow and I send this love into all of humanity.

I feel a greater calmness within Shelly but I’m also feeling a greater calmness that is moving through the earth.

When there is hysteria it feeds the fear and the anger and the disconnect that so many people experience. There is violence upon the earth. Yes, right now, that is also a part of this tipping point. So I ask you not to become vibrationaly aligned with the violence. By that I mean, feeding the anguish of the people, feeding into the fear that takes place, feeding into the judgment of whatever might be going on, anything at all that hooks you in is amplifying that energy.

For the millions of people that pray, that pray from that place of being hooked into the energy is still giving it energy; so I ask you please to practice disconnecting from whatever the situation may be before you send any prayers, love or compassion and as everyone disconnects in this now moment you’re simply acknowledging, “I am not going to feed that energy, instead I disconnect and then I bring down this universal light and send that into the moment”… there we go. You can each feel the difference, can you not?

When I was tapped in everything was a little bit flat, once we disconnected and then brought in the universal flow everybody lifted up. You forget; you go about your life, you might feel depressed, you might feel something but you forget sometimes the importance of disconnecting.

Anchor your vibration, send that ball of light down through you into the earth and this time as everyone connects with Gaia, I invite you to do so with the conscious intention of not only feeling the love and the support of Gaia, but that you will send as much energy as you can through you from the universe and the universal light. You feel that energy as it comes up through you, it goes out through your upper energy bodies and you align with your higher self.

As you are here in the space with your higher self ~whew~ clear out whatever that is that no longer serves you.

You send your consciousness further until you find yourself standing or merging with your divinity.

As you do so I invite you this time to just consciously open up all of your senses. As you feel your alignment to your soul, not only feel the love and the compassion; open allowing anything that is within you the human which might be out of alignment to find its vibrational balance as you merge with your divinity. Your soul, your divinity, your I AM presence, all of these words represents the same, your God source. Let that flow through you; letting it flow through your consciousness. You already feel yourself expanding.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst all that are here. I embrace you. I reach out to hold you in this moment, so that as our energies merge, we move into the All That Is.

As you take this moment within the All That Is, look around at this space, look around at the place that you have created for yourself and then take a moment to just take in these energies around you. From within the All That Is, I ask you to just kind of look out at your Milky Way galaxy, notice the planets that are closest to the earth and around the earth and then shift your focus that you may see the Central Spiritual Sun.

In just about every writing that you may read upon the earth it speaks of everything revolving around the Central Sun. The first soul essence of every species originated; now this I am speaking of higher species with consciousness. The Central Sun is the link to other universes although there are many, many portals and doorways from one to another. As you are here in this space of the All That Is, I invite you to open your consciousness and look at source.

As you have this sense of standing in front of the Central Sun, first of all, feel the vibration that comes off of it in wave upon wave. This is pure love.

As you stand in front of the Central Sun feel how it is automatically creating a balance within you so that you vibrate in alignment. For some it may feel as if you’re vibrating outside of yourself, for others it’s as if from within you. You feel yourself shifting. Bask in this moment.

I ask you to open your senses to feel who you are and what your alignment is within the sun.

There are frequencies and tones, there is color, all of which emanate from within this space and as you allow your energy or your essence to simply relax quietly feeling this pulsation or perhaps following that stream that is you, allow it to support you. Allow it to program your cells to vibrate at this pure unconditional love.

When we tapped into your soul on the way here, it does have a direct line however, your soul has experienced lifetime upon lifetime in many different universes and experiences so it transforms. This is your original essence. Allow it to flow within you and around you.

You may stay here for as long as you so choose, however in this now moment I will shift the focus and the vibration back within the All That Is and then you come when the time is right for you.

Within the All That Is, look around. After having spent even a few moments within that space of love allow that to just transform each and everything even here within the All That Is because this is what’s going to support your soul and support you in your everyday life.

The recurring theme is always love. You can use love to create massive changes within your world.

Love is a state of being. Love neutralizes thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you. Simply draw on the energy of the Central Sun, feel that flow and relax. If your mind keeps getting busy and busy connect with it ~whew~ and let it go and then bask in the vibration of love.

I anticipate that with all these changes taking place upon the earth you will be able to disconnect and move into love in just a split-second.

Be yourself. Live the life that speaks to you from your heart. If changes are going to take place then step into love allowing that to shift the vibration which will then transform into reality. Allow for love.

I invite everyone to come back together as a group. As you see that hologram of the earth, this time I invite you to see the hologram as it is there, however, also bring in the vibration of the Central Sun almost as if you see the sun and the hologram and anticipate that they merge as one. This is not happening in a physical manner, but in an energetic manner so that that link between the Central Sun and the hologram can help to clear out all that no longer serves humanity.

As that merging completes you have a sense of letting go of the hologram, that part goes out through the universe and the remainder goes down into the earth. As you watch that hologram as it goes through the earth once it hits that magnetic grid around the earth it clears out the collective consciousness infusing it with love, it moves down into the center of the earth connecting in with that and sending that vibration outward.

As this comes up within you it goes through all the layers of the earth. It comes up through the grass, the water, the trees, your own alignment with the Central Sun comes up from within you, the cord that you send down into Gaia merges with your own vibration and that comes up within you. So, just as you took a moment to bask in the energy of the Central Sun do so in this now moment. Feel it, know it, allow it.

Have a sense of the remainder of your consciousness flowing back from the All That Is once again moving through the soul plane and your soul; it streams back down within you coming down through your energy field once again clearing out your own aura, your own thoughts, beliefs, emotions. Your physical body integrates all that is coming from this space. Take this time to anchor within you; cell to cell to cell.

As you move through the days and weeks to come, as you embrace the energies of the equinox coming up on the 21st be open to feel the pulsations and the love of the Central Sun. Feel who you are, experience what this is and know that every moment of every day, everything that you do, that you are, that you feel, is love.

You are love incarnated upon the earth and I am always with you and within you.



This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website: http://www.goddesslight.net