Maha Cohan: Decide With Love

divine love eraoflightdotcomI am the Life, I am the Way, I am the Love. I am the light, I am the beginning and the end.

I am a senior MAHA CHOAN and I am actually with humanity and with all people. I’m in the middle of you and I’m with you.

Beloved Man,

end the search for the light or for God. Whoever you want to find it was everywhere you go. Open your eyes simply, open your conscious mind and open your divine spirit.

Just everything, it seems so simple, is heavy for most people. That’s why we just want to move everything now, so you can get closer and closer to Paradise.

To arrive at yourself and your life as it was, to understand it is the goal of our present consciousness – and it is of great significance that you experience your life as a gift and not as a punishment.

The grace of your birth

You inhabited this corpse, since you brought the grace to an earthly incarnation – and not, since you were condemned to a criminal service on earth.

The grace of your birth consists in the fact that you can experience everything here, if you were an angel impossible to experience and that you can do all that here, you were impossible to effect as an angel.

At this level, it gives life, that is, how it is lived, is in the fullness of it. A human being can create equally on fine particles as on solid planes. A person truly creates out of the full.

Even if you are many because you have failed – and sometimes you have traveled away – an incarnation on this earth is unmatched in its being, but only on this plane it is possible in itself, to experience itself as absolutely limited and absolutely unlimited.

Therefore, it is significant today that you abide by this limitation, that from the Mouse Perspective to the Adler Perspective, It is pleasing to you that you fill your place with people, bring your light to light, and not hide it any longer.

In this way there is no doubt that it will reach twofold: the kingdom of peace in you and the love of all, existed.

Then you are ready for the mastery and then the concept of self-empowerment becomes its true meaning.

Beloved Man,

strengthen your aspirations. Do not impress the circumstances, but do not go your way. Be proper, dort, where you are attested to by Unknowing Strength.

Stay in peace, even if the unrest spreads more and more, and see to it that you never betray the love, because it is the mistress of all men at this time.

Where can you recognize if you have already longed for the Reichens – or if it is still for you?

Did you answer this question: Can I stay in peace in a quiet environment in peace, in the quiet, in peace? Who strongly influences the environment and how easy can they bring me to rest?

Since this is still possible for most people, you will suffer the “SPÄTER-MEDITATION” in your heart, which will bring you closer and closer to the Reich of Peace.
The Later Meditation

Get started in the quiet, so who you want to practice for your meditations. Then relax and observe your inner turmoil, your thoughts and everything, was now rising inward – and to every appearance, no matter how meaningful they may appear to you, say: SPEAKER! Step up to nothing and let everything in you predict. Engage with no thought or inner images. SPATE, SPATE, SPATE!

It causes you to soothe the flood of thought and become still.

This practical exercise is next to establishing your most transformational contribution to the peace realm within you.

Then, only if you stay in one of the fastest-turning worlds and stay with you, you will be able to see the overview and develop your love ability.

It is about your love ability in all the interests of your life.
Der Blick des Adlers

Womit we are looking at the eagle’s gaze. The Adler’s perception is nothing. Unperturbed by them, was taken from under the soil, seen in heaven’s circles. An eagle does not read of them, had passed through them in any disruption, ignite, without sovereign decree, what matter there is to its power. An eagle oversees the whole scene and it is not like a mouse fighting for survival, from then on.

The Perspective of Many People is the One Mouse or the Frog.

They let themselves be driven from the environment and for them to respond to every event. Instead of seeing the whole of the whole and gathering an overarching perception, remember or hope from there – and never come again. It is a species that is important for mice and frogs, but for some people such behavior is very purposeful.

If you want to be excited about each and every one of you, if you feel yourself in the grip of the world as a believer or if you believe, you know who others want, then until you are right and then it is time, it changes now.

And therefore, you have an easy and effective mediation in your heart:

Get started in the quiet, so who you want to practice for your meditations.

Then relax and observe your thoughts and inner images that are now ascending. Take your inner turmoil, your anxiety and everything, were you telling, true and ready to change this NOW. Decide for yourself, a new perspective.

Visualize a mountain enclosed in fog clouds. Rise this mountain empor, step by step.

You go through the mist veil and stand in the light. Now the whole valley is expanding before you, the mist is far below you, you have the overview.

This exercise – repetitively performed – changes your everyday perception and you will slowly be able to, even in difficult everyday situations, to achieve superior view.

As the third and last part of this message, please direct your entire attention to love.

If you desire the peace realm within you and take in the Adler Perspective, then you have the best prerequisites, for all that was, to be unconditionally accepting and unconditional.

This humanity needs the love of some people, a love that extends to all people, who excludes no one and reaches all people.

Who love my enemies – or those who commit great injustice, ask you?

If you try it, if you do not close the eyes to the offender or to the offender – read off the deed, but take the offender through your love. At the end of the day, it is the love when it arrives.
Swing in love at the end of the day

The new humanity is not on retribution, but on the foundation of forgiveness. And that is why the love is lost – a love that does not alleviate the wrongdoing of revenge and brings mercy to love.

To get out of fear out of love, that is the real paradigm shift that takes place on this earth.

However, most people have holes in old boards and believe in false beliefs that they can be shaped by the Golden Age.

Now, because of the great karmic entanglements on planetary unloading individual planes, in order to be able to resolve, it is to cultivate love in your heart.

Therefore, you need the overriding look on the whole, that from a holistic perspective only you can love it, where the fear reigns and where you discourage hate.

To love it, to make a decision – and that decision includes the firm will, everything, was hindered from being banned from your life.

Damit joins the circle of our present consciousness work in the Grace of God.

Even though you desire the peace realm within you and remember the ordered gaze on the whole, you are ready for it – meant that you bring yourself to all people and all situations.

At the end of one day in love in all, it was, to swing, without pushing the negative, is the goal for those people whose walk is a real experience and that has captured the meaning of your incarnation.
Mastery loves hot

By the love you long for in the mastery, without your love everything stays in place and even you remain stuck in development.

The Realized Love is the one you open the door to in Paradise – a door that you do not need to search anywhere in the world, as they are only found in you.

The ability of unconditional love can be acquired. This state of consciousness is hardly ever laid in the cradle, but it is the goal of every human being to experience this in the end of his journey on earth.

For many people, this time comes at another time, for those who follow this message so far, it is NOW so far.

The mirrors of your life remember you so long in love, until you almost realize them and until you see nothing more in the mirror.

Right now, it is imperative that, in order to obtain peace, to gain an overarching perspective and to raise the consciousness of unconditional love.

This will calm down your entire development and is connected to the ascent of mankind.

Paradise will only be acquired by this decision for the loved one. Wait for no one but look at you: Is there not enough reason to love and reach people with whom you can try and prove your love ability?

I love you infinitely,

Maha Cohan!


» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl