Taking Risks For A New Start; 3 Ways to Step Beyond Your Fears

break free eraoflightdotcomNow is a good time to focus on creating a fresh start in some area of your life. Energies culminating in the October 13 full moon support new beginnings and an ability to move into new uncharted territories. Ready?!

Whatever needs changing will involve risk and applying a grounded spiritual perspective. Your Higher Self is totally on board with this idea, knowing the areas where you could use a life upgrade and why you might be uneasy about the risk of making such a bold move. Continue reading for a simple explanation of how to fearlessly step into brand-new territories.


All of us are conditioned to fear change and uncertainty. It’s wired into our DNA. For the same reason, we can have an aversion to risk – especially the type of risk involved in a personal paradigm shift of some kind.

For perspective, it’s a known scientific fact that everything in our physicality – including our personal selves – is continually changing. Did you know, for example, that the body replaces itself with a largely new set of cells every 7-10 years, and some parts are revamped even more rapidly?

We daily look at ourselves and focus on our lives as they appear to us. We get used to seeing the same face in the mirror. We can get accustomed to doing a similar type of work or service, seeing many of the same people, and living in the same way.

In chaotic and uncertain times like now, we also can get used to looking at things about ourselves and our lives and feeling dissatisfied or angry. Our higher nature, understanding that we are eternal and always changing, may nudge us to experiment with new ideas and approaches. If we’re in touch with our inner guidance, and feel these nudges, we may get anxious about taking risks to change our personal status quo. Experimenting may not feel safe, in part because humans are conditioned to want guaranteed outcomes and to be in control of how things unfold.

Relax, all of us have this conditioning. Trust that you have found this article to be reminded of your divine eternal nature that is boundless and wise. This higher part of you can guide you step-by-step in shifting the personal paradigms you need to change. In “Your Cosmic Self and You” is more guidance and practical tools for working with these things. Meanwhile, below are suggestions for stepping beyond your fears.

3 Ways to Step Beyond Your Fears

FIRST remember that you are continually changing, even if changes are so slow you don’t recognize them. Acknowledging that fact can help you get present to the changes you already have in motion but perhaps are unconscious to – e.g. a decision you made 10 years ago to join a certain company with the goal of having a retirement plan. That job may still be appropriate for you, but consider contemplating in current time what it means to stay there and how you might change your role or your perspective.

SECOND investigate your belief systems involving risk and doing new things. Are they based on something in the past or worry about the future? Discover how to be present to your fears about risk, challenging them as they arise.

THIRD remind yourself daily that anything worth doing is worth doing well with your full being, no holding back. If you are intuiting that there’s a new direction out there for you to explore, trust what you get and put your energy into investigating HOW to move in the new direction rather than ruminating endlessly about HOW it might not work out. Then follow up with acting on what you discover, step-by-step in the direction of your goal.

The above examples may sound simplistic. I invite you, however, to contemplate them with an inquiring mind regarding how they apply to you. Many of the most simple things are based on universal principles involving energy and the cosmos. At the root of all things is love.


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