The Angels: A Universe Within Yourself

angel messages eraoflightdotcomMy dear friends, we love you so much.

Our channel has a little expression at this time of year “It’s pumpkin season!” There are so many seasons on your soil, and they all happen at once. In some places it is the planting season. On others, it is harvest season. On still others, it is the season to prepare for a very cold winter. And for some, it’s the bathing season!

All over the world at the same time, but in different places, people experience very different realities. In fact, even in the same house, at the same job, or in the same family, people experience very different realities.

Each of you is a Universe within yourself, living in a reality that you share with 7 billion others, but experiencing life through a lens of your own personal perception. If you put ten people in exactly the same situation, you would have ten different perceptions, and ten different perceptions of “reality”.

So what does this mean for you? Simply this, my dear – you have to choose how you want to experience the “raw material” in your life. You have to sing in the rain, suck it in, slip into it, or all at once. You can see an angry person as a wounded soul for whom you want to pray, or as an evil monster that you choose to hate. You can see your challenges from the perspective of a victim and a wounded man – as horrible evidence that life is out to set the bar for you. The alternative is that you can see them from the perspective of your soul – as opportunities to grow and expand into greater love and personal power.

When you feel less than happy, ask yourself: “How should I look at this situation. Can I try a different lens, a different angle to this reality? What thoughts could give me greater peace, love and joy right now? ”We do not say that you should“ think positively ”if you cannot. Just ask yourself: “What thoughts would make me feel a little better now?”

You can move slowly up the vibration scale a little at a time, even when you do not feel positive.

You may change from feeling like a victim to solving the problem and see yourself as a competent and capable person with the power of God behind you. You may be able to switch from feeling angry with someone to being kind to yourself. You may be able to shift from sadness to feeling hope, from feelings of betrayal to thoughts that God will never abandon you.

My dear ones, your perception of life – the lens through which you see your reality – will color your days either as good or as bad, painful or enjoyable, invigorating or painful. It’s your choice.

You may not be able to choose your first reaction to a situation so easily, because it is programmed and introverted, but you can choose your second, third, fourth and so on … and when you do, you not only change your thoughts, feelings and energies, but over time you will change your whole reality.

God bless you! We love you so much.


» Source » Channel: Ann Albers