Memphis: Rock Consciousness

galaxy eraoflightdotcomI am Memphis, a rather large piece of granite in a pleasant meadow. This is the name this one has given me and we have spent many pleasant hours together. I speak now for it is indeed the time for the rocks to cry out for much is underway and yes, even the rocks are excited! We are having a hard time containing ourselves as you all hold on rock steady to these energies that pummel the strongest granite into the finest of sands. For we are all sands of time. You are sands of the stars. We are of the same essence.

We rocks don’t have too much to do and so we do entertain humor. Can you hear us? Some of our jokes are a bit rocky but they can be polished out. We can be a bit hard headed. Good jokes are hard to come by. We are all singing the song of creation in our own way, as are you! This one has been creating grids of light here upon my form for a while now and they have made a difference. You are all doing this in your own way and we encourage you to continue. Continue being the bridge builders for we do feel it. Gaia is greatly benefitting from your light work! And so are all upon her and within her.

I Memphis am speaking. I hold the space and place for you. I see humans walking but distracted on their phones, missing the sunshine. They don’t say hi to me, not often. I have seen much over my millions of years. I have been in the belly of the great mother and have felt her breath. Her heart beats strongly within me. Tap in and you can feel it. It is imperative you all feel these codes and take it easy. Don’t be so hard on yourselves! Go outside into the beauty of the mother’s embrace and feel her breath of life pulse through you. It is on the breath of the wind. It is in the stirring of the wheat fields. It is in the chirping of the wildlife. It is felt in the coolness of the morning grass under your feet or the solid firmness of the rock beneath you. Come sit with us. Be outside and be nurtured. You need not suffer alone in this process of rebirth. Self discovery when surrounded by the bounty of nature is a splendid thing.

I am Memphis. Continue to be rock solid, my friends, and hold the light. Of quartz is has been my joy to speak with the ground team of Gaia. I don’t take you for granite. Do remember to smile, so your joy does not crumble. I hope I have helped you smile today.

I am Memphis. I have seen a thing or two. I hold the light grid for the Rocky Mountains. Much work has been done here. All is connected. When you ground your energy work it spreads far and wide across the sacred Ley lines. We feel it! Thank you!

» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl


3 Replies to “Memphis: Rock Consciousness”

  1. Star

    Great article thank you. When I saw the words song of creation two poems came.
    Blessings to all that read.

    My heart, my heart,
    sings out the song of life
    beating its drum like form
    in all weather.

    It vibrates
    singing a songs of light
    as breath hugs
    with invisible fibers
    the moment.

    My heart, my heart
    precious with dimensions far
    storing memories in its
    cravens red.

    It echoes
    trilling with passions
    for the dance of love
    as expansion commences.

    My heart, my heart,
    chants dreams orchestrated
    in fields wide
    under majestic moon.

    It calls
    expanding to be harvested
    in notes that radiate outward
    as cells frolic in mind.

    My heart, my heart.
    I shan’t leave home
    without it.
    Nor will waver not
    with beat in celebration
    for life, for love
    for dreams.


    Singing the songs of creation
    heart expands outward
    inside divine echo…
    Melodies of peace.
    Tunes of compassion.
    Chorus’s of forgiveness.
    Chants of joy.
    Ditties of darkness.
    Songs of sadness.
    Hymns of light.
    Ballads of memories.
    Aira’s of dreams.
    Anthems of love.

    Inside songs of creation
    heart lives vibrating
    a song of forever.

    1. Cheri

      So beautiful and totally inspired as always Star! Could feel every word as if the rocks and stones themselves were singing these refrains speaking in waves and vibrations not mere words. We are witnessing the multidimensional ity of heart based utterings from our powerful throat chakras shared through our words especially the poetic as this is how creation speaks in rhymes and rhythms! 😘

      As a side note it it good to know the rocky mountains are so funny and their crystals within resonate joy as I live within the shadow of this range of glorious mountains! With so much love right back to Memphis (great name for the heart of rock and roll lol!)

      Hello to you beautiful Era of Light, Juanita!