Mother God: The Ascension Process Occurring Faster Than Anticipated

divine mother 1 eraoflightdotcomThe Divine is busy lifting up the planet right now. Since Gaia has officially resided in the 5th dimension. Now what we, the Divine need to do is to bring the planet up to the 5th dimension, and, humanity and Gaia’s children too, have to be lifted.

What the difficulty of lifting up the planet is that the current state of the consciousness on the planet is quite chaotic, and that poses to be a challenge for the Divine and the company of heaven. In order for the Divine and the company of heaven, to be able to help the planet, we have to reach down to where the planet and humanity are, in terms of consciousness, and bring the entire planet and humanity up. And that is a tough job. The Divine has been trying to do so and have some level of success. However, due to the density the tough planetary situation, the Divine, nevertheless, can’t completely reach down and lift up the entire population. The Divine can only reach parts of the planet and humanity and lift up to the 5th dimension.

I love you dear ones. I am your Mother God. The current situation on the planet is very intense. Your Father God and I have been working very hard to calm the situation down and bring some level of calmness to the planet. Due to the ascension process which is now at the full speed, the Planet now is heading to a direction that was designed by the Divine and the company of heaven. At this speed, mass ascension is coming much quicker than originally anticipated, and that is a good thing. The Divine has been ready for the mass ascension for some time now. The only drawback is that the process can be intimidating for some and that can cause certain level of the chaos. Your Father and I want the planet to have a peaceful ascension and that is why we are doing whatever it may take to calm down the planet and humanity.

However, it doesn’t mean that we are going to slow down the process. It means that we try to bring peace to the process and human heart so that the level of mass ascension is going to be the same, except the chaos will be less and the planet will be more peaceful. That is the goal for the next few weeks or so, and your Father God and I have been working toward that goal.

Besides the chaotic nature of the mass ascension and the fall of the old energies, the Divine also brings the fresh and new energies to the planet to fill the void created by the ascension process. This ascension process has been quite eye opening for the planet and humanity. Sometimes, it can be quite jarring for young souls because they have not gone through this kind of human evolution. At the soul level, this kind of growth is definitely welcomed. And opportunity like this is rare. Nevertheless, once souls come to the planet, walking as humans, they tend to be intimidated by soul growth opportunities and that is why mass ascension seems chaotic. Souls are acting out. Their mind has limited understanding of what it is going on and that translates into fear and threat to their existence.

So, in order for this ascension process goes smoothly. The Divine will continue to bring in the peace element and that will be a great help. Humanity needs to know that everything is alright. The human existence is always honored and it is always going to be there. That approach helps to calm the planet and humanity. And that is what your Father God and I are doing. We are bringing the peace element to the planet, the peace every soul needs in order to live in this chaotic time.

I love you my precious children on earth. I am your Mother God. Things have been heating up lately. The planet is releasing relentlessly and that trend is going to continue. Mother Earth has had enough. Now all she wants to do is to let go, and let Gaia live. What that means is that the old energies have no choice but to being transmuted into light. The old patterns which have been running the planet for too long, and now are done. The planet has zero tolerance for any destructive behaviors and patterns. Spiritual laws are now in effect. Any soul who breaks the spiritual laws are now paying the price right away. There is no grace period any more. Souls learn their life lessons very fast and that is partially because the planet has been getting on the spiritual path for a while, and the spiritual routines have been adopted by the planet and human race. From this point on, the planet is going to continue the path of spiritual journey.

The human race literally has to adopt what the spiritual laws saying about how to be a spiritual being and how to live on a planet which is on the ascension journey. Everything will be measured in the spiritual sense. And all things have to follow the spiritual laws and truth. That is how the life will be for the planet and human race, and that is the true nature of Gaia and her design for the planet and humanity.

Time has come dear children on earth. The human life has changed. The new has taken effect. Every human on the planet has to follow the new spiritual journey that the planet is having. There is no exceptions. All souls here are being treated equally and all souls on the planet are required to follow the Divine and spiritual laws. That is the call of the Golden Age, and that is planet wide spiritual journey every soul is taking. Time has come dear ones.

Take your journey seriously and learn about spirituality. Know there is no more grace period. Any time there is law breaker, a price has to be paid and lessons have to learn. It is just that simple. Humanity has come to a point where spiritual laws are totally in effect and are respected by the souls on the planet. That is the new nature of the planet and human race and that is why your Father God and I have come. We want the spiritual laws to be reestablished on the planet. And we have the rules and laws working for us. We are the ultimate law enforcement officers. And we are now doing just that, enforcing the Divine laws to this lawless planet. And we have seen the results of that.

I love you my angels on earth. I am your Mother God. Go in peace dear ones. I love you. So it is.


» Source » Channel: Linda Li