Mother Mary: Greater Contact With Humanity

mary magdalene eraoflightI am Mother Maria and I have longed to talk to you so much. The new era that is on the rise has opened up for greater contact with humanity again. There was a time when we could reach each other a little, but that gate was soon closed again. Now there are many gates that are open and more people are starting to make contact with their inner, and that’s how we reach you, dear people on Earth. We are around you whispering in your hearts and in your ears, so that you understand that you are not alone, but always surrounded by the wings of love. It is these wings that whistle and roar around you now. They demand your attention, they want to awaken your listening ability so that you feel that we exist as a great helping hand around you now.

I just want to whisper the truth to your dear children, the words of truth are the only words that come across my lips, because no other words can be in my heart. I want you to see the beauty in yourself, the beauty that exists wherever you set your steps. That’s what I see and that’s what I want to convey. It is your soul’s strength, strength and love that I want to strengthen, so that you see the loving path that leads home. This is where I want your nose to point and that’s why I whisper in your ears. I whisper loving words about yourselves, you Earth, and the path I am trying to get you to follow.

Many of you feel called upon to do certain things in their lives now. Others suddenly turn into a completely different path than they imagined. This is a bit of life’s talk. It speaks to everyone both conscious and unconscious. You all go to life’s school and it urges you along the way that will eventually lead you to a common goal. The goal of rising again into the regions of light. The goal then is to build a beautiful light world with all the colors of love. Your origin is love and now your job is to manifest that love in your light world. Now that you understand the goal, I hope you really listen to your inner voice or intuition, so that the road you walk on feels clearer and clearer.

Your steps are as sacred as ours. Your soul is as beautiful and innocent as ours. Now be true to yourselves and lay down all the weapons that you carry in your hands, to defend something that does not need to be defended. You can only come empty-handed into your holy room to reveal the whole truth about yourself. In your defenselessness lies your strength, for it is from there that you can walk on sacred paths, where they with arms in hand have no opportunity to enter.

Now understand my beloved friends on Earth, that it’s time to get out of sleep and wake up to the whole truth about yourselves. The courage to walk on sacred paths is in your heart, in your sacred room, whose gifts are waiting for you there. Take care of these gifts with a sacred purpose in your mind and heart and you are a full-fledged servant to heaven and its gates will now be opened to you.

I am Mother Mary and I love you so much.


» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg