Emro of Sirus: Your Animal Kingdom

lion feline race eraoflightdotcomA conversation between Emro of Sirius and Sharon.

Me: Emro, can I ask you a couple questions please. Emro: Most certainly. I am always available to help you.

Me: That’s wonderful. Well, I couldn’t help but notice your likeness to our lions, the animals, and I wondered what was up with that? Ivo told me that all animals are representations of humanoid races out there in the galaxy, is that correct?

Emro: It is correct. These animals have a specific task upon your earth. And that task is to hold the energies of their home suns and planets while upon your planet. I must laugh because so many of you are realizing that the dolphins are in fact extraterrestrial – they are also from Sirius and while there are some that are animals of lower consciousness, some are in fact more intelligent than you humans. And also the whales. There are many species of animals, land animal and air, that are as intelligent or more intelligent than your people are.

Me: That’s incredible. I know – crows are very intelligent.

Emro: They are. And you do not understand their intelligence level because you do not understand avians. You try to understand avians from a human perspective and you can’t. But they have good cognition and memory skills. With birds, as all animals, there are varying levels of awareness. Animals incarnate and gain more functionality – they evolve, just like humans do.

Me: Oh.

Emro: So now that your planet is so terribly out of balance, what is happening is the energies coming in from other star systems are out of balance. And your controllers understand this as well. They know. And they like to keep your environment out of balance. As a matter of fact, the pesticides they create are created with the intention of eliminating certain species, such as the bald eagle. On top of being a symbol that contradicts the reptile for supremacy in the United States, it brings in energies from the Sagittarian star system, from whence it originates. Yes, avians are the enemy of the reptile. Many things that are played out among the animals are in fact true of the humanoid species as well: the avians and the reptiles are enemies.

Me: Wow!

Emro: Your people are so accustomed to dismissing animals as a fraction of who they are but they are in fact divine beings such as yourselves. They are not to be abused as they have been by your people. Your indigenous are aware of the properties of the animal kingdoms and they revere them as they should be revered.

There is a divine purpose for them to be on your planet. Yes, you believe they are lesser than humans as they do not use proper facilities and have ways of cleaning themselves that you do not understand.

Me: When my cat sits there and makes noises while cleaning himself, I get grossed out.

Emro: Your cat is a divine being. He is an Alpha, which means he is a leader among his species.

Me: He tries to be my leader so we always fight for dominance in this house.

Emro: He is doing what comes to him naturally and not settling for less than his due.

Me: Where do cats come from?

Emro: Originally Lyra. He is bringing Lyran energies to your home so you can be thankful. That is why he finds you more suitable than his other human.

Me: She was reptilian! Plus I see him talking to my parents. They talk to him because he can see them.

Emro: You are part Lyran, are you not?

Me: Yes, half Pleiaidian, quarter Lyran and quarter Vegan.

Emro: So your DNA holds similar energies to his.

Me: Hmmm.

Emro: I challenge you to make a nest for yourself as finely woven as a bird’s.

Me: I couldn’t. They’re so strong. I remember the robin’s nest near the pathway of my old place. That thing just hung in there all winter and she re-used it the next spring. It was incredible. Like going away for the winter and finding your home in perfect shape when you come back. With a human home we would expect that, but this bird’s nest stood up to the Canadian winter. Wow!

Emro: May I continue?

Me: Yes.

Emro: Your earth is home to many different ecological environments and were they to be in pristine condition, the animals can live quite comfortably in them. However since it is out of balance, the animals are weakened and suffering. You cannot survive on your planet without them. Animals are a necessity to your world.

What you know as crytids, with the exception of a few who are extraterrestrial species, are in fact your controllers’ attempt to create a new ecological system with new species of animals – their animals from their planets.

Me: I didn’t know that!

Emro: So indeed, the chupa cabra and other such ghoulish looking beings that are sited occasionally are in fact being replicated to be released upon your environment at such a time that it is suitable for their existence within it. At this time, they live in artificial environments underneath your earth’s surface. Yes, the “Noah’s Ark” project of new ecological species is being kept warm underneath the surface of your planet. Your planet would look significantly different with these beings in charge of your ecology, as opposed to the ones you know now.

Me: That’s disgusting!

Emro: This is what our extraterrestrial and light forces are preventing now.

Me: There have been red eyed creepy things, slithery things and all kinds of … like what about that one… the skinwalker? No thank you!

Emro: These are not in alignment with humans. Your current animals are but you must care for your environment otherwise suffer their deaths. Every animal death is your people getting closer to death yourselves. Many do not realize this but the termination of these species of life is your termination as well.

Me: I think some people know but big business has to get in line.

Emro: At one point in time, earth was a balanced planet. You have noted some change in some of the species since the 1800’s, with your museum taxidermy samples, yes, some species have changed. It was change or die. So they changed. They mated with hardier species that would help to strengthen their breed. The animals are very aware of what’s happening – it’s the humans who are not. And everything is down to you, not the animals. They’re at your mercy.

Many are simply fed up and leaving. That’s another reason species go extinct.

Me: Yes. It’s sad.

Emro: We watch over your lions. The colonies are shrinking as their terrain continues to dwindle. Lions will only reproduce according to how much viable space there is to live in. If there is 1000 of a species of lion, but only room for 1100, then only 100 will be born that year. If that does not change then the numbers will continue to drop every year. Space must be made for these beings to thrive. And this is being taken away by humans. Too much removal of trees is a part of the problem. Also the animals are aware of roadways that they don’t wish to cross so they hem themselves into still smaller spaces. You did not realize this. How many animals do you see crossing the road?

Me: Not that many.

Emro: This is why. They also do not like to live hand in hand with humans and stay away from you as much as possible. They understand your lack of respect for them and see you as being predatory.

Me: Yup. I know every time I go for a walk as soon as I get near all the bugs and birds stop making noise. It gets quiet.

Emro: There are some bugs that live happily with your people and these would be the ones you hear and see. However you still kill them.

Me: Some of them are biters!

Emro: It is simply a question of asking them to desist and they will.

Me: I’ll have to try it. Why not? I can talk to everything else. I hate deer flies though. Man!

Emro: Perhaps the lack of deer is the problem, not the deer flies?

Me: Yeah, there aren’t many in town, that’s for sure. The only deer we see here are Santa’s reindeer on a billboard or something.

Emro: So that would be part of the problem with deer flies.

There are species, like the raccoons and coyotes, who will live in an urban environment.

Me: Yes. They don’t bother me. I think raccoons are cute and I’ve seen coyotes walking down the road. Thought it was a dog.

Emro: So they have learned to adapt, it is adapt or die. That is why there seem to be so many more of the skunks, raccoons, squirrels and coyotes – because they have adapted to living with you. There are other animals that attempt to like sharks and alligators but they are less welcome.

Me: Yes. So the animals are thinking, “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

Emro: Do you see the problem then?

Me: I do.

Emro: Your roadways and pesticides are the biggest of the problems.

Me: I can imagine how the pavement would smell to an animal. It stinks when they pave roads so I’m sure on a hot summer’s day that smell is probably more than an animal can bear, because they have more sensitive noses than we do.

Emro: So you understand. They have to cross that stinky thing and hope they get to the other side. With fledglings it is more difficult.

Your people need to stop encroaching on wildlife and allow the wildlife to prevail in dedicated areas. Your earth is very overpopulated right now with humans, so when the population declines after the Event, then this problem will correct itself more readily. It is that there are so many of you as well. And that you insist on taking natural areas and putting your manmade eccentricities on them.

Me: Like cars.

Emro: For example. I am the voice for the animals of your world. Speak to any of us humanoids and we can tell you what they are contending with.

Me: What about domesticated animals? They don’t seem too affected.

Emro: They were long ago, and again they have learned to adapt or to not survive.

Me: So like dogs and cats.

Emro: Yes. But we wish you would stop having fishes.

Me: I used to.

Emro: They suffer in your aquariums. They live in schools and often you only have one or two so they will fight for dominance. In a school there is one dominant fish and the others follow.

Me: Oh, I see!

Emro: When you have two, they will fight to see who is the follower and who is the leader. This is not necessary in the wild where they will simply have their own schools.

We won’t even discuss your zoo’s. They are a travesty.

Me: No please don’t. I could always feel their feelings and I stopped going to zoo’s when I was a teenager. I couldn’t take looking at them caged up.

Emro: Some adapt. They wish to die off but your people artificially inseminate them. So they are forced to reproduce because the babies bring in more money for the zoo’s. All zoo’s must be banned. They are heartless.

Me: I agree. Emro it’s been wonderful. I will produce this video and we’ll speak again.

Emro: I am at your service, Sharon. I am touched by your graciousness.


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