Mira of the Pleiadian High Council: Speeding Up The Process

mira of the pleiades eraoflightdotcomThis is Mira of the Pleaidian high council with a message for lightworkers and starseeds upon earth. We of the high council see that so many are struggling with rising higher in your ascension and we have conceived a plan to help you with this.

Pleiaidians are energy healers and your energy is in need of healing. We also wish to anchor more light upon your planet and your bodies are the way to do this. The wait for the currency revaluation (RV) and the Event to launch has been a long one, and so we have created a way to speed this process up. It is the end of times for the dark ones who have ruled your planet. The longer the war continues, the more casualties will be incurred and we wish to prevent as much of this as possible.

You are energy holders. Your bodies are made to hold enormous amounts of energy, moreso as you ascend to 5D. We wish to work with you to infuse you with more higher energies and help to heal that which you are holding that is not.

This would necessitate your sitting in meditation for approximately 20 minutes each time. We leave it to you to call for us and we will come to you to infuse higher energy and to heal that which is of lower frequency.

Please ask for our assistance by using this invocation:

I of the earth, Lightworker by name of (insert your name here) wish to have Pleaidian assistance in this now.

We will hear you and then come. Simply uttering this out loud and being of this intention will suffice.

Lightworkers and starseeds are the ones who can turn this war into peace. You may not realize this. Your high vibration will win this war. Some are not doing their work and others are doing more than their share. You are all powerful beings such as we are and we wish to empower you again.

Ascension is a process of letting go of the old, of the lie you have lived by, and embracing who is underneath this false exterior. We wish to assist you in doing this in an effort to speed up the progress of the Event for the entire planet.

Thank you

We wish you much love

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council.



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