Energy Update: Intensity is Through the Roof

luminous world eraoflightdotcomIt’s getting deeper and deeper and the intensity is through the ROOF!! October came in strong and deliberate. I go deep within my forecast about the current planetary placements and how they are assisting us to elevate our consciousness; even more.

October, November and December are going to bring in some of the most INTENSE energies we have felt to date.

You may be going through a theme or a thread that has followed you your whole life that stems from your past lives; this is being dismantled to propel you into this next phase of your awakening. We are coming upon the next level of our Ascension and this requires the next level of our power and magic. If feels like we are coming undone in certain areas of our lives because we are. We are currently in a deep acceleration phase and our bodies are coming online like never before, we are walking, living and transcending a myriad of different realities and dimensions based on our given frequencies at any given time. In every moment we are touching and interacting with so many new energies and we’re learning to decipher what is what; these energies are no joke.

Because we are interacting with different timelines our bodies are feeling this shift tremendously. Body pain, organ pain, headaches, dizziness, feeling out of it, feeling like you are living in between worlds, recurring themes and experiences. Diseases and sicknesses that have run especially in the feminine side of your lineage for many lifetimes are coming up to be healed. Remember you are dismantling grids that have run through your Ancestral Lineages for thousands of years and you came to set fire to these grids so the generation after you don’t have to; you are doing work for MANY. You are STRONG. You are ABLE and you were chosen because your mastery and power could do it.

We have moments of feeling great and moments of feeling like we are falling apart. The Earth’s Morphogenetic field has changed and how we see Earth is going to look very different. The colours of our sky have changed, the charge of the Sun is changing, high vibrational colours are coming in, how we eat, process, move, act, use our multidimensional abilities are ALL changing and being activated in profound ways. Be compassionate and gentle with yourselves, this is nothing like we have witnessed and felt in this reality. You are becoming Light that can move through any dimension of time and space. You are able to change our body, your life, your themes at will now by HOLDING the frequency of what you which to have. You may be feeling like your body is charged with energy and it’s because it is; you are holding energies in your body due to the shift in Earth’s Magnetic field; we are not separate. Everything that is coming down/through and shifting Earth is going on within your body and consciousness as well.

“…I always see what is going on within the Collective Consciousness before I know what is going on with the planets. Because there is always a “theme”. Energy is blunt. Just look at yourself and how you react and behave at peak energy spikes. I’ve been noticing over these past few months that authenticity is a theme. We are being called to step into our Authentic Selves and have the courage and faith to be who we came down here to be. Saturn has been assisting us by working with our shadow selves, but not just our shadows in this life, our shadows from our past lives that have followed us into this incarnation, into this dimension of space and time. We play out our deepest psychological patterns, programmings, fears, worries, themes in every life until we have mastered them. We are also dismantling our Ancestral Lineages and the themes that run within our innate Timelines; so you see, you’re not just doing work for yourself, you’re doing work for the dismantling of imprints from your Spiritual Team. Your Mother and Father in YOUR movie are your actors that you have hired to play certain roles so you excelled in your mastery when the time was right. Your lovers are your teachers and their sole job is to make sure you love you more than you love them and to remember your worth is what sets you free. Your children are pieces to a puzzle that propel your courage and faith because you want to be your best for them; stepping up and being brave enough to walk authentically sets EVERYONE in your life FREE. THIS is the lifetimes where those themes are looked at and dismantled; THIS. IS. HUGE…” October Vibrations Forecast

I’m guided to take some time to go inwards and dismantle my own themes as well so I will be on here a bit less. We are ALL being reprogrammed, morphed and made anew for this AMAZING time in Universal herstory. Don’t give up, it’s hard, it’s intense but remember you were CHOSEN because you are the best of the best to do it.

SO much Love and Respect Starseeds.


» Source » By Natoya Hall