Archangel Sandalphon: The Amazing Process of Transformation

a new light on mother earth eraoflightHello everyone! This is Sandalphon.

Today I would like to speak about the amazing process of transformation that each of you are undergoing. While much of the focus for many of you is your world’s shift from third dimension to fifth dimension, that process is much less important to us than the individual transformation and inner growth that each of you are experiencing.

Remember that from our view of your world each of you project from your own subtle minds, your experience of reality on earth. And this is how it was designed to be. Your subtle beliefs, your values, and your limitations in understanding are what create your experiences.

And so, it is much more important that you transform and uplift your own inner being, than that you worry about transforming and uplifting your world. The process that each of you is undergoing is an inner unfolding of your consciousness. You have entered this experience of projecting a reality in order to learn about yourself from interacting with it.

You can think about your reality as a house of mirrors. Each mirror may have slight distortions or a slightly different angle, however all of them are reflecting back to you some part of your own being so that you may then examine and learn to love without conditions or expectations.

The more each of you raise your consciousness, the more your view of your world will change. As you grow stronger in the conviction that whatever you are looking at is an expression of pure consciousness, the more you will relax in your need to heal the world. Yes, many of you have entered this experience to learn about trying to uplift humanity, saving your environment, or protecting other’s rights. This is fine. This then, is one of your lessons. But never forget that your primary lesson in being here is to uplift and purify your own inner being.

Listen. Your world is created by you, not by the government, not by the elements, and not by the movement of planets. Those too are projections from your own consciousness.

Planet Earth has been a training ground for many beings in order to learn to experience higher qualities within their own being. Each of you are challenged constantly to remain in a state of pure love even when the reality around you feels dark or intrusive. You are challenged to remain detached from the expression of reality that your subtle mind is creating for you so that you will continue to be unaffected when approached by heavier energy; by anger, lust, greed, or violence.

The work that you are drawn to and perhaps often struggle with, is expressed by you in order to learn to rest in your highest qualities no matter what dramas may manifest around you. Think back over jobs and relationships that you have experienced during this lifetime. What challenges did they present to you?

Perhaps they taught you endurance and perseverance even in adversity. Or maybe you learned compassion while assisting those who appeared to have less abundance than you. Perhaps you experienced the verbal and emotional blows by someone who did not appreciate you at all and you had to learn understanding, forgiveness, and to remain steadfast in the space of your own supreme love no matter what they did or said.

Think about your more personal relationships with family/loved ones. What challenges have they presented to you? And what have you learned? How much more has your heart opened as a result of experiencing both deep love and profound loss in your relationships?

Contemplate other struggles that have presented during this life. What opportunities to grow did they offer you? How would you handle them differently if they presented in your life now?

It is very important that each of you learn to contemplate. When something difficult or challenging arises in your life, go deep within and ask yourself what you are trying to learn by manifesting the situation in your life now. Once you have the answer, consider what the highest approach you can maintain in that situation would be. Then learn to sustain that state while outwardly interacting with it.

This is how you grow in the experience on earth. You learn to elevate and expand your ability to sustain the highest love. You also learn to remain very centered no matter what your house of mirrors reflects back to you, and to offer it love without expectation of change or results. You can also learn to forgive from the depth of your being those parts of you which are now reflected back to you in the form of an outer experience.

Always remember that your time of experiencing life on earth is actually very brief. Beings often wait a long time before they are able to come to the place that you are currently at, in order to learn. Make use of this time to lift your consciousness ever higher.

The way that you change your experience on earth in your “house of mirrors” is to elevate your own consciousness. Although each of you have daily activities or work that you have manifested, that work is being presented to you, by you, in order to learn. Embrace it! Love it! And learn from it. Allow yourselves to feel gratitude for the opportunity to be here in this moment right now to learn and to expand in love.

We all send each one of you great, great love and many blessings,



Sharon Davis – I’ve been a serious meditator as well as a lightworker, a Reiki master and a nurse.  Over time, I found myself experiencing contact with various spirit guides which eventually led to direct contact with Archangel Metatron. He has extremely subtle and very powerful energy. Communicating with him has brought immeasurable joy, love, and understanding into my life. » Source