13th October 2019 Full moon in Aries; Renewing the Future

astrology light eraoflightdotcomClose to Eris and squared by Pluto, this is an intense moon which highlights the power struggles that can readily occur in the course of everyday life. With Mars now journeying through Libra and Mercury preparing to turn retrograde in Scorpio at the month end, relationships may be up in the air, challenging us to greater clarity of communication and more penetrating honesty. Difficult issues and disagreements previously side-stepped will become impossible to avoid as pressure is piled on to deal with the elephant in the room. Whilst this may augur a stressful time, difficult conversations had now will pay dividends in the long run when greater understanding flourishes from what may at first be a deep divide.

Most people come with wounds that complicate everyday life. Old pain can cloud the air between us, creating a gulf that separates what we intend from how our words and deeds are received. Unwittingly or otherwise, we may dig at each other’s sensitivities, making effective communication especially difficult. Emotions triggered now can be all consuming and powerfully influential, refusing to let us go until we’ve looked at them directly no matter how uncomfortable doing so may be. As such, this moon demands searing honesty within an emotional maelstrom. Few people are equipped to deal with such interpersonal challenges without a few ups and downs! So be prepared to forgive and forget as much as to discuss, explore and forge a new path ahead.

We may be at risk, right now, of rapid-fire responses which fail to stand up to scrutiny when the moment has passed. Decisions made on the back of emotional reactivity are best avoided no matter how pressing things may seem. Give it a few days, let everyone cool down, then revisit current issues from a calmer perspective. If it feels like you’re embarking on a battle of wills, taking time out to reflect and step back can make the difference between conflict which creates irreconcilable differences and healing space which allows all parties to say their piece without entrenched division.

With this Moon’s proximity to Eris and the 2020 Saturn/Pluto conjunction on the horizon, certainty is a luxury no longer at our disposal. The next step of the journey takes us more deeply than ever into the great mystery of Becoming. It may well feel unsettling and we may have to face many fears, for sometimes everything must be thrown up in the air to re-pattern the very fabric of our being. Both personally and collectively this moon may put the cat among the pigeons. Nothing is as clear cut as it first appears, despite our desire for clarity. It affirms there is no such thing as incontrovertible truth in the midst of such commanding forces of change.

No one knows what will come of current evolutionary shifts. It’s a step-by-step process whose outcome is revealed only as we harness the courage to walk into the unknown. This moon reminds us that whilst it is we who take each step, some forces of change may call the shots when we least expect it or would most prefer they step down! But being ready and willing to respond when they do can be the very thing that turns our troubled world around. For in aligning with change we can also shape it and allow a fading future to be renewed.


Sarah Varcas

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