Judas: Iskariot: Open Doors

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and I am so grateful for life. Life has given us everything we need and more to fulfill our innermost desires. I see life as a great platform where you can let a thought play for a while. A thought that is replaced by several others and which then gives rise to many different situations can arise. When a thought gets lost, there is always a door back to the whole again. So wise is our Father that He has sent a helper, so that you will again find the door that you once closed and forgot. The door that has now again opened to humanity as many have obeyed his voice. They have finished playing with their lost thoughts and want to return to their wholeness and love again. This can be a way, a simple way to describe your journey, dear friends. We have all tried to follow our lost thoughts, but have realized that they lead nowhere without it being in the whole that we belong.

The train is now slowly hitting the terminal, only to change to a new train whose journey leads us on an endless journey into space. These are exciting times that await you good people on Earth. Life always offers new and fantastic experiences. The experiences do not end just because you go from one dimension to another. Everything develops, everything is renewed and nothing becomes as it once was. You can relive the memories stored in each of you in endless times. These memories will be preserved for you until the time comes for you to share them. This you will realize and understand when you have taken a few steps into your new dimension. The millennial kingdom as it is sometimes called will be for many thousands of years. You will continue to evolve in this realm until you become more energetic beings. It is developing all the time but it will take many, many, many thousands of years.

The most important thing for mankind now is to try to master their mind and emotions and to refine love within them. Love applies to everything living on Earth, because all living is born of love. All living originates from the same Source and cannot be separated from anything else. Your exercise will be to turn on your love eyes as you look at everything that is around you. Feel love, feel gratitude, that you all have the same origin of love and that in different ways you help each other back to the whole, to this Source who always, without reservation, welcomes you home again with great love.

Rejoice you dear people, the road carries home, you have all helped to build the bridge that leads you to the gate of love. Do not hesitate to turn your eyes upwards and pray a prayer of gratitude and joy that you always belong in the light. The children of light are now waiting at the door, for it to be fully opened again, for their sisters and brothers who have been on a long journey. It feels long for the children of humanity but is timeless for the children of light. However, the joy becomes equally great for both when they meet again in the light.

Now understand dear Earthlings that your journey here on Earth is starting to come to an end, at least in the way you have experienced so far. Increasing light reaches Earth and transforms its surface into a brighter place to live and live. You can contribute to this development by bringing more light into yourselves and letting it shine out again to your brothers and sisters. You will then be aware that the history of the old Earth has lived out its way of being and that a new way of thinking has begun to take its place which provides completely new conditions for the Earth and its inhabitants.

Dear friends, I now end with these words.

Look with love at everything you see, and everything you see, with love look back at you.

Great love



» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg