The Divine Masculine is Rising

universe reflection eraoflightdotcomAs we are moving through the layers of emotions in the collective energy right now I have discovered other feelings behind sadness, grief, dissapointment, loneliness, despair, hopelessness and more.

I went deeper into these emotions because I was not able to walk around with this heavy feeling in my chest any longer. It was like I swallowed a brick and it was stuck on the right side of my chest area all the way up to my throat chakra and head. I am also hearing loud ringing in my left ear. Clearly there is a message to be heard and to be understood.

As I went into meditation and went into the feeling of sadness I sensed fear. Such deep fear that I felt myself shaking inside. It was deep fear of causing pain by betraying loved ones, shame and guilt for hurting others and following the darkness instead of light. Also not trusting myself to never do the same hurtful things all over again.
Regret, sorrow, grief, dissapointment, sadness, despair are all a result of actions that were not in alignment with the light within.

This is what the collective masculine is feeling right now. It is not only feeling like it was done to him but it is also the feeling that he has done this to his own feminine and everyone he deeply cared about.
He is in need of forgiveness and compassion. He needs to feel the love the feminine within and that he is loved and cared for.
Visualize in meditation to embrace your inner masculine and tell him that he is loved and that he is forgiven for everything. He strongly needs to feel this reassurance right now that it is now safe to let go and step into the Light.

Many of you are experiencing the same feelings as I am right now. Know that this is karmic but also that you are here to help release this pain in the collective consciousness and also in the coding that Gaia has. As a soul you chose to do this work for all of humanity and for our beloved mother earth as she is in need of our help.

We, as lightworkers, are here to change and transform ourselves and the old coding within us into unconditional love. As you are feeling all these painful emotions it is because they need to be brought into balance. The only way to do this is to feel them and to embrace the unseen darkness with compassion and love that we all have within.
All the pain that you feel and go through is one that ALL of us carry inside. We are all so connected to one another that we chose to do this together in unity as brothers and sisters.

I feel all that you feel and I hold so much love for the light and the dark within you because we are all a reflection of each other.
Your pain is my pain and I honor your process and the power that you have within to do this work for Gaia and for all of us.

Let’s accept and embrace all the parts within ourselves that are in need of love and forgiveness. We are perfect and whole as we are. Let’s make this our truth again.


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  1. Cheri

    Now that we are down to healing the Nephilim or celestial heavens this is definately the base pain that was encoded in the reversal grids of the planet, just huge regret and shame stemming from extreme grief and anxiety as the father ray fragmented (blue ray) and shattered into a million pieces. Ripped a hole right up through his heart (Andromeda).

    The metatronic cube or octahedron of the creators lightbody was reversed when the wheat was infiltrated which became “ultra” violet light (called a blacklight for a reason). It is horrifically sad and heavy (like the brick she describes) which is why we see so much emotional panic in the imbalanced feminine, gender dysphoria and hysteria over climate change and destruction of the planet.

    Stay strong lightworkers and know this is the collective base resonance of the grids we are clearing which is a cause for joy as we realize this is the final stages of the repair and rebalancing. Just let it flow through you to heal.

    For my part of the mission to harvest or rescue soul fragments, clear timelines and reharmonize the universal time matrix, I see what I call the holy ghosts or holy spirits which are like ghastly apparitions or clouds on the astral with mouths wide open which is the entrance to their fallen timelines. They are sucked into the spiral of my lightbody for reformation along with the elementals (photons, neutrons, bosons, electrons, etc). The holy ghosts say things to me telepathically like “I knew hate” or “rape” or “incest” before receiving the creators healing light shapeshifting into their timeline. Some are extremely combative but most are extremely grateful to be in the presence of the light to heal. I used to laugh to myself as the deeply affected demonic spirits lined up for putrid yummies from the reversal grids and the look of disdain on their faces when they recieved the gift of my light. Like what the heck is this, yuck lol!

    Anyway this is what we are doing as a team whether you can percieve it yet or not! The children and babies were the hardest thing for me to feel but they are free now which was the fuel of the realms of darkness. Now we can heal the base pain which all comes down to extreme grief over the percieved separation from the indescribable love of the source we are within. Love you family! Onward we go! 😘