Trump: The ‘Military Industrial Complex’ Has Got ‘Tremendous Power,’ ‘Make A Lot Of Money’ Off War

justnews eraoflightdotcomPresident Trump addressed Washington’s backlash against his decision to pull US troops out of northern Syria at a press conference on Wednesday by saying the “Military Industrial Complex” has “tremendous power” and “make a lot of money” off war.

“If we go on the theory that some of the folks in Washington go by — who all do well with the Military-Industrial Complex — I mean, take a look at Dwight Eisenhower he had it figured right many years ago, it’s got tremendous power.”

“They like fighting,” Trump said; “they make a lot of money when they fight.”

“But it was time to bring our soldiers back home,” Trump said before going on to describe the heartbreak of speaking with the families of fallen soldiers and writing letters to them to inform them their children have died.

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