In the Clarity of Creative Flow

yin yang balance eraoflightdotcom“What is the definition of procrastination? It means: I can feel within my Energy sensor that this action is not in perfect alignment at this time.” ~Abraham Hicks~ This has been so true for me. Several writing projects of mine that were flowing with immense Joy several years ago came to a screeching halt. Procrastination was at an all time high. Several times I thought about abandoning them. But although I had no creative energy to continue, pushing through or deleting them didn’t feel right either. What did feel right was to put them aside without any attachment to ever completing them.

For the past few years, I’ve been projectless, releasing the old mind matrix of duality, floating in the void, and allowing the expansion of my consciousness. Although my soul revels in this expansive consciousness, my human aspect rebelled. At first my monkey mind went bonkers, throwing all kinds of temper tantrums. When it finally realized I was serious about shifting my point of consciousness from a mental viewpoint to BEing in the flow of the Divine, it went into retreat and boredom set it. This was more of a challenge than the monkey mind because I was constantly looking for distractions to fill the emptiness of the void. Everything from reading monthly energy reports and predictions, to new Lightbody dietary recommendations with healing techniques, to New Age conspiracy reports, or the call to join planetary action agendas.

Indeed, these may all be worthy causes, but these were not the call of my soul.

My soul was calling out for a total release of old thinking, old patterns, and old habits. My soul was asking for a clear energy pallet from which to create anew. For THIS is why I have come into this very lifetime, to create anew rather than simply rearranging old energy. There are a group of us that are choosing Embodied Enlightenment. Indeed, we can share our stories and support one another. But this is a sovereign experience, one that can only be accomplished solo. Just like the butterfly, our caterpillar legs must dissolve before we can fly as the illustrious butterfly.

Thus, I created a comfortable environment in which I was able to withdraw from my old way of living into a new way of BEing. I spent months at a time “forest gazing”. Although meditation is an excellent tool, I found forest gazing to be more conducive to quieting my mind. Nature provides the perfect backdrop to engage my mind free of old thought patterns. For nature is the epitome of divine flow and there is much to be learned through simple observation.

During this time, blips of wisdom would surface. I recorded them in my journal, often sharing them on facebook or my blog. But it was all in the moment, all in the flow, free of any agenda. All forgotten in the next moment as I drifted in the void.

Then all of a sudden, the treasured projects and passions I had set aside popped back in!! I began joyfully unwrapping the ribbons that have kept them from being published before their time. Reengaging with my book’s manuscript with my present expanded consciousness tells me how wise I was to trust the Divine flow. No matter how uncomfortable it was at times, no matter how I judged my perceived procrastination. On the few occasions procrastination now raises its head, I heed its message. I settle in for some forest gazing to allow my consciousness to align with the ever expanding Source of New Creation.

With my pen in hand again, I”m writing with utter delight! I have published four books for the Black Madonna Diary series. And per request from friends, I have collated many of the poems of wisdom into a series of poetry books “Wisdom of the Inner Voice”. In the past 7 months, I have joyfully and effortlessly published 7 books!!! All with ease and grace AS the Divine flow of Source. Not “with” the flow of Source, rather AS the flow of Source.

As I peruse my facebook newsfeed, I see there are many of us in the creative flow once again, each in our own unique way. BRAVO to all of us for trusting Divine Flow and Sourcing Creation in all its purity. Continue forth Beloveds. Continue forth and Create in the NEW!!

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~

♥ Sharing is always appreciated ♥These messages are intended to be shared. You are welcome to share and distribute with others as you feel guided. Please maintain the integrity by including the author and source website link. Sharon Lyn Shepard is a modern day mystic and visionary. Her mystical writings and music transcend our minds, expand our consciousness and awaken us to our innate divinity to celebrate life in all of its forms. Sharon lives “heaven on earth” and invites all of us to join her in embracing a new world of love, joy and harmony.

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