The Galactic Federation: The Awakening Continues

star family eraoflightdotcomIt is with great pleasure that we see that humanity has awakened further in consciousness and has thus risen in frequency with Mother Earth. We galactics who are just outside the atmosphere are constantly working to assist humanity and Mother Earth with light and with the help of the lightworkers it has gone faster than we had anticipated. The people themselves must work to rise in consciousness but we are happy to help with this.

The Lightworkers also help us galaxies with the work of humanity and even Mother Earth. The galaxies, which have now become very many more in the atmosphere in the form of light ships, have come to help the earthly light workers who have only come to Earth as ground crew. We have heard their cries for help and therefore all these light ships have come to the rescue so that the ground crew can return home.

The ground crew of light workers has only come to Earth to facilitate the work of the galactics for their assistance with light to humanity and Mother Earth.

Love energies continue to come to Earth and are constantly increasing in strength. We see that humanity can increasingly acclimate itself to the strong energies. They may cause some discomfort but rest assured that it will go over in the not too distant future.

The galactics are also working to protect Mother Earth from excessively low energy passing through the atmosphere. Now only the high energies with light will invade the Earth and these energies also help the light workers to spread on Earth.

Progress has been very rapid and we are pleased to see that humanity, even in the most vulnerable areas on Earth, is beginning to question the treatment they have undergone for many decades.

We want people to start visualizing what a fantastic world would look like for humanity. The desires and positive thoughts for everyone’s well-being have a very great power. Not only on Earth but they affect the entire Universe.

We are pleased to be able to provide people with information about their ascent to higher consciousness and frequency through this channel.

Live in love with each other and love yourself. Love is the truth. Everything else is an illusion.

Much gratitude … In love I earn … I AM.


» Source » Channel: Inger