Merlin: Layers Within

lightworker eraoflightdotcomYou have all layers in stock within you, of the notion that you are not as good as you are. Stock up on the notion that you have more or less debt, that you need to justify yourself, to be worth the good, that it is otherwise your fault. The idea that through evil you let animals suffer, that your evil causes the planet not to feel good, that it is your fault that you are not perfect, that your children will not get exactly what they want or that you should have given more to your elderly parents.

These are ancient thought structures and they lie like a thick dark mat, or weave, and have their absolute purpose to limit you.

These deep, ancient programming of you is being dissolved, but it takes time. No wonder you can be confused, when what you previously held on to is no longer there as a roof. The roof is dissolving and it can give a breathtaking feeling. When man is completely assimilated to the new, the unlimited human can begin to work fully.

When the unlimited human can begin to work, she can uniquely use her inner magician. The inner magician can begin to slowly but surely shape the matter according to his wishes. Sometimes your inner magicians can shape your desires based on your unconscious, as it is not always in your daily consciousness what you really want and want because of this thick mat, or weave the notion that you are not worthy to live your own truths and dreams, ösnkningar.

To be retained in the lower structure, you have always been fed with the notion that you are bad, low-standing beings who do not look to each other’s best. Sure, it may be true, but the truth is that it is also done daily, every minute, every second. Probably many good deeds in the world at the macro and micro level. However, you are not used to focusing on these. You are used to focusing your attention on collectively evil deeds and actions and again and the eyes are strengthened in the dark weave and the whip is dropped on the human back so that it figuratively crouches. You will be told the old truth about your inadequacy and your impossibility to rise in degrees and begin to shine your magnificent radiance.

See, this is such a profound manipulation. See, this happens again and again. You are trying in the most frightening way to be held in your other chakra, which is controlled by power and desire, thus ego and oppression.

Remember that to reach the unlimited magician within you, you need to lift your center to the fourth chakra, the heart chakra. Then you become terrible to see for your historical oppressors, because nothing can stop you and nothing is afraid of you. You strain your energy from your heart center and the horses of light pull you forward in your solar cart. You dazzle those who use the magic of darkness and despite diligent attempts to summon the most frightening monsters you answer; I have seen and know my own shadow, I know that I have come from light and bring to the world my light. Fold here, you who do not want my plant. I am who I am and I am. Together we create the new bright world. We feel, we shine, we live, we create. The old idea is alive. We are the new. We are! We are here!


» Source » Channel: Beatrice Madsen