Archangel Raphael: Twin Souls

archangel raphael eraoflightdotcomHello, everyone! This is Raphael.

Continuing with the topic of human love, I would like to speak today about the concept of twin souls. This seems to be a very popular subject lately, so it seemed important to include this subject in our discussion of human love.

Twin souls have most commonly been described in your world as being created by a soul that has split in half and then formed two human beings for the purpose of higher learning and ultimately spiritual growth and reunion. In the concept of your worldly projection, this may be true for you. However from our view, it is a bit different.

Remember, that we have spoken repeatedly about how the experience of your world is a projection of your subtle mind. This projection manifests because of concepts and strong emotions that you may hold, but even more importantly from higher lessons that you wish to learn before having this experience. These higher lessons come from your soul.

Your soul does not incarnate. In fact, none of you do. The you which you are experiencing now is simply a mental expression of you as soul. As your soul evolves, it learns through experience, created through its own self. Sometimes, it may express a “lifetime”, in a singular fashion. At others, it may express a number of manifestations within its consciousness simultaneously. But this is always for the purpose of learning about Love, the expression of divine light in a variety of circumstances, etc.

One of the myriad of ways that your soul may choose to learn is through a powerful pairing of its own consciousness. When it does this, it is examining the experience of contraction and expansion of emotion via the experience of powerful human love and its quest for union.

Here is how it is manifested. You as soul, conceive of a question or concept that you wish to explore further. As soon as this issue manifests within you, you instantly project a subtle expression of yourself onto a screen of consciousness, in this case the screen called earth. While you are manifesting this projection, this portion of you experiences life on earth as if it is completely real. You feel, taste, smell, touch and hear everything as if you are a human being walking on a real planet.

And this projection is you as you experience yourself right now in what you call 3D or a bit higher.

When the question or concept is clarified and answered, the projection instantly dissolves, and you as soul finds yourself back in the state that you actually never left. In a way, you can compare this experience to when you are having a vivid dream. When you wake up, you experience that you never left your bed even though it seemed that you had a variety of experiences while you were dreaming.

This is very similar to the experience of a soul when it is projecting its consciousness onto the screen of earth. It does the same thing if it wishes to experience life in other places. And it can project the same consciousness simultaneously in any time frame it wishes.

Not only can the soul issue forth one projection. It can simultaneously manifest a variety of projections and experience itself fully in all of them at the same time. This is not “splitting the soul”. If anything, it is closer to a dream of the soul which feels very real at the time. Because of the vast consciousness of each soul, it is very easy for it to experience fully more than one projection simultaneously.

So then, what are “twin souls”? Twin souls are two expressions/projections of a soul onto its screen of consciousness, in this case earth. They are projected in order to experience and learn about the dynamics of a very powerful form of human love. The question you as a soul are exploring is to examine various “mirrors” of the experience of complete union of the soul with Source. So in this case, you have not only projected a pair of humans that are powerfully drawn to each other and filled with longing. You have also expressed other forms of human love in order to compare.

Twin souls are simply two projections of yourself as a soul in order to experience a fragment of the longing for union with the divine. A mirror of that longing is experienced in both of you and projected onto the other instead of being focused on the Divine. This is similar to what I described yesterday in the process of dating where a person may project their longing for union with the Divine onto another human being. In the process of twin souls’ experience, each of you gradually must learn to separate that intense longing for the experience of union with each other (including the approach and avoidance of it)  and shift this longing to the experience of union within your own Self.

In the contracted expression that you are experiencing during this projection, it feels as if the two of you are a portion of one soul. It is meant to feel that way. But remember that everyone and everything is a projection of your soul.

The process of twin souls is very similar to that of a devotee who constantly longs to be with their Beloved deity. And indeed, often when twin souls are projected, the experience of a devotee is projected either simultaneously or soon after. It is all part of you as your soul examining the experience of your own longing for union with Source.

Now please don’t feel that I have described all of you as simply a projection of your soul. Not at all! You are your soul. You have simply forgotten that you created this dream in order to learn something. Just as your dream at night may feel very real but then you wake up, this is the experience of you as your soul dreaming. Your experience of dreaming while you sleep is truly a mirror of your experience as a soul projecting this reality and living in it, as though it’s real. You then wake up and realize that you were simply dreaming.

Each of us love you very much and we send you our blessings,



» Source » Channel: Sharon Davis