Archangel Michael: The Collective

archangel mikael eraoflightdotcomI am Michael and today I hold the sword in my hand. It is not to condemn and attack but to heal and heal. I cut through the lies and find out the truth that lives within you. You all have this sword, you have every opportunity to stand in your truth and the truth then becomes your shield against the reality in which the lies have taken up too much space. You have been allowed to deceive yourself as well as each other. However, this has happened on an unconscious level and can not be added to your load.

Now, however, many are awake and who need an inner guidance of truth and light. I and many with me are happy to assist with your quest to find the guidance that leads to your inner truth of love and light. It is this spark of light and love that is lit by my light sword and which slowly increases the light on Earth. We are all one and it is in our overall presence of light and love that we do the most good. A light of light then rises above the Earth that heals and heals the innermost energies of the Earth and thus ours.

What humanity has a hard time understanding is its own whole, that you are in a collective that affects you just as much, or even more than what you yourself encounter on Earth, which is also part of your collective. You need to heal and heal your collective, which is a very big task. It is therefore important that everyone takes responsibility for their own development. From that development, you are then led to help others in your collective unit. However, be sure that when you heal yourself you will heal many others who are connected to you in different ways.

The earth has been working to heal and heal itself for quite a long time and the same goes for humanity. In the last decades, this has intensified and more and more people are groping for the light within themselves. However, it takes time to heal and we have to let it go. New patterns and new ideas are formed in the course of this process. You can see its effect a little here and there on Earth today. In some places you have come a long way, while in other places you can still stand and stomp.

However, a flood of people has accepted the new message and is now creating inside and out through their heart. It increases the intensity of the Earth and new opportunities are created that can improve the lives of many people. It is when you work hand in hand with each other that small and big wonders can happen. Much of the amazing happening on Earth never comes to the ears of the public in part because their ears are not set to hear this. A change in listening is required in order for these news to reach people’s knowledge. What you want to hear, you hear, what you don’t want to hear, you don’t hear.

You need a certain change in your consciousness in order for you to hear the bright and beautiful that now resonates with your Earth. The good news is that the light that now shines on the Earth affects your consciousness so that a change can occur. It may be a bit dizzying, a little vulnerable, but it is a passing phase. The footrest can be dropped a few times before standing on stable ground again. This is when you have your way and your direction clear. Step by step is now taken to the light and there is no longer any doubt as to which way to go. Some of you are there now, while others still have some way to go. The main thing is that you strengthen your collective for every person who finds their way in life. It is in your collective that you change your world. You cannot do this alone, but together you become strong. Alone, you can change your own world, which also affects others in the collective you are in. For every person who seeks the light, a light in your collective is lit. It may be worth remembering when you think nothing is happening. You can’t always see a person’s inner change, but it still affects you. Mankind is working its way forward to the truth and light it basically consists of.

I now hold the sword high above your heads and let it light up your hearts in the unity you belong to.

Love and light Mikael.


» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg