Horus Of Inner Earth: The Day Of Your Dreams

horus eraoflightdotcomIf you were to go to sleep in the moment and awaken in the break of day in another land, another country, another planet, where do you feel it would be, and how long would it take you to recognize it as your new home?

If it were to be the resume of the return that you have been hearing about, would you see that it has come, and that you are still amoung the same people that you knew before the sleep, or would you see that you are probably in the sleep that you felt would bring you to a new realization of how you can live your life?

It is a wondrous place that this world is coming to, and as you experience the differences in your mind and awakening, you are seeing what may be the new you in the new world of this loving energy that you are carrying to all of Life and living the Love that you know can bring about the miracles that you have dreamt of and experienced in your awakening to the new day. Take the newness of your thinking, and allow it to become the day of your dreams, and the life of your awakening. I am Horus once again, and I understand what you are experiencing, for it has been a part of what brought me to your wondrous life, and it is wonderful to be reunited. I Love you all!

Thank you dear Horus! We love you too,

Much Love, Nancy Tate!

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