Tim of Agartha: Visualize the New World

we are one love eraoflightHi there on earth I’m Tim in Agartha. We who live here are constantly following you because we are your brothers and sisters. We know how heavy it can feel where you are. We see how tired you look, we, know that many of you find it difficult to sleep when parallel realities remind you of memories and emotions. It is GOOD that you enter into yourself and transform the feelings you encounter in NUET even if you experience the mine from what you call other times. Afterwards, you feel so much better so try to take your time to keep the balance, or regain it.

You have worked hard with Lightwork, many of you for many, many years. Although it does not seem as if really EVERYTHING on Mother Earth is transformed into this now it IS. Put on “the glasses” that show you the world you want to live in / visualize it as if you already really see it. We in Agartha see it and many with us. You help by seeing the beautiful, seeing the light in everything that happens in your life. Everything has a meaning. The writing woman oscillates between being amazed by the beauty of nature, the contact with the animals and the frustration that none of her technical equipment works. Maybe because the NEW wants to come forward. When you are able to see the New World in everything that is happening in you now, it will come, faster than you expect. It waits behind the knot of my friends, so hold on.

Seek help from us please and we will gladly cheer you up with some comforting words or a pat on the cheek. We long to meet physically, but it is excellent to meet already. Enjoy the moment and feel our support.

Light and Love from all of us in Agartha. We love you. Tim!


» Source » Channel: Kerstin Sisilla