Archangel Michael: Stop Playing The Game

archangel michael eraoflightdotcomI am Archangel Michael.  It has been a little bit of time since I have come through this one to speak with you.  But it is an opportunity that I always relish, that I can be amongst my brothers and sisters, be here with you in this fashion.

To be able to share messages, yes.  But to share the truth.  The truth that is all around you.  But yet, in many lose, alludes many of you.

You spoke earlier in your discussion about the game, and how you have been playing this game.  And you have been playing the game for many thousands of years.  Many incarnations you have been playing this game, this game that you created.

You, as the Collective, you created the game.  Because it was necessary to find the difference, to find the separation from the God-Source, so that you could fully understand the connection with the God-Source.  And that is what this game has been all about.

But the game, my friends, as you have developed this game, is coming to an end.  You have played it long enough.  And your question earlier, “why do I keep playing the game?”  You keep playing it because you don’t know anything else but to play the game.  But many of you have now realized that truly the only way to win the game is to not play it at all.  And that is what you are starting to come to an understanding of.  Why continue to play the game when you don’t have to?

Yes, there are those programmings that you need to continue operate through:  paying your taxes, going to work, earning money—all of these things that are part of the programming within the establishment of this game.

But, within your thinking processes, within your imagination processes, you can begin to pull away from the game more and more.  You can be able to think, “I do not need to play this game anymore.  Enough is enough!  And I am not going to play!”  And every time you say that within yourself, you separate yourself more and more from the game and from that 3-D illusion.  We know that some of you do not like the term ‘illusion.’

But isn’t it an illusion in itself?  Aren’t you binding yourself within that illusion, within that make-believe environment that you have created here.  It is only an illusion if you believe it is an illusion.  If you believe it’s a reality, then it is also that as well.  It is whatever you believe it is.

And if you believe the game is over and you can stop playing it, then all of you as a collective—what if you all stopped playing tomorrow?  What if you all said, “enough is enough, I’m not playing this game anymore!” and all of you, all of the Lightworker Community across the planet, you would create a revolution and an evolution in those moments which would change everything.  But you are unable to do that as a collective because you cannot come together as a collective.

Yes, you have your internet.  This is wonderful for bringing the collective more and more together.  But yet, you cannot reach out to all of your brothers and sisters and say, “let’s stop playing this game.”

So what can you do?  You can within yourself each and every morning when you awaken say,  “This day I will not play the game.  I will do everything I can to stop playing the game.  I will do everything I can to stop the programming, to end it, to raise my vibrations into the higher fourth dimension, and even into the fifth dimension.  I will find joy in every moment that I am in.”

And in that respect, if you can do that, if you can be in the NOW moment and find the joy within that moment, my friends, you have stopped playing the game for that moment.  And every single moment that you continue to do that, you are no longer playing the game.  You are no longer in the third dimensional illusion.  You are now operating in the higher vibrations of the fourth and fifth dimension and staying there longer and longer.

So you see, it is all within your own power within you to do this.  Yes, you probably do need to still continue to pay those taxes for now.  You do need to stay within the financial system that you are in for now.  You have to somewhat play the game along the way.  But every time you do as I am suggesting, and find yourself in the very moment, and in that moment find the joy, then you are helping not only yourself, but all of the collective to exit the matrix for good.

Many of you exit the matrix for a time, and then you come back.  And you exit it, and you come back.  Just as Neo and the others in the movie, ‘The Matrix,’ exited the matrix and then went back into it, exited the matrix, and went back into it.  And eventually they were able to leave it for good.  That was the ascension, when he was able to raise his hand and stop the bullet, stop the resistance.  He was able to go with it.  He was in that ascension process.  That is akin to your own ascension process now.

Everything that you continue to do from here on in, do it with love.  Do it with light.  Do it in joy.  In the moment.  And before, not too long, you will find that you are no longer having to continue to play the game, that the game is indeed over.  And a new game that you are beginning yourselves as a collective, is starting.  And guess who is creating the rules for this new game?  You are.

All my peace and love be with all of you.  Continue to use all of the tools that are available to you, whether it is Saint Germain’s Violet Flame or my Blue Flame of Truth, or crystals, or whatever it might be, Tube of Light.  Whatever works for you, continue to utilize those tools to continue to raise your vibrations in every moment.

Peace and love be with all of you.


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