How Do You Stay Sane In A World Full Of Chaos?

seven chakras eraoflightdotcomThis seems to be more challenging every day.

For me, it’s been harder to see what’s happening in the world and know how to respond to it. It’s not just the climate change, it’s the cruelty. People seem to be disconnecting from nature and each other.

For a sensitive soul, it can feel overwhelming. And yet, I see so many sensitives use that as an excuse to only focus on their happy bubble and not engage in the world.

I agree, it is so important to practice extreme self-care – especially when what’s around you is negative. Your radiant loving energy is what’s helping heal the planet. And yet, we do not live in the realm of light.

You incarnated into a physical body to bring light to the material world. That means you need to engage in the world.

Earth is a messy place. And yet, your soul delights in being here.

How do you stay positive as a sensitive soul?

You strengthen your love by lifting the world with your light, not by disconnecting from it!

If you ignore everything that is happening in the world, you are neglecting one of your spiritual responsibilities.


You are co-creating your reality. That means we are all intrinsically part of the collective consciousness and this gorgeous web of life.

Here are some things you can do now to FEEL GREAT as you make the world a better place:

  • Cleanse your aura and chakras every day – this will make your energy field strong and resilient.
  • Call in Archangel Michael – he’s the peace warrior angel and protector of lightworkers.
  • Reduce your environmental waste – instead using of single use plastics, find alternatives. Buy recycled products. Unplug electrical cords when not in use. Simple changes make a big difference.
  • Donate to charities you believe in. You might not have time or energy to help your causes directly, but there are people out there who do and you can support them!
  • Get involved in local and national elections – I know many spiritual people think that voting and getting involved in politics is buying into a broken system. Yet, you cannot change the world simply with energy. We live in 3D reality and if you don’t vote and hold those in power accountable, you are giving up your power to them!
  • Speak your truth – even when it’s uncomfortable. (Just like I did now. I know I will get a lot of pushback on this. Yet, it’s more important for me to do whatever I can, no matter how small, than to care about rocking the boat.)

I was born to rock the boat, baby!

I hope you find this helpful. We’re all in this together. So let’s do things for each other, with each other!


» Source » By Kari Samuels