Light Speed Evolution Underway

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomHello beautiful angels, have you noticed the intensity? Have you noticed the light speed evolution that is now underway?

Many are speaking of preparation, in fact I know I have used the term myself for explanation purposes, for priority purposes to assist those in the procrastination phase move into the streams of light, to assist those ready to move into the transformational streams that are currently now available to us all.
But the truth is, we have in fact been preparing our entire life, and if we move to an even higher awareness, from a soul perspective then our idea of a lifetime is seen as a cyclic pattern of loops, one entire movement and from here we can see the preparation has been coming through for a much longer period of “time”.

As the sun joined Spica yesterday in the early hours the activity pouring through whilst in dreamstate was off the charts as far as the clearing that was made available, enabling us to pass through the streams of energy that Spica IS, it was no longer possible to hold the stories of old, the memories, because these pockets of experience became what WAS, built upon stories of lack, all had to be erased and a new baseline frequency fully enabled, some would call it a clean slate, and it feels, this is where it’s hard to explain, whilst it is unknown, it is very familiar and whilst once upon a time we would have to learn how to BE again, the knowing of how this new energy is to form in the physical is completely ready to begin, heart, mind and soul in full communication and the course is set.

Today the Sun moves over Arcturus, a second step, a physical return, all will transpire as required.

This past year we have become aware of something I call the “know bank” the section of brain that always “knows” but never IS, it hoards information, especially when it comes to how we should “be” but never actually makes the moves, we all do this, it’s part of being human but it’s also part of the process of our transformation, the point of me explaining this here is because we get stuck here, a reflection to show us where we are not in our heart, where we get stuck in the minds and from here, this point of realisation is when we can begin to shift these credits of I KNOW into experiences of I AM/WE ARE, technically the two are one of the same, the moment we align with the I Am we move straight into spaces of unity consciousness and WHOLEness, releasing the ME phase and aligning to the WE space. No one gets this any tougher than another, everyOne’s experience is a reflection of their deep fears and attachment which ultimately shows their light power, whilst unconscious we use the light power to our detriment, programmed to self destruct rapidly in order to restart the birth death cycles, however once this has been cleared we use light to benefit All, we understand how this all works and we create the most AweFILLED experiences aligned to the patterns of New Earth.

The “know bank” is now in crisis, it’s abundant in noise, loops and distortions and the physical body will malfunction under the pressure, the cure….take your gems from the know bank and move them into the sacred stores of your heart, much of what we are being called to do is to support the physical in ways that feel alien to those still attached to their realities, that which was/is projected by ego, fails, becomes complicated and hardwork, that which is projected by light becomes easy, fluid and is shown to make huge quantum leap’s in the physical reality.

So ask yourself, during these energies are you floating like a butterfly or stinging like a self harming wasp? What is the subconscious driver saying to you, is it filling you with dread, annoyances, is there a desperation rising, are you finding yourself saying “I’ve got to do this…or else”, are you experiencing where you lack, loudly? The know bank is over flowing and you aren’t listening to the alarms going off…
And the process from here, to transform into the floaty butterfly is so simple, more so during intense energies, because the extra light supports the transformation, the pain and suffering is only the experience of self separation and once you make the choice to be more, to value self more, to give self the time and begin learning how to read realities and the language of the body then the butterfly emerges and when we make this transformation we are able to flutter effortlessly in the light winds, touching, pollinating as we move, leaving little gems as we go.

The days of allowing moods to pass have gone, the days of waiting or rather weighting have proven to be self sacrificing, it’s not about them, it’s not about allowing anything or anyone from the reality to assist in making decisions before you choose, we now know the entire reality is built upon our current TRUE (behaviour shows all) frequency, therefore nothing is static or stable, all is a creation of you, to see you, for you, to shift you, we know this now, and so the days of “accepting” or saying things like “this too shall pass” must be erased, want change? Be it, anything other than this is defunct.

Our physical world stage is currently getting louder and louder, and I urge you to pay attention and not avoid the media like many spiritual teachers advise, no, instead view it from the very highest perspective, and if it induces fear, if it triggers the unempowered empath within, use those symbolic signs of your reactions to realise there is work to be done, that there are clearings to be completed to begin dissolving those dis-ease tones that are held within the cellular memory, ultimately responsible for creating the reality we exist in collectively.
Use Mirrors wisely, they are gifts! Learn gratitude, learn about respect and responsibility and then experience the amazingness of renewal and uniting as One.

Don’t avoid what we have created….that’s ignorance, instead we observe and from this space we see how individually we can grow from this, learn from this and unite over this, when we pay attention and read/see/hear of perceived injustice we can do something extra, give more love, share random acts of kindness just add that little bit more light into our field and counterbalance the movements and by doing so we underpin the energy, we create within the phsyical a sudden shift of higher more expanded energy, to set an example and anchor in templates, showing the opportunities open to us all.

We lead by example, in alignment, thoughts feelings and actions as One, creating a field jammed pack in integrity

So as we move through this portal opened by Spica we experience so much falling away, a huge decayed section of the old grid can dissolve, if you choose to stop trying to patch it up, a futile task now and Seen so easily in the light of day. Allowing the space for the old to dissolve opens up the gates of release and the physical body follows suit, digestive systems, night sweats and or mucus release is most common, it’s a quick fire way of getting the old codes out, remember fluid/water has a gigantic capacity to hold data, so when it comes to rapid a data dump we can shift a lot through bodily fluids.

And even through these experiences we have much to learn about ourselves as how we react to the experience again shows where there is separation from the light, do you become low, fed up, talking about sickness? Or do you self love, mentally aligning the phsyical release to the wisdom that came through that enabled you to make the changes and now you are love filled for every sneeze, every toilet dash knowing the old is leaving? Are you supporting the physical fully, Allowing the rest without a racing mind, are you fully in acceptance without the push to do, thinking what you should be doing, are you listening to the body and acting immediately once it speaks?

Simple choices, subtle observations and quick response is so aligning, blissful and expanding.

We can all BE more on the light side and now is the time to make those steps.

Sending you all much love, I may have some time on my hands to share more before I get super busy with the website again so if all aligns I will get a video out to share and we can go deeper.

I have been updating this space as and when I can however if you are missing the daily navigations and the many gems and keys I share you may be happy to know that the website isn’t far away now, a gift from my soul to yours as we create a space away from social media (everything is being limited, Instagram and Facebook are now only sharing to a small percentage of the followings making it pointless) but not just this Facebook and the spiritual pages are now becoming incredibly judgemental, defensive/offensive as the stress of mental health drives people into these areas and as you move through the octaves of light it becomes important in every single way to ensure your feed is pure, if you allow crap to build up in your sacred field then fly tippers are coming to dump a whole load more rubbish for you to deal with…..feel into it, it is important beyond what many can understand in this moment.

The website will provide many options for you, portals of wisdom for you to choose where you are best seated to take the journey of evolution with us here at A Gift from Gaia.


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