Ishvara: Ideas of the Higher Self

angelic human eraoflightdotcomI am Ishvara and I have come from the skies today, to convey something important. The Earth is in a cradle of renewal, everywhere on Earth you can discern this renewal on both the physical and mental levels. People are becoming more aware of themselves and their Earth. They invent new things that better suit them and the Earth. These ideas usually come from their “Higher Self”. It is those who have begun to listen to their inner voice or follow their intuition that can bring forth these new ideas. From idea to product, however, it may take some time. It takes both confidence, courage and the ability to act to succeed in that enterprise.

Where do you find the confidence and ability to accomplish it, which you so strongly believe in being able to change and improve your world a little bit. Well, within you in your holy room, there you find everything you need. If you only take the first step and show the universe that you mean to implement your ideas, the universe cooperates with you. There will always be setbacks, but the setbacks will be more. Opportunities will be opened to give you what you need from materials and assistants on your journey towards your goal. It may also be that where you get bumped, it may turn out that it was not the best option but a new and better alternative will appear at a later date. Listen to the voice within you and follow the leadership that is there and you will see that the best result will be revealed to you.

I see many hidden ideas dormant in many people who think they need more than they can handle. However, they just need to work with their trust and belief that the universe works by their side for ideas to take shape. I would like to advise you to call on the Angels of Trust and Tron to strengthen yourselves. They like to work with people who want to do something good for the Earth and its people.

My mission today was to strengthen the faith and power of people who have dormant ideas, to take some steps to manifest them. That’s probably the work you came down to Earth to do. I believe in you, the universe believes in you, you just have to believe in yourself and the world you live in. The world needs your efforts and my prayer today is that you obey the voice of the world which is a cry to you. This applies to all people who have some kind of idea whether they are physical or mental. Working with your confidence and beginning to manifest them is the cry that is heard all over the world today. Changes bring new opportunities and today the time of opportunity prevails on Earth. You just need a small, small step and you open up to something new.

Let’s take this small step now … waiting just makes it harder. I think we agree that we are taking this first step now. Some relief has already been found, for the hidden and secret takes a lot of energy into your body. Be sure that you will grow several inches with just this small step. The joy of gratitude will shine on you from all over the universe and a tear of gratitude will fall from Mother Earth.

I look forward to all your ideas coming to fruition and a wave of gratitude flushing through my heart with Mother Earth and the Universe to which you belong.

Great love



» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg