Authentic Relationships

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomWhat does it mean to you when you consider being authentic? The Goddess spoke of this during our meditation on October 06, 2019 and it has prompted me to consider what it means to me.

We are always living our lives, moving in many different directions and sometimes it causes us to disconnect from our higher selves or our source energy; we may not even be aware this is taking place.  When the Goddess channeled this information, she allowed us to reconnect with our higher self and our soul.  This is important in life because this is your alignment with source.  This is where you receive the information that assists you with living a rich and fulfilling life.

For a moment, let me talk about your ego or personality as it relates to being authentic.  How many times have you heard people say something that perhaps is not nice or diplomatic and then say ‘I’m just being authentic’ or ‘I just have to say it like I see it’ or ‘I just have to be real’.  Sound familiar? Have you perhaps made one of these statements yourself?

If something is said to someone with compassion and loving support and the intention is that it builds up the individual. This is coming from your higher self and you have a loving intention.

If something is said to someone that is perhaps mean, belittling, or sarcastic chances are it is coming from the ego and is hurtful to yourself and/or the other person.  When someone speaks in this manner, they may say I’m just being real to validate their message. We see this quite often in social media however you may also hear it at work or with your friends and family.  As you become aware of the energy behind your words or intention it can create a huge change in your life.

I am sure you are already aware of this, but I like to clarify my belief and intention.

Your Soul – is the part of you that lives on forever.  You come from your soul into this life and will return there once you transition.  Your soul is in alignment with many other people, angles, star beings at the high vibration in which it resides.  Your soul has the multitudes of lifetimes to pull from as it gives you information.  Your soul also has a high vibrational alignment with many of the people around you.

Your Ego or Personality – is what represents you in this lifetime.  You have created who you are through your experiences, the choices you make, the relationships you have and the karmic agreements you have before coming into this life. When you look at your ego it is created through your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, which is what gives you the depth and diversity.

In ALL cases there is a direct alignment through a thread of energy between your soul and your ego.  It is always there; you are always supported by your soul.  However, people sometimes will have a perception of disconnection from their soul or source. When this takes place people may feel as if they have been abandoned or as if they are moving through life without any form of support.

This is the situation that I was referring to when people may lash out or say something which is not phrased through ‘I’m just being real’ etc., yet it is an excuse to express the pain, judgment or disconnect that they are feeling; conscious or unconscious.

The entire purpose of the channel with the Goddess was to assist you with understanding your alignment with your soul or source.  She intended that you would learn how to reconnect so that you could know the strength and the power that is YOU because you are supported by your soul.

As I’m writing this, I can hear people saying but sometimes you have said things to your friends or loved ones that they don’t want to hear or that might be hard to hear. Yes, this is true.  This is why it is so essential to understand the difference of speaking from your soul – or your heart – or speaking from your ego.

When you talk to someone about a challenge they are experiencing and you do so from a place of love, support, and compassion; you will communicate what needs to be said with compassion and love.  You can still have your boundaries and speak firmly however as you express how you speak out just as the person will receive a heartfelt communication.  Their initial reaction may be that of lashing back at you, but if you stand in the space of your soul self and truth of who you are; love and support will always prevail.

Not every relationship will last. Not every conversation will go smoothly.  However, the relationship you have with your soul is what aligns you with your authentic self.  It will nurture and support you first and foremost and from there reach out to others.

You can create this open alignment through your breathing:

  • Take a deep breath in, breathing down into your heart center. As you breathe out, let go of any tension or stress.
  • Once you are centered within, open the flow of energy from your heart up through your energy bodies and into your higher self.
  • Continue the thread from there to your soul.
  • Your intention is everything! Even if you don’t have a specific feel or perception of aligning, I will happen.
  • Once you feel comfortable, ask to open to your authentic self. Ask to understand how this feels to you.
  • From there it will become stronger and stronger.

One final way in which to know if you are in alignment with your authentic self is to ask “do I feel good in the situation?” “Does this support me and the people with whom I am working?”. If your answer is yes, you know you are in alignment!  Plus, the more you are authentic with yourself; the more people around you will do the same.  If they don’t it becomes very evident and you can make your choices from there.

I hope you feel the essence of who you are and that you enjoy your expansion in life.


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