The 9D Arcturian Council: A Mass Landing of UFOs/Spaceships

arcturian symbol eraoflightdotcom“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been exploring the possibility for humanity to have full and open contact with extra-terrestrial beings in a shorter amount of time than we had originally predicted. Now, we are not big on giving predictions that involve timeframes for all of you because you are jumping timelines so regularly. But we have been under the impression that you will have full and open contact with physical e.t.s in three to four years. Recently, however, the strength of the desire for this contact has increased significantly. Now the only question is whether enough of you will align with that reality where the e.t.s that you are going to have full and open contact with land their ships in less than three years.

We are talking about a mass landing of ships that would be for everyone to witness. We know that ships land on Earth all the time, that people go on board those ships and have beautiful interactions and journeys with their e.t. friends, but we are talking about the landing of ships in areas where there would be so many witnesses, and also, the media would get involved.

When you have amateur footage of UFOs, or more accurately put, spaceships, you also have a tremendous amount of doubt. Now, as much as people are doubting the mainstream media these days, when all of them, regardless of their political leanings, are reporting the exact same occurrence, it becomes harder to doubt. There will still be those who believe that the mass landing of ships will be faked, but eventually, the ships will come to almost every major city so that everyone will be able to experience contact and so that it will be undeniable that what they are seeing is real.

People will feel the energy coming off of their new e.t. friends, and that too will be an undeniable experience. All right, now, back to the timing of this. It certainly is something that a great deal of you have been asking for, and there certainly are plenty of e.t.s who would like to answer that call, but you need a critical mass situation. You need a situation there on Earth where there will be more people embracing the e.t.s than there will be people ‘freaking out.’ And you’re getting closer and closer to that percentage. You are receiving this transmission because you are amongst the ones who would embrace your new friends from outer space. We know that, and you know that. We also know that you’re not going to convince anyone with your evidence that e.t.s exist and that they visit regularly. You’ll have an even harder time convincing people that they are walking among you.

So this is going to be a very big change for those who doubt the existence of extra-terrestrials. It is also going to open up a lot of the secrets that have been kept from you, and the general population will have access to a tremendous amount of knowledge. Therefore, the timing of this mass landing of ships has to be precise. They cannot just come because so many of you want them to come. They have to wait for that critical mass to be reached so that there are enough of you to soothe the ones who are running scared.

Again, you are closing in on that number, and a big part of that is the amplification of the desire for great changes on your world. Those desires will result in more individuals having their gradual extra-terrestrial experiences. When we say ‘gradual,’ we mean that they will build upon first experiencing them in dreams and through visions and channeling experiences, and then gradually working their way up to face-to-face contact. As many of you know, this is inevitable. It’s going to happen, and it’s just a matter of time.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


» Source » Channel: Daniel Scranton


7 Replies to “The 9D Arcturian Council: A Mass Landing of UFOs/Spaceships”

  1. Wayne W Hansen (@waynewhansen)

    “We are talking about a mass landing of ships that would be for everyone to witness.” The question is why are you allowed to show yourselves to us at this time? What has caused the rule of the universe to be changed from the prime directive, to not interfere with a third dimension world, to a divine intervention?

    Connecting Link article by Barbara Marciniak
    Pleiadians: Each civilization has had opportunity to be birthed, to go through maturation, and to come to conclusion. You are at one of those junctures where your entire civilization is at the threshold of crossing over into a new vibration. It is not for all to cross. You cannot stop the earthchanges. They are a natural part of the earth’s movement. It does not hurt the earth for its mountains to crumble and for new continents to rise and old ones to disappear. For the consciousness of the Earth itself, it is very refreshing and revitalizing. You cannot hope or pray to stop the earthchanges.
    The whole eastern seaboard will eventually suffer tremendous damage. The western seaboard will change itself so that one-third of the United States is removed.

    1. Cheri

      Goodness Wayne don’t create this tremendous earth damage in the timeline you are aligning with. Those are old stories of dark timelines when history was repeating itself through our belief in these destruction scenarios and dark memory implants. There are the very few dark timelines left because the majority of us have moved out of them and they are collapsing as available for creation as we speak.

      The ETs are not coming down to us but we are raising our vibration to finally be able to percieve them. They are outside of this mind matrix.

      When you have forces that purposely enslaved the consciousness of humanity and infiltrated the entire planetary architecture with false creations, they have broken the directive of free will. When you have people enslaving children and torturing them through rituals and pedophilia for sexual gratification and consumption of fear filled adrenaline and cannibalism, something is terribly wrong. That is why we are here to end this grotesque perversion of creation. We are the divine intervention mostly for the children and babies who were the innocent food source of the profane and their consciousness (through the use of technology and fragmentation) was driving the so called secret space program trapped in false quantum timelines of enslavement and perversion.

      I really like the Barbara Marciniak books as there is tons of wisdom and truth but some passages are based on older readings from old timelines that are no longer viable as the light has reclaimed the earth for organic evolution. Then we can go back to free will when we have an organic society free of an AI mind control matrix and quantum technology used for control. Once you rise above the fear of these scenarios you will feel the truth through the heart not the mind. The anti free will matrix is almost fully dismantled at this point. I am not speaking out of my behind when I tell you this. I have worked on this for 8 years full time as my lightbody was activated specifically for this work. This was my mission so I speak from direct knowing and experience.

      However we are all creators and I honor your journey. We have to keep moving and not get stuck in scenarios and beliefs that things are predestined as that is an inorganic system. You have a good heart Wayne, this is just my two cents, take it or leave it. Find your joy, the world does not destruct for renewal, those are false memory implants we all have to clear. Love you! 😘

      1. Doug James

        Agreed Barbara M and her videos.never resonated with me and didnt seem to align with our new timeline. Plus the Pleaidians are just 1 group of ETs as there are.many in the Galactic Federation. Old 3S earth may go thru those events long after we move to the 5D earth but let’s not manifest these events by thinking about them. I think land sooner than later to help awaken those still asleep.

        1. Cheri

          Right Doug it is wierd to listen to her channelings now as they are kind of dark and crabby. Nothing like the book “Bringers of the Dawn”. I am not a real fan of channelers that give out answers and predictions. Kinda like JZ Knight and Ramtha, it’s a wierd kind of ego based show sprinkled with wisdom. I had a really good friend go to that so called School of Enlightenment in Washington state several years ago and came out with horrific dark attachments playing on his childhood abuse that he was not able to overcome. I think there was a reptilian base right under that property she owns. The whole west coast was full of them years ago. Anyway the dark can only play on our own low self esteem and attach to the lower 3 chakras.

          Once the matrix is collapsed we are free for all to proceed. The dark ones are being taken out of our infiltrated timelines and culled into their own parallel realities through free will so they can create their own hell without us and without the mind control and use of quantum tecnology.

          It’s all a fixed hologram projected through technology that was only being held together through the quantum infiltration of creation. We will be shocked (pleasantly) at the truth of reality!

      2. geoffsari

        Well Said @Cheri, @Wayne what @Cheri said is correct, you hold onto this timelines by focusing your conscious energy on it. The moment you let go of this ideology, it collapses and more people who does the same, will simply dissolve this probable reality, and we move to a different timeline based on our collective desires. As it is, more people are starting to entertain the idea of ET contact and based on this momentum we are moving/raising to a timeline where this becomes our reality perhaps in the next 3 years or so. At this point in time the Acturian Council are saying this has become inevitable, but that again depends very much on the collective desire.

        As we all know we as a collective are moving higher towards a 5D existence, but how you as a creator experience this will be your own divine creation. Much Love

        1. Cheri

          Thank you geoffsari! Just wanted to say hi! So nice to see your smiling face and presence on the blog lately! In love and oneness my brother! Onward we go! 😘