LifeTapestryCreations: What’s Your Earth Fear Theme?

life tapestry creations eraoflightdotcomDear Ones,

Perhaps an unknown sadness has overtaken you. It feels as if the skies are gray and cold rain is pouring down. This is not a time to play in the sunshine or even play.

So it is you are discovering pieces of your 3D life you never mourned or accessed after THE incident, whatever that incident was.

Even though you are earth angels, as is true for secret agents in your modern world, you needed to wrap a cloak of forgetfulness around your Universal being to properly play your 3D agent role.

So it is you delved so deeply into 3D that you allowed yourself to be physically or emotionally tortured to such a degree you did not even explore that piece in your afterlife. That piece shaped your earth and at times, even your Universal lives, from that time on.

Of course, you want us, of the Universes, to describe the horrible happening that prompted you to “stuff” that fear so deeply you were unable or unwilling to access it until now. Only you know what that information is.

All you knew was that something impacted your actions and beliefs. Actions and beliefs that did not always seem logical.

Even though it is possible the event happened in this life, it is highly unlikely. For most of you selected unpleasant experiences in this life to open your hidden memory bank, to rid yourself of that fear.

Such is why you are now feeling so heavy. You finally feel safe enough to expose the piece that has haunted you for eons.

For until you accept that fear as an anomaly that has nothing to do with your future, you cannot fully love yourself or others. This piece, this drama, has colored your earth lives in ways you cannot imagine.

Many of you now think the memory must be a horrendous death or emotional pain. For you suffered as a result in every following earth life – no matter how wealthy or powerful you might have been.

In truth, it was your first betrayal of love you hid for you could not grasp how that betrayal happened to you, a star god or goddess. You wanted to fill the earth with love; instead, you discovered fear and pain. So it is that those first painful discoveries were so unpleasant they propelled you into eons of earth fear.

Fear needed to start somewhere. That somewhere was with those of you creating this planet of love, but wishing to experience the opposite to know love.

Even so, you were not prepared for the pain that ensued with your first fear action or reaction. You were a bit like a boxer after being hit in the head who is stunned, trying to find his or her bearings. Boxers know there is a possibility, even a likelihood, of extreme pain when they enter the ring. Yet they continue to box match after match. And so it was with you.

That first stunning blow hurt so profoundly, you did not dare explore it knowing if you did, you would never enter earth again. So you hid that pain allowing you to return to earth but also coloring your actions.

You likely have no idea what that original fear (in Biblical terms – sin) is.

Most, if not all of you, have had a theme of pain in this life. Perhaps it is abuse, lack of love, betrayal, abandonment, rejection, or something similar. A theme that flowed through your family, work, and friendships. Even though that theme is likely no longer apparent, for you have climbed your mountain of fear, it is a theme that continues to haunt you. For example, if abuse was your theme, you are likely not allowing yourself financial freedom or the freedom to trust in love and so on.

Your first step is to review this life to discover your fear theme. Your second step is to acknowledge that theme is no longer valid, for you are a new being in a new world with a clean love slate. Foremost of those new love actions, is to forgive yourself for allowing that theme to dominate your earth lives.

In essence, you lied to yourself lifetime after lifetime, acknowledging the pains of one particular life but not allowing yourself to look at the causation of your original fear (sin).

For those of you who find the phrase ‘original sin’ disconcerting – think in terms of keeping a significant secret from yourself. A secret that overrides all actions in all lives. A fear so deep you could not love yourself because you did not know you. And, therefore, having difficulties fully loving anyone. Your actions were colored by your original fear.

Perhaps this concept better helps you understand your world leaders. For unlike you, many wish to keep their original sin/fear, hidden. They wish to remain in the 3D quagmire or anywhere that allows them to hide from themselves. You, in turn, wish to expose your hidden fear so you can close your fear factory.

So it is many of you are experiencing feelings of discomfort, discontent, and sadness without knowing why. It is your original fear/sin coming to the forefront.

You do not need days or months to track down that fear. You merely need to allow yourself to know it is over. For you have truly cleared your paint palate of fear colors. Your original fear theme is no longer viable.

Allow yourself to know that you no longer need to hide that fear, nor do you need to fear it.

You can open your secret safe. And you can move into true self-love – when you are ready. For no matter how many times we inform you that ending that fear is like closing a book you do not like, many of you will search for convoluted methods of discovering and eradicating it.

Even though such methods are not necessary, how you clear your secret fear is up to you. You can push the easy button or mull over the resulting fears and anger for years. It is your choice. But why make it difficult?

Fear and pain are difficult and dramatic. Love and joy are easy and dramatic. It is your choice. So be it. Amen.


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