24 Oct. The Day When the World Changes

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Today is the 24th of October, where we can expect action. Yes, the road to the liberation of the world’s population has been very long, but we are there, thank God.

Donald J Trump and his Q Team together with the Alliance have with a lot of patience allowed the Deep State to unmask themselves, after 2,5 years of opposition and refusal to work of the Deep State puppets will now come the conclusion.

Out of desperation, Pelosi, Schiff and a group of traitors fled from what is to come, hoping that they would get asylum.

There will be no place or country to support this, as everyone will also participate in the Gold Covered new Money System.

The Gold covered currency is already a fact, but for security reasons not yet announced.

On October 14, Donald J Trump passed a law that prosecutes and punishes all people who represent the US against the interests and without authorization to keep their Deep State Agenda alive.

The long-discussed FISA documents that will be released will not happen until the key players have been arrested, in order to have the best possible effect.

The Fake MSM are controlled by the army under military law, which means that Fake News by bribed journalists is no longer possible.

The Marines and Seal Teams will help to remove the arrests together with the local police the Deep State politicians, Pedo criminals and Drugs and Human traffickers.

We can expect that 80 to 90% of the politicians will be removed to be tried by the military tribunal in GITMO.

This will have quite a shock on the stock exchanges, allowing us to expect 40 to 50% collapse of their fake value, due to shares bought with Free Fiat Money.

As a result of this force, the Derivatives Trade will collapse completely, causing many Cabal Banks to go bankrupt.

What I’m about to tell you will make you realize that this is our blessing.

We know that the new Money System through the AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) started years ago to be a global network for the QFS.

The Swift system has already been replaced by the CIPS (Cross Border, Inter Payment, System).

Worldwide, the existing Banking infrastructure has been taken over by the QFS, so that it no longer makes any difference whether the Banks fall or not.

In this way, central banks have been completely side lined, together with their banks cartel, which have conspired against the world’s population to keep them in poverty.

The start of mass arrests in the US will deprive the remaining Globalists of their raison d’être; they will be excluded from participation by the QFS and the CIPS protocol in order to stop their agenda.

A good example is that the UN has no money left to continue acting, and the announcement that the UN will move from the US to Laos after the cleansing of the communist criminals.

The Chaos and panic among the Cabal Elite in the rest of the world will be enormous, making their persecution a welcome distraction for the RV, and the RESET.

In my opinion, Brexit is no longer a feint for the removal of the Global Deep State puppets in all governments.

Merkel, Macron, Rutte they will be outlawed for their part of the implementation of the Bilderberg agenda.

Borders will be closed or have already been closed, in order to be able to arrest NWO criminals.

Further influx of migrants will stop very soon, forcing them to return to their own country and culture.

The artificial influence of the Weather, with HAARP, Chemtrails and Cern, will also soon be noticeable, after the Cabal and Deep State have been cleared.

The entire WHO will be exposed for their crimes, in health and learning system, which will stop vaccination Depopulation programs, and the guilty will be brought to justice.

Telecom companies that roll out their 5G will go bankrupt due to the loss of Cabal Support and the compensation claims they can expect.

By waking up we will take control of our own existence, and a Fascist government with a left-wing demolition agenda will no longer accept it and certainly will not actively support or follow it.

The EU / Bilderberg Nazis together with the Committee of 300 have lost their power, due to arrogance and political correctness they do not want to acknowledge this, that their wet dream has become a nightmare for them.

The fool and fake Hitler of the EU, Guy Verhofstadt can scream what he and his Nazi scum want, we do not follow them and will not give them a chance to oppress us even further.

Follow the Money, in this case taking away the power of the Money, this will put an end to their existence and corruption, through the new money system through the QFS.

Dear people enjoy the performance of how everything collapses, the artificial recession will be completely stopped by the introduction of the Gold Covered Money System.

A food supply of 1 month will largely limit the inconvenience for the population during the transition.

» Source » By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor