24 Oct. The Day When the World Changes

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Today is the 24th of October, where we can expect action. Yes, the road to the liberation of the world’s population has been very long, but we are there, thank God.

Donald J Trump and his Q Team together with the Alliance have with a lot of patience allowed the Deep State to unmask themselves, after 2,5 years of opposition and refusal to work of the Deep State puppets will now come the conclusion.

Out of desperation, Pelosi, Schiff and a group of traitors fled from what is to come, hoping that they would get asylum.

There will be no place or country to support this, as everyone will also participate in the Gold Covered new Money System.

The Gold covered currency is already a fact, but for security reasons not yet announced.

On October 14, Donald J Trump passed a law that prosecutes and punishes all people who represent the US against the interests and without authorization to keep their Deep State Agenda alive.

The long-discussed FISA documents that will be released will not happen until the key players have been arrested, in order to have the best possible effect.

The Fake MSM are controlled by the army under military law, which means that Fake News by bribed journalists is no longer possible.

The Marines and Seal Teams will help to remove the arrests together with the local police the Deep State politicians, Pedo criminals and Drugs and Human traffickers.

We can expect that 80 to 90% of the politicians will be removed to be tried by the military tribunal in GITMO.

This will have quite a shock on the stock exchanges, allowing us to expect 40 to 50% collapse of their fake value, due to shares bought with Free Fiat Money.

As a result of this force, the Derivatives Trade will collapse completely, causing many Cabal Banks to go bankrupt.

What I’m about to tell you will make you realize that this is our blessing.

We know that the new Money System through the AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) started years ago to be a global network for the QFS.

The Swift system has already been replaced by the CIPS (Cross Border, Inter Payment, System).

Worldwide, the existing Banking infrastructure has been taken over by the QFS, so that it no longer makes any difference whether the Banks fall or not.

In this way, central banks have been completely side lined, together with their banks cartel, which have conspired against the world’s population to keep them in poverty.

The start of mass arrests in the US will deprive the remaining Globalists of their raison d’être; they will be excluded from participation by the QFS and the CIPS protocol in order to stop their agenda.

A good example is that the UN has no money left to continue acting, and the announcement that the UN will move from the US to Laos after the cleansing of the communist criminals.

The Chaos and panic among the Cabal Elite in the rest of the world will be enormous, making their persecution a welcome distraction for the RV, and the RESET.

In my opinion, Brexit is no longer a feint for the removal of the Global Deep State puppets in all governments.

Merkel, Macron, Rutte they will be outlawed for their part of the implementation of the Bilderberg agenda.

Borders will be closed or have already been closed, in order to be able to arrest NWO criminals.

Further influx of migrants will stop very soon, forcing them to return to their own country and culture.

The artificial influence of the Weather, with HAARP, Chemtrails and Cern, will also soon be noticeable, after the Cabal and Deep State have been cleared.

The entire WHO will be exposed for their crimes, in health and learning system, which will stop vaccination Depopulation programs, and the guilty will be brought to justice.

Telecom companies that roll out their 5G will go bankrupt due to the loss of Cabal Support and the compensation claims they can expect.

By waking up we will take control of our own existence, and a Fascist government with a left-wing demolition agenda will no longer accept it and certainly will not actively support or follow it.

The EU / Bilderberg Nazis together with the Committee of 300 have lost their power, due to arrogance and political correctness they do not want to acknowledge this, that their wet dream has become a nightmare for them.

The fool and fake Hitler of the EU, Guy Verhofstadt can scream what he and his Nazi scum want, we do not follow them and will not give them a chance to oppress us even further.

Follow the Money, in this case taking away the power of the Money, this will put an end to their existence and corruption, through the new money system through the QFS.

Dear people enjoy the performance of how everything collapses, the artificial recession will be completely stopped by the introduction of the Gold Covered Money System.

A food supply of 1 month will largely limit the inconvenience for the population during the transition.

» Source » By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor


17 Replies to “24 Oct. The Day When the World Changes”

  1. Cheri

    Well our vibrations collectively lowered and we lost brain cells having to read this recent post from Lorilyn as it is the same hate-filled projection and shaming we see across all social media platforms. I won’t be lectured by someone who takes money to role play and spew propaganda. Sorry there is no heart in this message. Were not doing the doom and gloom thing anymore and we are tired of living in your twilight zone matrix. Love on warriors!

  2. F Lubit

    Thank you all for your intelligent comments. I just left a New Age Facebook group because they forbid mentioning politics. Oy vey!

    1. Cheri

      Hahahaha oy vey F Lubit! I know, thankfully we have a bunch of truth lovers and lightwarriors on this site. To me it is an important part of the awakening to talk about and reveal the deception which has more affect across all platforms and belief systems than just the new age movement. The political swamp is the greatest show on earth waking up the mass consciousness to this false reality and mind control propaganda. To me it is daily confirmation of the divine plan unfolding. We all have our specialties and roles in the awakening. Some don’t have the heart for the battle we are in to destroy the matrix propaganda so they are just love holders and anchors of the light. Most of us here that comment anyway are both!

      Welcome to the site my friend! 😘

    2. btcguy canuck

      To assit in the taking away of their fiat dollar slave system, that would be bitcoin.
      What about Canada?

    3. Lorilyn

      Dear Author and Online Site Creator-

      I originally just wanted to seek some more knowledge on the equinox of Sept thru November.
      Then I looked at your other stuff written on the sides of this site. Well Well Well. This article appeared and I decided to read it all. You are truly a cold hearted person and equal love or compassion for all is not in you. Your soul will have to be reincarnated thousands of more times for the lack of humanity, fair treatment, openness to others way of being, acting or thinking. You lack compassionate common sense or the preponderance of fact based evidence supporting your radical cravings.

      Lets Begin:

      This articles politics sound like the Southern Rebels who seceded and quit on the idea of a more perfect union that brought on the civil war. These mostly Southerners,mostly Conservative Democrats aka Republicans of today wanted to keep slavery as its main cost saving source. The Conservatives had (have) a disdain for Africans. The Conservatives in general thought of the colored people as less than human. Plus the Slavery Loving Confederates who just wanted Freedom, Unity & Equal Justice for white people were willing to use break apart and traitorously leave our Republic in tatters to keep an Evil injustice from ending. An injustice that had been banned and would be not tolerated by the rest of the world soon after. Ultimately the Good Ole USA was one of the last countries to Ban Free Labor Slavery. We were one of the last groups to see the Evil inherent in White Skinned & Govt Welfare. An evil that used Enslaving Minorities that would have gone on much longer without the victory over the seceding traitor states.

      Immigrants plus overall people of color were hated, raped, tortured, imprisoned, educationally deprived and used like animals. This slavery began to end until those with Liberal Compassionate hearts, who did not rely on Slave Labor for most of its revenue, fought against this ORIGINAL SIN of ours and put together by Union Victory over the Confederate Traitor Criminals. This sites politics and your cavalier attitude toward arresting those that disagree with your ideas on national political processes is outright shameful and scary.

      You Sir and your ideas if completed would bring on a new Era for sure. It would be the Collapse of Democracy, collapse of freedom of speech, collapse of our economy, collapse of our life saving programs created to ease the suffering by the hands you seek to praise and lift to Sole Power. Your ideas are radical, death filled, Junta sounding, Dictatorial Banana Republic like in every Way. It might be called “The Era of Evil” “The Era of Dark” surely not the “Era of Light”. Unless you mean skin color for crying shame. THE NEW DARK AGES and Kingly America.
      Your politics remind me of a man submersed in his own Shit continually telling anyone withing earshot about how much they smell like shit. Shit covered people trying to ban cologned because it doesn’t smell like Fascist shit. They want freedom of religion for just there owner personal religion. They want regulation of Womens Vaginas but not Corporate Disease ridden pollution Planet killing Generators. Loving People of White Supremacy who see only symptoms and never the cause. This same shit covered sewer smelling American. sending out online information about how socialists trying to increase wages and create Healthcare as a Right that they smell like shit and are not clean enough aka Pure.

      FYI and the “DEEP STATE”- Banks, Super Rich, Large Corporations, Conservative Religion ran Authoritarian Nations, MAfia style operating countries of uber corruption, Oligarchs with the help of a 24/7 state run- State controlled in effect media (like FOX NEWS today) for maximum propaganda brainwashing reasons of delusion. Countries( See Russia / Soviet Union, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Sudan, sometimes Pakistan, Italy during Mussolini times, Dagestan, just Recently and Brazil’s Right Wing Extremist new leadership. Never forget Trumps Strong Man Loving Dictator Man Crush for Kim of North Korea. This Deep State aka Average American suppressing posse, have been traditionally supporting Republicans who never pass anything of meaning for the masses benefit. Conservatives who Conserve Nothing but bitterness, racism, sexism, class warfare for the Elite, Piss pennies down on poor people (Friedman) economic theories and create repressive anti freedom Laws of Morality driven by Religions of Greed, Sexism and Racist Dogma.

      Right Wing “Profits over People” American Politicians and those hate charged or brainwashed supportive voters. Who think they are Nationalists type Patriot but are really traitors to us all. There small minded ideology and your support with article writings are not Patriotic but sounds like your own Coup against our Republic by the People and For the People.- Not the Corporations and Ultra rich. Your so deluded that you think Drump Douchetator was helping and not harming us like a meteor wiping out the Dinosaurs. A Elitist Raper and serial woman abuser- A FAKE Billionaire who just made the Rich far more wealthy with a TRILLION Dollar (not paid for) TAX CUT. When one looks into Supreme Court Conservative Justices or lesser Judges all you will find is more dead workers, wins for Business over Workers lives, Wins for Corporate Cruelness over basic fairness and justice for the worker who is being systematically cut up. Coservashits Justices that are the Deep State because they never take the side of a common mans plot. Republican Ideology that sees Business Honor and Need as nearly as important as GOD itself. Conservatives who never fight for or defend by real law or action unfair situation / repressive company policies or actions that damage the masses or keep them in perpetual financial depression despite working full time and no vacations. Civilian repressing company sponsored policies by the same Greed based Businesses seeking to deny rights or claims for financial justice, Hospital bill aide, Rights to good legal council and the ability to have ones day in court. Conservatives in reality always take the Powerful Elite side when it comes down to it. They always side with Big Money over struggling employees, citizens or purchasers who were harmed or denied fairness by products, govt policy, govt law or workplace policies. We are spied on continually yet that was illegal until Snowden tried to shine a light on this massive constitutional crime. Yet Snowden cannot come back to America unless he wants to go to prison without a public hearing for the rest of his life. Snowden who exposed illegal behaviour enacted by Republicans in Charge )W and DICK) Spying by data pooling and storing of every day conversations without warrants or known criminal conduct. Crimes against all of us that pushed and coerced cell phone companies to be the point of criminality.

      Conservadarich Justices (Picked from the Obedient Class) with the financial support from High School through Deep State Colleges. Colleges that facilitate Pollution and Profits over people supporting policies in the past and seemingly will forever. Elited funded Capitalist Judges to be. So they ( Right Wing Screw the masses) strengthen the Elites, hold on our Serf filled country, all the while thinking they are protecting Americans Moral Superiority plus the little guy.

      Conservatives or Liberal Bashers, without much verifiable evidence, who are mostly pushing ( like this article) Evil, speech depriving, Life draining, No Due Process of Law arresting of millions!! Policies of Doom that would strip hundreds of years long Precedent Judicial protections for the individual and juice the power of Business and Big Brother Govt.

      Your pushing an Anti Unity, Anti Civil rights, Anti Multiculturalism, Anti other faiths, Anti Women’s Personal Body freedom, Anti Criminal Justice Reform, Pro Marijuana non harmful drugs to be kept illegal, Pro For Profit Prison agenda. Your articles would bring in the NEW WORLD ORDER! Not the other way around.

      You and your ilk have one super overflowing shit filled ideology sustained by a revenue stream fueled by large ( today tax free) Corporations and Billionaires.

      Your New Era will not be an “Era of Light”. It will be a Twilight Zone of No Liberals or Democratic (Jedi). Yet horribly Ironic have been conned into believing Donald The Pathological “Liar King” Caesar .. President is good for the future prosperity of the masses left after the Cleansing. LMAO … Yet believe that STD ( Spoiled, Traitor Dicktator) TRUMP, truly a Vladimir Putin Dictator loving Cuckhold, is a truth teller, who’s looking out from his golden toilet as he seeks to Protect the Little Guy. (Protecting the low paid masses from people like him…..). I want to laugh and vomit right after its so damn worng.

      You Sir need to seek mental help from this disease that has infested your brain. Do not seek to cleanse the non infestation that you call Mexican immigration. But Cleanse or ferret out your hate filled mind that is completely beholden to the worst of what a human being ban be or think. Crazily all this brain F’ing is going on without your awareness of its complete saturation.
      Stop believing Dictatorship acting Conservative Capitalists who truly feel and create policies that gave Corporations Human Rights w/ special protections over the common man. Yet these evil life sucking entities or people are beloved by those that want a better America and more freedom plus financial hope for our future. Who believe the Deep State will clean out the Deep state. Who think a lifetime Criminal treading pattern exhibited by Trump is not actually doing unconstitutional, outright illegal, Shady at best acting, personal profiteering with malicious intent shit every day!! It’s like Putting Pablo Escobar in charge of Drug Crimes and then when leaks come out every week of criminal conduct or malfeasance at least – Pablos voters aka YOU and Conservatives scream “How would you ever think the Escobar would steal or use drugs for his benefit” So lets lock up the ones attempting to judge Pablo! Let us Jesus loving, Poor people bashing Right Wingers and God lovers put on trial those seeking fair justice or to protect us from being a utterly lawless Fascist nation. Same CONS ervative people that would blow the Whistle on these same Trumpian criminal acts until trump was there guy. Now criminal, divisive, politically motivated or private – personal business boosting actions are not what you see but inherently in the Presidents wheelhouse.
      Hypocritically to say the least are the ones who seek less corruption verbally, who are labeled Republicans maybe Libertarians, want us to believe they are being honest.
      When these Cons are the ones who want to seal all the facts that lay out once universally granted illegal behaviour and call the truth seekers in general a lynch mob!! Corruption Whistle Blowers in support of Constitutional Norms now are the “BAD GUY” or as Trump just said Human Scum!

      These same cave dwelling Businesses should be excluded from certain important civilian restrictions that allow them to suppress ours. Since they argue differently in court or on Programmed Media the opposite based on what they want to get away. They flip flop, deny or supply false facts depending with or who color wise they want to deny access to or to protect.
      Cuz they these MAterial based structures ran by humans are a Human Being you know.

      We are doomed is your right…. Let us pray for your failing. God please look after from these traitors who have been deluded by those evil entities.Let us Pray: Forgive those poor and low informed among them Lord! For they know not what they Do!

  3. Ed

    … check…
    roserambles transmission from pleiadians about sexuality October 24 2019

    Quantum LOVE

  4. Jane

    Sooo uplifting to read these words, we have all waited so long, those of us who have been awake a long time, its finally going to happen, it has been the most huge , long, and winding road, for all those on the ground and in other dimensions who have worked tirelessly to free humanity, what a wonderful day it will be, and the amazing relief for all those in great struggle and suffering , they will be able to smile and feel secure and not not live in fear and sickness and hunger………may the dark be finished with completely now…….and never ever return to our beautiful Gaia.

  5. Doug James

    It is time to remove the dark bandaid of oppression and inform the masses. There is no good time, there is only now and the longer the Alliance delays the more time we lose. Yes many we all see daily will be in shock as they trust MSM they trust vaccines GMO food.. believe 9ii happened as told and the shootings and Boston Bombing were all real. The irony of college educated people who cant see the matrix but they will.

    1. Victoria

      Doug James ~ I align w/every word you say. It is indeed NOW time to hit the “GO” button and bring down this matrix game. I live in one of the most “educated” cities in the states – and wow – the programming here is so deep. I’m college educated – but my desire to seek truth and question everything I was taught has always been activated w/in. No more delays. This has become ridiculous. And unnecessarily harmful.

  6. Emily

    Hmm. Sounds nice, but given how careful the Trump and Q Team have been to NOT freak people out, I have trouble buying this. I can’t see the major changes happening until after the 2020 election. If they were just going to yank people up and arrest them regardless of how many people are still asleep, they could have done it over a year ago… Why be careful and strategic these past 3 years only to throw most of the population into a tailspin because they have no clue what’s been happening. I still think we have a lot more steps to go before the public is ready for mass arrests, tribunals, and collapse of the central banks. Doing it now would be totally chaos and hysteria…

    1. Cheri

      Right Emily, I agree! I just can’t see mass arrests of civilians and politicians without trials with evidence showing their crimes (which takes time). This is what they want to do to POTUS and his team. We have to follow the law and let justice and a non infiltrated voting system weed them out. If they act against POTUS as they are planning (talking about locking him and his cabinet in the basement of the Capitol) then they can arrest them as a military coup.

      Only dictators and communist regimes arrest civilians.

      We have to wake up the mind controlled militants who inact their agenda. This is happening all around (end of wars and border control) us but we all want dramatic action which is not the way to turn the ship around and take back control. Too many politicians are corrupted on both sides. If they started taking them out it would be used as a propaganda tool to start a civil war.

      Just look at the investigations into google and facebook and their affiliates, the weekly arrests of child traffickers and chinese spies and espionage of technology on a massive scale as the indictments are unsealed one by one we see CEOs and media moguls resigning. Pedos in our government are being outed now through sealed indictments. Ukraine and other countries are running anti corruption investigations. It is the infrastructure and individuals supporting all this mayhem that is being dismantled right before our very eyes. That is much more important than these useful idiots that were within our government.

      The key is after the 2020 the world will see they have no more power. But more importantly by then we also should have christed consciousness back on earth which changes everything! It is obvious they have lost all quantum power as peace is breaking out all over (except in politics lol!). This was everything as the quantum control was empowering everything and we have full control now of those creational timelines that is why assassination has failed and ability to fire up war and mind control false flags has waned. It had to clear in the spiritual before it could manifest here.

      Much more going on unseen than seen!

      Looking forward to the new 8 Kun channel coming back online so we can hear from the military allied forces once again! WWG1WGA!!

      Love to all! 😘

      1. EK

        Perfect place to ask another question…for anyone who might know.
        Do you think (or know for sure) the mass arrests mentioned have already happened (or are happening now), or have yet to start, as also mentioned?
        I personally go back to the Qanon mirror. When the North Korea deal was officially announced, it was said it already happened months before. Same with Iraq, and others. What if the same applies to the arrests? It also been said the tribunals have been ongoing since January. Add to that the mentioned executions of McNoName, Bush, and recently Obama. Saw another post yesterday where Biden and Pelosi have been arrested. All leads me to conclude the mass arrests are happening now, and if/when it is announced, it’s already done…IMO.
        Speaking of Obama, saw where he was seen in NY the other night, after reading he had been executed. Must be a clone.

        1. Cheri

          I know EK it’s a wierd surreal thing on the mass arrests and trust the plan for me. Since I work full time on the quantum matrix architecture (which is like the creational consciousness blueprints) I hear about the arrests and stuff happening in timelines but I can’t quite see how this stuff could happen in the natural world (which is a bizzare fake fixed reality anyway hahahaha!). So I just assume I am hearing the future like in a reality we haven’t quite synced up with yet. Quantum stuff is wierd and I can’t quite fathom it yet. I know there is huge goings on and these people will see justice but they all keep showing up and tweeting lol!. We are in between worlds literally so this stuff is showing up in some peoples timelines and they report on it but one by one the dominos fall.

          All I know for sure from the quantum realms is that they have only a few creational timelines left to even create from so they try and scheme as business as usual but it is all futile! Only timelines of light can are available for creation.

          The quantum tyrants are bitching and moaning to the creator about their free will being trampled on hahahaha!! Omg this is the problem with zero consciouness that is so fragmented that they have no freaking awareness or accountability for entrapping an entire planet. The ones here in the physical are the same, zero consciousness, no remorse and total narcissism. They are resisting the creator at every turn and are still throwing their biological weapons at us within the timelines that we haven’t gotten to yet. I finally heard him say he has left them a couple parallel realities (he is so patient). I am just flowing with it all! Love you!

  7. Era Of Light

    YIPPEE thank you.Lots of LOVE,LIGHT&DELIGHT from Meeee!GOD BLESS.Infinity of HUGS and KISSES. ERA OF LIGHT(Juanita Ellis) Copyright ©2019 Era Of Light All Rights Reserved®