5 Targeted Individuals Expose Shocking Electronic Harassment and Torture

serving the open mind eraoflightdotcomTargeted Individuals (TIs) are those who the Government (via the Military Intelligence Complex of agencies) has picked out to harass, assault and attack – with advanced forms of invisible electronic weapons.

This is the new form of 21st century mind control. Some targeted individuals have connections to the military (e.g. come from a military family) but others do not. Many are not activists or whistleblowers, but have had to become one just to survive.

These targeted individuals are being electronically stalked and harassed with DEW (Directed Energy Weapons, also known as Scalar Weapons, EM Weapons and Non-Lethal Weapons) which blast the victim’s head with electromagnetic radiation.

These assaults can insert ‘voices’ into people’s heads which they mistake for their own thoughts, can induce severe negative emotions (depression, suicidality) and can even cause paralysis and death.

Sadly, many targeted individuals are thought of as crazy and sometimes are thrown into a psychiatric ward just for speaking out publicly and exposing the truth of how they are being assaulted.

However, the phenomenon is conspiracy fact not conspiracy theory and is all too real. Even some government officials (e.g. this Polish minister) have admitted as much. What follows are 5 of many TI cases.

1. David Voigts

TI David Voigts is an ex-Navy officer and a whistleblower. He has been tortured since January 2012 and estimates he has lost a million-and-a-half dollars in unearned income since then because of the choices he has made. He served in Electronics Warfare.

During his service he heard a victim present her story of a non-consensual human experimentation program involving psychological warfare, electronic harassment, no touch torture and gangstalking.

This left a profound impression on Voigts; afterwards he intentionally got himself drafted into the program to understand it better – so he could help shut it down. Voigts has led campaigns to raise awareness about targeted individuals by walking across parts of the US.

He writes:

“The Targeted Individual program is a domestic torture program aimed at unsuspecting US citizens … the revelations about organized harassment perpetrated by certain groups in the Church of Scientology match the harassment campaigns aimed at Targeted Individuals.”

Voigts also points to the mind control technology used against US diplomats:

“Another great resource is the recent stories about the recent stories about the “health attacks” on the US diplomats in Cuba. It’s troubling that these diplomats are able to be believed and receive care, but the US citizens affected here in the states are not being listened to, and their pleas for help are dismissed as mostly delusional.”

2. Katherine Horton

Targeted Individual Dr. Katherine Horton is a scientist who studied physics at Oxford University, where she obtained her Masters of Physics and then went on to get her PhD. She is a high energy physicist and system analyst. She worked for years at CERN in Geneva. She has been gangstalked by Military Intelligence agents.

She reveals how she has to shield herself in the cellar, put aluminum and mylar all around the inside of her apartment and at times literally sleep in a metal bathtub to protect herself against the ongoing electronic harassment with EM and scalar weapons. These weapons easily penetrate other materials such as wood, brick and concrete.

She runs the informative website Stop007.org. She defines electronic harassment as microwave mutilation. She has been outspoken in her attempts to stand up for her rights and the rights of other TIs by taking the various Military Intelligence agencies (MI6, MI5 and GCHQ) to court in Britain, as well as meticulously cataloging the British, German and Swiss agencies (and the people involved) who are perpetrating this against her.

In May 2017, she found out that she had been covertly implanted with military bio-technology and neurotechnology. Her antidote to all this invisible abuse is make fun of everything and laugh at these manipulators as she exposes them. For protection, she suggests TIs cover their home with paint containing metal particulates of aluminum and copper (cooper is better but costs 10 times more) as well as using mylar.

As Katherine says:

“The only real threats to national security in the world are the military and the intelligence agencies.”

3. Karen Melton-Stewart

Another ex-NSA whistleblower who has stepped forward to reveal what truly goes on at the Nefarious Spying Agency, Karen Stewart became a TI after she learnt how the US military intelligence agencies were involved in 9/11, but her superiors told her to keep quiet.

She was verbally abused and shouted at before polygraph tests so she would deliberately fail. She was blocked from promotions, stalked and harassed. She also had her house electronically bugged (which knocked out her microwave).

She affirms that technologies like V2K (Voice to Skull) are real. She reveals how the NSA stalks and harasses journalists, who then became too scared to report anything negative (or anything at all) on the NSA.

Interestingly, she highlights how mass shooter Myron May (who killed people at Florida State University in a November 2014 mass shooting) was another TI mind control victim who told many people before the mass shooting (and his subsequent death) that he was “hearing voices in his head.” May even wrote letters explaining this before his death and sent them out to many people.

Even the MSM reported this; for instance, here is NBC:

“He believed government “stalkers” were harassing him and using a “direct energy weapon” to hurt him. He said that he had sent packages to 10 people that would “expose” what he thought was happening to him … His social media activity revealed that he believed he was a “targeted individual,” the term used by people who think the government and shadowy gangs are attacking them with mind control and invisible, remote weapons.  (…)

In an email he sent at 11:19 p.m., [May] wrote: “I’ve been getting hit with the direct energy weapon in my chest all evening. It hurts really bad right now.” Police say he opened fire on campus about an hour later.”

May was a young Assistant District Attorney. Before his death, he reached out to author Renee Pittman who went on to write a book about May and the shooting, The Targeting of Myron May: Assistant DA Pushed Over the Edge. In the description for that book, it says:

“A gifted young Assistant District Attorney’s tragic end after opening fire at Florida State University’s Strozier Library, just after midnight, November 20, 2014, injuring three and his quest for “Suicide by Cop.”

The suicide letter excerpt…

“My deepest regret is that I did not make a more diligent effort of documenting my experiences as a targeted individual along the way; however, this document is my feeble attempt at recounting my experiences thus far.

“First off, to anyone that may read this document, take a brief moment to pray for my soul. What I am about to do I have deep regret for; however, I feel that my options are extremely limited. Because I am a targeted individual, everything has been taken away from me. I have literally been robbed of life through psychological, financial, and emotional hardship…”

Another obvious example of the mind control-mass shooting connection is Aaron Alexis (who did the Washington Navy Yard shooting in September 2013). He also claimed that he was hearing voices in his head. You can read more about the link between mind control and mass shootings in a previous article here.

4. Mariana Maritato

Mariana Maritato is yet another brave TI who has been mercilessly attacked through various forms of electronic harassment and torture. She has been the victim of sexual assault (remote stimulation of forced orgasm, including many zaps to genitals and anus, which feels like electrocution).

Pornographic images of pedophilia are beamed into her head, and she has to open her eyes to stop it, even when she is sleep-deprived. V2K technology is being used against her.

Like other TIs, she discovered synthetic nanotechnology (HSP72 [Heat Shock Protein] human tumor cells) had been implanted inside her body.

Some of the effects of this daily torture include the following: reduced lung capacity, being forced to bite herself, tooth pain (like a root canal), bloated belly and forced burping (so she can’t eat properly and lost weight), developing a 3-inch cyst in her right breast (benign, but they [V2K perpetrators] threatened to turn it tumorous) and planted/manipulated dreams.

The electronic harassment and abuse has changed her life such that she can’t drive or hold down a full-time job; she is in continuous survival mode. Watch her testimony to the ITNJ (International Tribunal for Natural Justice) which is backed by lots of evidence and detail.

5. Barbara Hartwell

Ex-CIA agent Barbara Hartwell worked for 25 years in the CIA as an investigative and intelligence analyst. She is a mind control victim and childhood survivor of MK ULTRA.

In this video clip she shares how she started getting attacked right after she “broke her programming” and started to go public in 1994. She woke up and realized she was living a double life. She was being used by the CIA to disseminate New Age propaganda with the purpose of confusing and distracting people – and as she puts it to bring in the New World Order.

In the video she sits next to Brice Taylor, a famous mind control victim who like Cathy O’Brien was used as a mind-controlled sex slave to service the highest officials in the US and beyond.

Hartwell emphasizes how Ted Gunderson (ex-FBI agent who became a tremendous investigator uncovering mind control, pedophilia and Satanism) was a great friend who helped her.

Hartwell talks about how she was attacked every single day. Sometimes she was tailed or followed; sometimes she encountered agents in her life posing as someone else; her phone was tapped; black helicopters flew over her house; and she received death threats. She reveals how she was hit with exotic weapons, which she describes as laser weapons and microwave pulse weapons, which sometimes knocked her unconscious.

There Are Thousands of Targeted Individuals All Over the World

There are so many targeted individuals that a plethora of articles and books have been and could be written about them. I have previously written about whistleblower and TI Bryan Kofron in the article Total Individual Control Technology: Insider Exposes How You & Your DNA are Being Targeted. The point is that the technology is way beyond what the average person comprehends.

Ex-CIA engineer Robert Duncan has done an outstanding job in coming forward and exposing the true state of current technology, much of which he knew about from firsthand experience since he was involved in constructing it. Duncan mentions all sorts of scary-sounding terms such as the Voice of God weapon, OIW (Offensive Information Warfare), brain nets, EEG heterodyning, synthetic telepathy and the cybernetic hive mind.

Speaking of EEG heterodyning, this term is also used by whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei (who sued the NSA in 1992) who claimed:

“NSA personnel can dial up any individual in the country on the Signals lntelligence EMF scanning network and the NSA’s computers will then pinpoint and track that person 24 hours-a-day. The NSA can pick out and track anyone in the U.S. NSA agents in remote offices can instantly identify (using Remote Neural Monitoring or EEG Heterodyning) any individual spotted in public who is in contact with surveillance subject.”

“With special EMF equipment NSA cryptologists can remotely read evoked potentials (from EEGs). These can be decoded into a person’s brain-states and thoughts. The subject is then perfectly monitored from a distance. NSA personnel can dial up any individual in the country on the Signals Intelligence EMF scanning network and the NSA’s computers will then pinpoint and track that person 24 hours a day.”

EEG stands for electroencephalography (an electrophysiological monitoring method to record the electrical activity of the brain), and to heterodyne is defined as ‘to generate new frequencies by mixing two or more signals’, so roughly speaking, EEG heterodyning (aka EEG cloning) is sending frequencies to the brain to modify and replace the existing ones – and thus get someone to think, speak and act in alignment with the new sen frequencies.

Nick Begich, expert on HAARP and related topics, has explained in simple terms how the mind control and emotion control) technology works. You modulate a signal that the brain locks onto to. Then, the brain recognizes it and begins to mirror it (following the frequency via call-and-response).

Once brain rhythms change, a chemical cascade is created within the brain which subsequently changes the emotions. In this way, people can remotely made to feel emotions which they would not have otherwise felt.

Time to Accept the Phenomenon of Targeted Individuals

It’s time for humanity to collectively take their head out of the sand and face the reality of mind control, gangstalking and electronic harassment.

According to one TI man, EVERYONE is a target. Prisoners and veterans get hit the worst with electronic harassment. It has been reported that 70% of TIs are women with advanced education (e.g. university degrees). How much more evidence do people need to accept the existence of this phenomenon?

Solutions to Stop the Harassment, Abuse and Torture

It is important to note there is something you can do about this if you are a TI. You can join a group or organization dedicated to supporting TIs, such as the Surveillance and Harassment Survivor’s Alliance. Katherine Horton has a victim affidavit collection system. There are materials to stop the electronic bombardment – there were 3 mentioned above (e.g. mylar, aluminum, copper) but there are surely many more for those who research and experiment with it.

Finally, it is crucial to always remember that the power of human spirit, will, mind and consciousness is more powerful than whatever mind control technology the NWO controllers are aiming at people. For those of us who are not targeted individuals, we owe it to those who are being tortured to spread awareness about it in the hope that we can stop it – sooner rather than later.


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  1. Mary

    IT IS demons Basta ! No More blaming the government. I come from africa in the deepest of all Bush where there are No government involved in our businesses….my mother was a monster and Every member of my Family and after marrying a narcissist i can Tell you First hand that These poor people are possessed

  2. Diane

    Just having some serious fun here!

    Here is an idea! The newly formed military group!
    ” U.S.A. Electric covert Unknown ( Other) Signal/Sound Defense group… ” -ECU- O-SS-DG… ” Maintained by the military and NASA and our President! Protection for our country and it’s people!

    -You report it we find it and stop it!-
    -Covert all the way, but not their way!-

    *The system that won’t let that system beat the system anymore!

  3. Chelsea

    TI with constant 24/7 V2K since 11/2018, but have been stalked my entire life. Sleep deprivation every night and not allowed to empty bowels but once weekly for 1 year after severe straining. MKultra mind control in full effect. They can alter my emotions and feelings, cause forced speech , impede thinking, input thoughts, and deplete brain of dopamine causing me to feel depressed constantly. DEW energy attacks daily, causing pain to all areas of the body and heart palpitations. Dream modulation nightly and when im attacked in my dreams, I wake with pain in that area. Was made to appear crazy in the beginning and forced out of medical school into an asylum. Relationships ruined and I believe they are now targeting my family members as well. Electronic interference on a daily basis. The worst is the EEG heterodyning and forced/redirected thoughts. No pleasure found in anything anymore. When is the near? Please God come back now.

  4. Mack Foseil

    Yeah, well they’ve done nothing but torture me too, and they have been identified versus being “they”. I am a veteran of the Navy involved in weapons (conventional and otherwise) and of the first Gulf War. Their favorite tactic with me is to use my military service connections as the cause of the matters, not these tortures I have been diligently documenting for years now. They killed my daughter and her mother and have obstructed justice in any investigation. As far as my other life, I am a world class musician and music producer/audio engineer, so I know how to remove ELF and subliminals from music recordings to ensure my own are Not tampered with that way, as many other world class musicians remove them too call “Remastering”. Northern Wyoming is a soup bowl of shit and hate and every day and night I, and likely those I live near, get attacked these ways, to include directed energy, V2K, beestings through the floor walls and ceiling targeting the anus and genitals, stalking, harassing phone calls, hacking, destruction of property, poisonings, cysts, and the near constant “pings” and “snaps” to the ceiling (which is three feet from the actual roof). We are preparing to enact Nuremburg Trials Part Two on every goddamned psychopath that is involved in these war crimes and genocide, and I am just as smart as the other victims who were ex-CIA, ex-NSA, engineers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, cops, etc. I am well familiar with CERN and MIT, and the Russian HAARP facility in SURA too. To note, I recently invented a new type of computer with the code (the second one as my first invention was stolen by Hitachi when in Denver in 2001). It is not binary and can shut down and break their encryption. My first invention was a moissanite chip and battery. To begin destroying them, plug the holes in the Windows OS by following these numbers: 18, 81, 66, 24, 42, 36, 63, 37, 73, 38, 83, 39, 93, 43, 34, 44, 45, 54 – they have meanings but too much time to explain as cryptogrophy. Do that and that mitigates the use of your computers as tools for them to torture you and I with. Those numbers are deliberate in the OS code as for hackers to find, not the usual stuff antiviral programs look for.
    “Mack Foseil” – alias

  5. Kaye

    I am a 50 plus Female in NC Scalar Wave Technology and Drones are terrible here. I am hit in head heart and genitalia.

    1. Cheri

      Hi Kaye! You are the first one to mention the genitalia! Huge clearing going on here within the DNA as some of the DNA in these lower chakras were spinning sideways and in reversal! Very painful! For me the clearing in this area especially is intense. Even though I can hear my team clearing these timelines where the DNA (mostly testicles and the urethra) was zapped by xrays and scalar waves and microwaves it amazes me how targeted the sexual organs were as this was the power center of the dark forces. The closest they could come to bliss was orgasm. These timelines clearing now are intense!

      The head symptoms of course are the mind control and we know the heart area was shut down completely. I was freaking out at first several years ago when they (my inner team) started talking about my heart valve and I could feel it in my breathing as the DNA healed through. That scared me the most!

      Thanks for joining in our conversation as we are all going through this together but it helps to hear that we are all having similar symptoms as the matrix heals through us! 😘

  6. Pat

    Hi. On December 14, 2019, I posted here a detailed note on my torture, including a reference to this file;


    The comment has either been suppressed by this site, or the torturers intercepted the communication as part of their efforts to hide the evidence of their crimes.

  7. traceeee

    During 2 1/2 week fast the week i was microwaved i felt what seemed to be like a rope about an inch thick snap in my throat. Few nights later same thing on left side of skull and tinier width on the right side of my head. Didn’t hurt at all. Pastor I was dealing with once I told him freaked out and quickly hung up phone when I told him. When they were visually putting horrible images in my head, before my mind had a chance to store the image in memory there was like a fireworks that went off and dissolved the image. Any thoughts?

  8. traceeee

    Targeted individual. Microwaved 3 years ago other absolutely painful things done. Everything tapped and hacked into. Followed.everywhere. Things constantly stolen from home, never anything big. Husband and son involved, were gaslighting me for years. Ritual abuse and black magic being done. Made to listen to for hours on end to what sounded like the brutal rape of my children. Found God throughout this process so it has made it all worthwhile to me. Break some if the ringing in your ears, splitting of the brain, mind control through fasting and prayer. Rapture is near.

  9. Bill Cottle

    I am a U.S. Army veteran trained in microwave/radar technolgy. I was trained in surveillance and I was trained in intelligence. I hold a secret clearance. I am MK ULTRA from birth as was my father before me. My dad was the Command Wing Sargent Major of the 100th Strategic Recon Wing. (U-2 spy planes/black ops). I am a heavily electronically controlled and brutally tortured American citizen. I am gang stalked, I have been dazzled, cuban embassied, I’ve had a HAARP weapon used against my person and property. Wheras a tornado funnel cloud was formed above my house and used to touch down and destroy my property, I had the government sabotage a pre-negotiated loan modification agreement allowing the government in effect, to steal my house. I’ve had microwave technolgy used to subliminally use me to sexually entertain a decades worth of women, also causing me to gamble away a fortune in V.A. backpay in the amount of over $200,000.00, (prior to that I did not gamble and have not gambled since.) as well as making my house appear “haunted” by use of same microwave technolgy by causing loud “bumps”, loud “crashes”, “explosion” noises the intensity of dynamite to go off in back rooms leaving no trace of any disturbance in my home, mimic human touch on my body even though no one was there, caused cabinet doors to open and close non stop while emitting horror movie creaking door noises, used same HAARP created funnel cloud tornado to bounce around my backyard as if being controlled by a kid on a video stick directing the tornado to park itself on a 40ft china berry tree in my backyard, breaking it free of the earth lifting it 2ft in the air and then slammed it down sideways on my new fence destroying it, also destroying the new red brick patio I had just built around the tree which left a 7ft deep bomb creator in the middle of my back yard. I have had a marriage destroyed, family relations destroyed, and all friendships I ever had destroyed. I have been given a spinal infection caused by DEW assault on my back on 2007 leaving me on my death bed for a year, and I survived a staged head on collision in 2015 in which I was framed to make it look like my fault. I have had constant bombardment of emf/ microwave technology used on me to malform my spinal cord leaving me 2″ shorter than my previous 6ft & 1/2″ height, as well as the bombardment of both hips bringing them from normal to severely arthiritic in less than 2 years time all leaving me requiring major back surgery, both hips replaced, and now debilitated and crippled. On top of this I remain heavily mind controlled and electronically tortured day in and day out. I can go on and on. This travesty of innocent citizens being targeted for torture and extermination must end. I pray the release of the upcoming Barr FISA report will expose at least the most recent incarnation of this rogue modern day death camp carried out Obama era rogue elements here in what I used to call the United States of America. Land of the Free Home of the Brave.

    1. Cheri

      God Bless you Bill! You have been through a living hell! It is ending as we clean up the energetic structure and free our DNA from the horrors of AI control. Sending you loads of energetic love for your healing! Thank you for sharing as it is important that we the people stay silent no more! 😘

      1. Brandon

        So scary. I had a friend that I made that was totally normal in the first few month’s, was going through a divorce and custody battle the mother was dating someone that worked in military higher up not sure but he began complaining of all of this stuff. As crazy as he sounded I believed him for some reason. He said he only had relief when he came to my apartment (wonder if the steel barrier wall covering half my apartment had to do with it), he tried sending emails to different govt agencies trying to get them to stop this guy and soon after he ended up freaking out stripped off his clothes and was in the street yelling and has been in jail ever since going on a year now. Some of the stuff he said was they made him almost crash his car making his body have extreme pain to where he couldn’t move, he had to pull over and walk they towed his car after that and never got it back, he said voices in his head and was telling him he was a pedo and he was followed and etc etc. he left a tape recorder in his apt and you could hear ppl whispering and rummaging through stuff when he wasn’t home he showed me another recording that you could hear really crazy sound disruptions. He was a really good nice person and an amazing dad from what I seen in the first couple months. The kids mom seemed like a witch so I imagine she was All for it. I feel so terrible for him I imagine he will never see his little girl now. I feel scared to even speak of him that the same will happen to me but can’t help but to voice his story to ppl bc if it did happen to me I’d want someone to believe me and speak up.

      1. dezrtwulf

        Having my cell phone electronically hacked into not letting me know if my comments are being posted. Sorry for any duplicate comments.

        1. Brian Hopkins

          Message received thank you. my emails tend to go straight into the intended recipient’s spam folders so I know the feeling. A think that has helped me is thanking my lifeforce, blood, cells, organs etc. Our imagination and intent is incredibly powerful – imagine a shield protecting you and sending all negative frequencies back where they came from.
          And this declaration was a massive help. It made things get a little wild for me at first but I’ve spoken to others who said it started to help them immediately – it sends the karmic consequences back where they belong. https://www.sovereignki.com/declaration-of-non-consent

          1. traceeee

            Been through similar experiences. The thunping noises in your home can be from the technology and/or demons. Black magic is done a lot of times amongst the gang stalking. This is not to say all are satanists, many are but a lot are not. They are all though puppets of satan and this is pretty close to the bottom line of why this is happening. We are in the end times and satan is taking these gang stalkers to hell with him if they do not surrender to God.

    2. dezrtwulf

      If no one minds I’d like to add a bit to my story. Firstly, I have been V2K’d, and RNM’d since the 90’s. In 2016 my brain was initiated into Obama’s DARPA mind control and surveillance program. My brain was mapped and downloaded into the Department of Homeland Security and National Intelligence Agency’s data base computer system and has since been joined with the C.I.A.’s Artificial Intelligence transhumanism compliance progam. I am now under 24/7 surveillance anywhere/everywhere I am in this world and am tracked by the national GPS Fusion Center Cell Tower systems that previously mapped and triangulated on my brain on a 24/7 basis delivering a constant dose of electronic torture 24/7. I cannot run, I cannot hide. I cannot escape anywhere where I cannot be reached by either cell tower torture or satellite torture, (whenever I am out of cell tower range). This link explains it very well. I recognized I believe one of Cheri’s quotes perhaps from this link or a similar one as well. As I stated originally on twitter, I could write a book on my life as an MK ULTRA/Targeted American as thick as War and Peace. If your brain has not been hacked and mapped you should thank Jesus Christ for sparing you that fresh hell.


      1. Cheri

        Brian you are exactly right talking to your DNA and cellular structure as commander of your vessel. Withdraw cellular resonance from all non organic timelines. Just stay strong you two as we are in the final stages of unplugging from this matrix so our lightbodies can fully activate and transmute any remaining interference coming in. I send my light to stand with you both to shield all quantum interference. So much love and respect for what you have been through and here you both are spiritually wake and aware omg!

        The whole grid was hacked and mapped and all our blueprints that we are reclaiming are stored there. This is why so many people are in zombie mode and still asleep as the brainwaves were controlled. Most people don’t even notice. Love you!

        1. traceeee

          Targted individual for years and kept seeing dna tests come up on computer. I took one and them and another one to figure out where my ancestors are from because i didnt know my father and mother died when. I was 5. I think i fell right into the hands of these ppl. But thoughout this horror i found the most incredible gift and that is God. He has saved me throughout many of the horrors of this organization.

    3. dezrtwulf

      For some reason when I wrote my initial comment it gave my name as I wished it to. However all my follow up comments are using the name “Dezrtwulf” which I used some time ago to make comments before going public. Just for purposes of clarity. Bill Cottle and Dezrtwulf are the same person.

      1. Cheri

        I finally figured that out Bill hahahaha! Are you in America or Sweden? I couldn’t tell as the link referenced Sweden but you alluded to being here in the Army? Not trying to get personal but did want to thank you for your service to our nation! Sending you love today as we are all together in oneness bringing heaven to earth once again within 😘

    4. christine

      Hi Bill!Im A Dutch woman and Ive been sleep deprived and tortured for three years now, perhaps before as well but well the nighttime madness has been going on since about three years…Beore this started I was approached via my YouTube channel wich was a whistleblower channel to join in some mind to mind venture with ex nsa people..i refused but was tortured from that moment on???they claim its the enemy attacking but I guess they were themselves involved and not really ex NSA…Im just a regular person nothing special as far as career goes…had a trerrible accident in 2009 wich left me handicapped for years in the sense that my body was not functioning properly due to damage to the nervous system and a near death..they didnt respect that at all and still attacked me every night…..inspite of the horror freak show I already endured….Im in a small town here since I came back to the Netherlands after my accident and noone ,really noone believes this is possible..What shocked me was that I recently told a friend that I have the ghosthouse sounds going on with the loud banging and clicking and doorslamming etc…in combination with the electronic harassment…..noone believed me..but now I know Im not the only one..I had not heared that one before thanks!!!!I have a lot of low frequency sound as well like bass…all night long……you find a solution and than they alter the scenario and its back.what I ind most diicult is that noone here has the slightest knowledge o whats happening to me ..or laughs it away..even my own ather wont believev me..actually noone does..and its 100 percent sure that Im a victim ever since I had my whistleblowerchannel on YouTube (called thebacktoindia)I am amazed daily about whats happening…..Im not working now ,have been through so much,it doesnt directly show on the outside but its soooo very hard….its cars involved cruising around the neighbourhood at night, its planes (Always)and everywhere I go Always right above me……its never ending bass, its friends dropping me all of a sudden,(I guess mindcontrol) very odd..they managed to take over when I was on Messenger, and I wrote some ridiculous things to people wich than makes them break of /end the relationship or friendship.I tried to convince some there was mindcoontrol involved but they laugh it away…a university degree doesnt help, they react just as silly to this TRUTH.sorry some o the targets mentioned in the article are not my cup o tea and clear akes i you ask me…so a risk coming on here…but still

  10. Brian Hopkins

    I’ve been a targeted individual in Ireland for the last 6 years. Directed energy weapons – thought to skull and sleep deprivation. I’m one of the lucky ones in that I can prove I am targeted – because there are nearly 150 videos of helicopter harassment on my youtube channel – these are just a tiny fraction of the actual number that have taken place. Here’s a fairly recent one that pretty much explains itself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsyUiaDYMaQ&t=1s
    On Thursday – a friend of mine who’s been targeted for a lot longer than me was arrested inside her own home by the corrupt Irish Gardai (Police) – has been locked up in ‘hospital’ and has had her phone confiscated,Two weeks ago she sent signed affidavits to everyone she knows saying her life was being threatened on a daily basis. I am desperately worried about her and ask everyone reading this to send her healing and strength. Her name is Laura and her youtube channel is called targeted in Ireland.
    Thank you for your time.
    Brian Hopkins.

    1. Cheri

      Gosh Brian, thanking both you and Juanita for sharing. I will send healing rays to Laura and Juanita’s family as well as you. You have described the symptoms of the dark night of the soul we are all going through as the quantum realms heal. I just want you to know you are probably experiencing, clearing and then collapsing all of your ancestral timelines as you are healing the DNA of your entire lineage. As the DNA is rebuilding and activating within you it brings stuff into our awareness. I was seeing shadowy figures following me. I went through this too with huge anxiety as I became aware of the mind control matrix and my thoughts were racing. I could hear them calling me an awakening suspect and couldn’t sleep for a couple years while going through this awakening as our brainwaves were being interfered with. Most of it is quantum awareness not really happening in the physical but it feels very real as we try to associate the meaning. The whole matrix is one big MK Ultra.

      I want you to know this quantum infiltration is almost over so stay strong just let those feelings flow through you to heal.

      Sending you all my love and energetic support! Asking for assistance in closing all dark portals and grid mutations over the UK. God bless Ireland and may we heal that land so that no lower vibrations of mind control may infiltrate or affect those that live there. Love to you both 😘

    2. traceeee

      The same thing happened to me. I was drugged and ritually abused in the hospital. Fast and pray for her. The hospitals are full of satanists. God can move mountains, and believe this for her. I found God throughout my torture and has given a bunch if incredible miracles throughout my gang stalking.

  11. Era Of Light

    I believe my daughter ,husband and cat are targeted .And I want all of this to end now for all being targeted against our free wills.I give authority to my Team of Enforcers to intervene on all who are unaware and to help even if they didn’t invite to help it is to protect and save innocent lives.And I have blocked and disarmed and made powerless every weapon and tools etc that they have to be broken that they use for destruction and everything against the Will Of GOD against my daughter children and animals and our DNA cannot affect us with weapons that don’t work.I am ending myself of being in the game!!END GAME 10/24/2019 I started this game and I have ended this game.I am the first and the last and all in the in between.So if I don’t exist then nothing will have exist either! I found GOD I found ME.And we all have new bodies and new DNA and new Earth.You cannot deny this truth of the matter of Love and Light rules the world and it gets brighter and brighter every second either they can surrender to it or not.Return to innocence.Enough is enough of the old game it is finished.BLESSINGS. ERA OF LIGHT(Juanita Ellis) Copyright ©2019 Era Of Light All Rights Reserved®😍

    1. Ed



      edspageusa eprospnet YouTube hyper expansiveness


  12. Cheri

    A lot of this is done with quantum technology in the hands of the ex Nazi’s who were distributed throughout the world after WWII. MK Ultra is horrific as practiced from the womb by the Illuminati but worse they drug these politicians and scientific, religious and cultural (sports, musicians and hollywood) icons and implant them with this technology to control them both here and in the quantum realms. Some wake up in compromising positions and filmed with children. I really feel for these people, they were not corrupted by choice and it has been hell for them to break the programming. The children were put into the secret space program where they trap and control their consciousness quantumly to play out these games on the matrix while still physically here but walled off in a small portion of their personality. It breaks my heart what all have suffered under this horrific infiltration.

    I woke up this morning seeing the timeline clearing of the frequencies that were being blasted quantumly into the consciousness through televisions. Mark Taylor aptly calls it Satan’s frequency. The great opiate of the masses. It is called “programming” for a reason. The clearing of this matrix quantum timeline will greatly accelerate the awakening as our omnipresent christed consciousness will no longer be affected by these frequencies and programming of disturbing stereotypes, low vibrational emotions and violence.

    We have to remember the matrix is one big holographic consciousness program. Mind control on a massive scale which is why it is so important that we clear as a template so the rest can rise. The majority will always raise to the highest level of consciousness we can obtain because we are one in omnipresent consciousness.

    We have dismantled most of the black magic grids quantumly so these souls were freed from the astral alters that bound their consciousness to this horrific abuse. As they reclaim themselves it closes the dark portals as there is no consciousness to hold the illusion in matter. It is a process that all must withdraw from as we are all source consciousness creating this fixed experience we have all bought into through these levels of programming and mind control.

    God bless all that have cleared their programming as the false flags are lessening and the assassination attempts are failing. They are exposing themselves on the world stage as most of the politicians are now coming out against the will of the people which shows how heavily they are implanted.

    God bless England as they are clearing the horrendous checkerboard grid mutation now and are the last of a huge domino to fall against the cabal.

    This astral fight and battle for timelines is not for the faint of heart, we need the love and lightholders equally too. We are an intricate team with unique skill sets and together we are getting this done on a massive scale now! 😘

    1. traceeee

      Mark Taylor is right on with satans frequencies. I actually felt my brain splitting with 6 weeks of massive abuse and black magic done to me by my husband and son. I did not mentally think i was going to make it through what they were doing to me. I held on tight to a prayer in a video to release heavens hosts and warrior angels by Mark Taylor while doing a month long fast. At the point i felt my brain splitting i was praying this prayer and felt God enter into my brain and with such love and warmth he pieced it back together in 5 seconds and my whole thought process changed. I have been through at least 15 years of being gang stalked and was microwaved 3 years ago. You can not get through this without God.

      1. Cheri

        So proud of you Traceeee getting through this! We are clearing all these implants and mind control horrors for our entire ancestral line and soul family in this lifetime. None of this will ever affect us again. I too like the rest of us here became aware of these implants and mind control technology as it is part of the awakening process or the unveiling of what was once hidden to begin the healing process. It took my inner team 6 months to pry off this giant helmet like octopus thing that was squeezing my brain. I became aware of the electrical, microwaves and scalar technology being used quantumly as well. It has taken several years to clear the various implants and dismantle this mind control technology. No one knew the extent of the infiltration until we came into the system this lifetime to investigate and heal it through our lightbodies. The horrors and biological weapons we have found in these quantum timelines was affecting all of us because it had mutated our omnipresence or christ consciousness. So give your self a big hug as we are almost free from the matrix. Sending you love, thanks for sharing your experience! Together we are healing the worst of it through for the unawakened collective. We are a team! Gods team! 😘

        1. traceeee

          During 2 1/2 week fast the week i was microwaved i felt what seemed to be like a rope about an inch thick snap in my throat. Few nights later same thing on left side of skull and tinier width on the right side of my head. Didn’t hurt at all. Pastor I was dealing with once I told him freaked out and quickly hung up phone when I told him. When they were visually putting horrible images in my head, before my mind had a chance to store the image in memory there was like a fireworks that went off and dissolved the image. Any thoughts?

          1. Cheri

            You know Traceeee this sounds exactly like the removal of the implants by your higher self and inner team. We are here to clear the DNA blueprints of our entire soul family and ancestral lineage which destroys the matrix as we heal the feelings and memories through. Some of it is ancestral memories of hangings and burnings and torture from these idiotic epochs of the crusades et.al. and just the brutality of what our ancestors went through. DNA holds consciousness. Consciousness lives on in parallel realities in this insidious matrix. So we are healing this dark matrix by withdrawing our cellular memories for our entire lineage of past lives and existences in all realms. This is the process. It’s like your lightbody entering that timeline and you becoming aware of or seeing images or feeling the energy to reclaim that part of your cellular memory still living there. Your ethereal self moves in to reclaim it and merge with it healing that memory which collapses that timeline forever to cellular memory. This is the releases you describe. The snapping etc. When the timeline collapses you feel the release of that cellular memory. It’s a complicated system. I had to learn as I went through it. One after another we are moving through every timeline to reclaim our biology and consciousness.

            Then there is stuff from these false timelines that was being run through our omnipresence or christed sub conscious in quantum timelines which was created by these dark fragmented Illuminati satanists which was was incredibly horrendous stuff. Beyond the horrors of what we now know is going on here. Just violence and horrific abuse of all living (and many unliving yikes) things. Like a horror show that we have been unaware of running through our collective subconscious mind because these dark ones are so sick they fragment their consciousness purposely starting in the womb with their Ultra technology. Since we are all source experiencing self we have to heal the spiritual realms so it can manifest here in the natural. This is the process and why we are here. It’s not for the faint of heart. This darkness was far beyond anything previously known and the sickness in these darkened souls was deep and hideous. Walled off and split consciousness through technology. We are healing for the collective and all those kids broken and fragmented through SRA and pedophilia then fragments of their consciousness was tortured and used to fuel the SSP. All this is being dismantled by us now. A lot of the pastors are under deep mind control as the churches are part of the satanic system.

            So that’s what I know Traceeee from my experience. Much like Mark Taylor I had these demons coming at me in the astral to heal through. It’s just tortured consciousness and living memories healing through. I have learned not to attach meaning to it and just let it flow through my light to heal. Heavy stuff but we are the experts on energetic healing. Gods warriors as the light heals all.

            I hope this helps with putting some of the pieces together to what you have been through. It took me 8 years to figure out what the heck was going on! I am always here to share if you like because it really helped me when another woman told me about the timeline clearing work and things started to click for me. Just know all is incredibly well! You know we have made huge strides in the spiritual realm when the chaos is moving through here in the physical and justice is finally at hand.

            Alot of us are now doing this to clear the excess for the majority of people who are still asleep. Its a lot of crappy stuff! Those microwave weapons you feel are in quantum timelines. Same with heavy metals, methane, flouride and pepper spray. Everything to keep vibrations low and keep the pineal glands from activating. The creator is dismantling this entire false structure and using our lightbodies and consciousness to heal it through. Love you! Hang in there, you are an energetic healer! 😘

            Ps: always here to talk to if it helps!

        2. bodhimoss

          Hi Cheri. Asking a question in this space because there was no reply button at the end of your discourse to traceeee below (12/11 @9:25 PM.) You wrote “Same with heavy metals, methane, fluoride and pepper spray.” I was just wondering about the pepper spray, what you were referring to.

          I so appreciated your comment to traceeee about DNA clearing work. I’m doing this also but could never put it all into words so clearly and succinctly as you did. Thank you so much!