5 Targeted Individuals Expose Shocking Electronic Harassment and Torture

serving the open mind eraoflightdotcomTargeted Individuals (TIs) are those who the Government (via the Military Intelligence Complex of agencies) has picked out to harass, assault and attack – with advanced forms of invisible electronic weapons.

This is the new form of 21st century mind control. Some targeted individuals have connections to the military (e.g. come from a military family) but others do not. Many are not activists or whistleblowers, but have had to become one just to survive.

These targeted individuals are being electronically stalked and harassed with DEW (Directed Energy Weapons, also known as Scalar Weapons, EM Weapons and Non-Lethal Weapons) which blast the victim’s head with electromagnetic radiation.

These assaults can insert ‘voices’ into people’s heads which they mistake for their own thoughts, can induce severe negative emotions (depression, suicidality) and can even cause paralysis and death.

Sadly, many targeted individuals are thought of as crazy and sometimes are thrown into a psychiatric ward just for speaking out publicly and exposing the truth of how they are being assaulted.

However, the phenomenon is conspiracy fact not conspiracy theory and is all too real. Even some government officials (e.g. this Polish minister) have admitted as much. What follows are 5 of many TI cases.

1. David Voigts

TI David Voigts is an ex-Navy officer and a whistleblower. He has been tortured since January 2012 and estimates he has lost a million-and-a-half dollars in unearned income since then because of the choices he has made. He served in Electronics Warfare.

During his service he heard a victim present her story of a non-consensual human experimentation program involving psychological warfare, electronic harassment, no touch torture and gangstalking.

This left a profound impression on Voigts; afterwards he intentionally got himself drafted into the program to understand it better – so he could help shut it down. Voigts has led campaigns to raise awareness about targeted individuals by walking across parts of the US.

He writes:

“The Targeted Individual program is a domestic torture program aimed at unsuspecting US citizens … the revelations about organized harassment perpetrated by certain groups in the Church of Scientology match the harassment campaigns aimed at Targeted Individuals.”

Voigts also points to the mind control technology used against US diplomats:

“Another great resource is the recent stories about the recent stories about the “health attacks” on the US diplomats in Cuba. It’s troubling that these diplomats are able to be believed and receive care, but the US citizens affected here in the states are not being listened to, and their pleas for help are dismissed as mostly delusional.”

2. Katherine Horton

Targeted Individual Dr. Katherine Horton is a scientist who studied physics at Oxford University, where she obtained her Masters of Physics and then went on to get her PhD. She is a high energy physicist and system analyst. She worked for years at CERN in Geneva. She has been gangstalked by Military Intelligence agents.

She reveals how she has to shield herself in the cellar, put aluminum and mylar all around the inside of her apartment and at times literally sleep in a metal bathtub to protect herself against the ongoing electronic harassment with EM and scalar weapons. These weapons easily penetrate other materials such as wood, brick and concrete.

She runs the informative website Stop007.org. She defines electronic harassment as microwave mutilation. She has been outspoken in her attempts to stand up for her rights and the rights of other TIs by taking the various Military Intelligence agencies (MI6, MI5 and GCHQ) to court in Britain, as well as meticulously cataloging the British, German and Swiss agencies (and the people involved) who are perpetrating this against her.

In May 2017, she found out that she had been covertly implanted with military bio-technology and neurotechnology. Her antidote to all this invisible abuse is make fun of everything and laugh at these manipulators as she exposes them. For protection, she suggests TIs cover their home with paint containing metal particulates of aluminum and copper (cooper is better but costs 10 times more) as well as using mylar.

As Katherine says:

“The only real threats to national security in the world are the military and the intelligence agencies.”

3. Karen Melton-Stewart

Another ex-NSA whistleblower who has stepped forward to reveal what truly goes on at the Nefarious Spying Agency, Karen Stewart became a TI after she learnt how the US military intelligence agencies were involved in 9/11, but her superiors told her to keep quiet.

She was verbally abused and shouted at before polygraph tests so she would deliberately fail. She was blocked from promotions, stalked and harassed. She also had her house electronically bugged (which knocked out her microwave).

She affirms that technologies like V2K (Voice to Skull) are real. She reveals how the NSA stalks and harasses journalists, who then became too scared to report anything negative (or anything at all) on the NSA.

Interestingly, she highlights how mass shooter Myron May (who killed people at Florida State University in a November 2014 mass shooting) was another TI mind control victim who told many people before the mass shooting (and his subsequent death) that he was “hearing voices in his head.” May even wrote letters explaining this before his death and sent them out to many people.

Even the MSM reported this; for instance, here is NBC:

“He believed government “stalkers” were harassing him and using a “direct energy weapon” to hurt him. He said that he had sent packages to 10 people that would “expose” what he thought was happening to him … His social media activity revealed that he believed he was a “targeted individual,” the term used by people who think the government and shadowy gangs are attacking them with mind control and invisible, remote weapons.  (…)

In an email he sent at 11:19 p.m., [May] wrote: “I’ve been getting hit with the direct energy weapon in my chest all evening. It hurts really bad right now.” Police say he opened fire on campus about an hour later.”

May was a young Assistant District Attorney. Before his death, he reached out to author Renee Pittman who went on to write a book about May and the shooting, The Targeting of Myron May: Assistant DA Pushed Over the Edge. In the description for that book, it says:

“A gifted young Assistant District Attorney’s tragic end after opening fire at Florida State University’s Strozier Library, just after midnight, November 20, 2014, injuring three and his quest for “Suicide by Cop.”

The suicide letter excerpt…

“My deepest regret is that I did not make a more diligent effort of documenting my experiences as a targeted individual along the way; however, this document is my feeble attempt at recounting my experiences thus far.

“First off, to anyone that may read this document, take a brief moment to pray for my soul. What I am about to do I have deep regret for; however, I feel that my options are extremely limited. Because I am a targeted individual, everything has been taken away from me. I have literally been robbed of life through psychological, financial, and emotional hardship…”

Another obvious example of the mind control-mass shooting connection is Aaron Alexis (who did the Washington Navy Yard shooting in September 2013). He also claimed that he was hearing voices in his head. You can read more about the link between mind control and mass shootings in a previous article here.

4. Mariana Maritato

Mariana Maritato is yet another brave TI who has been mercilessly attacked through various forms of electronic harassment and torture. She has been the victim of sexual assault (remote stimulation of forced orgasm, including many zaps to genitals and anus, which feels like electrocution).

Pornographic images of pedophilia are beamed into her head, and she has to open her eyes to stop it, even when she is sleep-deprived. V2K technology is being used against her.

Like other TIs, she discovered synthetic nanotechnology (HSP72 [Heat Shock Protein] human tumor cells) had been implanted inside her body.

Some of the effects of this daily torture include the following: reduced lung capacity, being forced to bite herself, tooth pain (like a root canal), bloated belly and forced burping (so she can’t eat properly and lost weight), developing a 3-inch cyst in her right breast (benign, but they [V2K perpetrators] threatened to turn it tumorous) and planted/manipulated dreams.

The electronic harassment and abuse has changed her life such that she can’t drive or hold down a full-time job; she is in continuous survival mode. Watch her testimony to the ITNJ (International Tribunal for Natural Justice) which is backed by lots of evidence and detail.

5. Barbara Hartwell

Ex-CIA agent Barbara Hartwell worked for 25 years in the CIA as an investigative and intelligence analyst. She is a mind control victim and childhood survivor of MK ULTRA.

In this video clip she shares how she started getting attacked right after she “broke her programming” and started to go public in 1994. She woke up and realized she was living a double life. She was being used by the CIA to disseminate New Age propaganda with the purpose of confusing and distracting people – and as she puts it to bring in the New World Order.

In the video she sits next to Brice Taylor, a famous mind control victim who like Cathy O’Brien was used as a mind-controlled sex slave to service the highest officials in the US and beyond.

Hartwell emphasizes how Ted Gunderson (ex-FBI agent who became a tremendous investigator uncovering mind control, pedophilia and Satanism) was a great friend who helped her.

Hartwell talks about how she was attacked every single day. Sometimes she was tailed or followed; sometimes she encountered agents in her life posing as someone else; her phone was tapped; black helicopters flew over her house; and she received death threats. She reveals how she was hit with exotic weapons, which she describes as laser weapons and microwave pulse weapons, which sometimes knocked her unconscious.

There Are Thousands of Targeted Individuals All Over the World

There are so many targeted individuals that a plethora of articles and books have been and could be written about them. I have previously written about whistleblower and TI Bryan Kofron in the article Total Individual Control Technology: Insider Exposes How You & Your DNA are Being Targeted. The point is that the technology is way beyond what the average person comprehends.

Ex-CIA engineer Robert Duncan has done an outstanding job in coming forward and exposing the true state of current technology, much of which he knew about from firsthand experience since he was involved in constructing it. Duncan mentions all sorts of scary-sounding terms such as the Voice of God weapon, OIW (Offensive Information Warfare), brain nets, EEG heterodyning, synthetic telepathy and the cybernetic hive mind.

Speaking of EEG heterodyning, this term is also used by whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei (who sued the NSA in 1992) who claimed:

“NSA personnel can dial up any individual in the country on the Signals lntelligence EMF scanning network and the NSA’s computers will then pinpoint and track that person 24 hours-a-day. The NSA can pick out and track anyone in the U.S. NSA agents in remote offices can instantly identify (using Remote Neural Monitoring or EEG Heterodyning) any individual spotted in public who is in contact with surveillance subject.”

“With special EMF equipment NSA cryptologists can remotely read evoked potentials (from EEGs). These can be decoded into a person’s brain-states and thoughts. The subject is then perfectly monitored from a distance. NSA personnel can dial up any individual in the country on the Signals Intelligence EMF scanning network and the NSA’s computers will then pinpoint and track that person 24 hours a day.”

EEG stands for electroencephalography (an electrophysiological monitoring method to record the electrical activity of the brain), and to heterodyne is defined as ‘to generate new frequencies by mixing two or more signals’, so roughly speaking, EEG heterodyning (aka EEG cloning) is sending frequencies to the brain to modify and replace the existing ones – and thus get someone to think, speak and act in alignment with the new sen frequencies.

Nick Begich, expert on HAARP and related topics, has explained in simple terms how the mind control and emotion control) technology works. You modulate a signal that the brain locks onto to. Then, the brain recognizes it and begins to mirror it (following the frequency via call-and-response).

Once brain rhythms change, a chemical cascade is created within the brain which subsequently changes the emotions. In this way, people can remotely made to feel emotions which they would not have otherwise felt.

Time to Accept the Phenomenon of Targeted Individuals

It’s time for humanity to collectively take their head out of the sand and face the reality of mind control, gangstalking and electronic harassment.

According to one TI man, EVERYONE is a target. Prisoners and veterans get hit the worst with electronic harassment. It has been reported that 70% of TIs are women with advanced education (e.g. university degrees). How much more evidence do people need to accept the existence of this phenomenon?

Solutions to Stop the Harassment, Abuse and Torture

It is important to note there is something you can do about this if you are a TI. You can join a group or organization dedicated to supporting TIs, such as the Surveillance and Harassment Survivor’s Alliance. Katherine Horton has a victim affidavit collection system. There are materials to stop the electronic bombardment – there were 3 mentioned above (e.g. mylar, aluminum, copper) but there are surely many more for those who research and experiment with it.

Finally, it is crucial to always remember that the power of human spirit, will, mind and consciousness is more powerful than whatever mind control technology the NWO controllers are aiming at people. For those of us who are not targeted individuals, we owe it to those who are being tortured to spread awareness about it in the hope that we can stop it – sooner rather than later.


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  1. "T"

    Anyone know how to build a website or make YouTube?
    Documents of Public interest information as to Who; Techonogy ; evidence as to use by UK GCHQ etc.
    World wide phenomenon ( Telecommunications fraud) as in US Diplomats Cuba and China.
    Full information had

    1. Tony

      No. But someone else here may that follows the website. Seeing you are in the UK they have terrible spy powers but they allow you to file a complaint and request an investigation to the IPT or the Investigatory Powers Tribunal with a T1 and T2 complaint form seen here:

      There are things you can do.
      If you think you have a rfid chip you can buy or build a emp generator. The smallest emp gerator will cook a chip. You can find it at wikihow three ways to build an emp generator. You can by a chip reader but usually they isolate them to pets.
      Personally I think its supernatural or aliens. We live in a ghost world. You should watch spirits talk about ufos and aliens. Here it is:

      If the youtube link is bad it is because I have to hand type it. The I and Ls are the same.
      good luck

  2. Tony

    Thank you for allowing me to post the comment. Be aware a lot of this is a money scam, attention seekers, opprotunist, and done for pure sadistic pleasure.
    You have to be careful whn xou trust. I went to Targeted Justice website, they urged Targeted people to register for their lawsuit. They claimed the billion dollar lawsuit could amount to $16 million per person in line with the 911 lawsuit. I followed the website directions and registered and received a nasty letter back saying that I must be confused that there was no lawsuit.that I was denied because it is only challenging the governmet program. The lecture wasnt brief, it went on in a lecture format. So I revrned the letter to inform then that they were liars. So I went to Targeted Justice lawyers website, http://www.fightingmonarch.com, he is advertising his billion dollar lawsuit for Targeted Justice. I post a comment that Targeted Justice claims theis no lawsuit. He covers it up. Refuses to post my comment or anx comment from me on any subject. Total ban and complete censorship to silence me. So I contact other people. Katherine Horton. She stays silent. Knowing I just uncovered a corrupt money scam I contact the Texas legislature and request they stop the lawsuit. I also contact the NSA to give them a warning that US tax payers are under assualt by a money scam operatioo riding off us misfortunate real victims.
    A major problem is the money rachet involved in this and we have to protect the real ti’s and the US tax payers that are being targeted by corrupt orginisations.
    Everyone should be aware. While the lambs are looking for help, the wolves are there offering assistence.

  3. Jim

    I’m a TI. Who can help us? Everyday i feel will be my last and I feel like i will be punished for this. Please give me some direction.

    1. Tony

      It could be alien slow kill to take over the earth.If that is true they are using a slow kill take over by utulising time like two hundred years to work into our bodies, our system and kill off while creating a full capture without combat. It could be very advanced Artificial intelligence that people just aren’t aware of yet.
      There is the gouernments and they abuse power and spy, but they are just human. They dont make a lot of money, the dont have time to watch you, they need sleep, the have to make meals, they have TV time, computer time, they have to take care of kids and take them to school, they have other activites. So the majority of government are low paid occupied with daily stuff, so they probley dmt try to bake you and listen to your thoughts.
      There i believe we have to consider other sources so we dont destroy ourselves.
      Try to stay calm. Irrational behavior will result in calamity.
      You’ll need to be patient, as hard as it gets the thing troubling you wants you to react.
      My problem is terrible and there is nothing I can do but to figure it out. .

  4. Uni corn

    My name is Carly but I go by uni, I just wanted to thank you for speaking out! The family of T.I.sT.I.s is many, scattered around the world but our common expeirence makes us one. I don’t want the people who do this to go through the TORTURING like we do, violence begats violence and where does it end?!! I still take the same stand(EXEPT when venting my anger) ” I love you but hate how you treat me” some people are just sadists, they are who they are, we are all genetically engineered differently, not our fault but it is our responsibility. We have to find out what is it in our genetic makeup that makes us a target for being or falling victim to such practices, and fix it. I love y’all have a wonderful day and remember just because we were victimized we are not victims, we are overcomes and special!!! We survived what many wouldn’t and didn’t, let’s let our circumstance and situations make us stronger, not let it handicap us for OUR FUTURE!!!! SO MOTE IT BE

  5. Tony

    It’s debatable. The people listed above. One wanted almost two million. Its a dog eat dog world and he did a go fund me with thousands of dollars received from people. Katherine Horton is uneer the gun by the new polical party. The Targeted party. Here she is listed as working for the secret intelligence.
    If the link is wrong I use cell. I can not see my typing. Mostly a guess. The yound woman listed has thoughts of minors. She works with minors. She became physicly attrative. Not unusual. Not nessiarly a target program. Nazis and the like refuse sex. Although the AI hit thd target. The NSA female may be mentally incapible of doing the progran. Looking for people, ordinary people who fail. The Hillary Clintm female MKultra was company with Brice Taylor of the book Thanks for the memories. She had sex with dolphins for actor Stelvestor Stalone, swam the ocean for secrets for Bob Hope. And had multipersmality disorder. She invisimf the Jackson Eive getting raped by a big man before concert. So after her no one is left but you all and me. I am a real Targeted Individual.and most of my life. People hate me. But AI is a constant part of my world. People the cyborgs and non cyborgs, the alien connection, the God connection. But the people above are profiteers or im certain they wouldnt be here..


    I am a recent target and unsure how to navigate with all of this surveillance online. I can’t get anything done. I don’t know where to put the little money I have left. I’m in Monroe, Louisiana and wish I wasn’t.

  7. phil

    There is a big problem in the UK with the intelligence services. They work together with the banks when your money is stolen and they protect only the banks and the intelligence services. GCHQ MI5 are all part of the New World Order kill programme. They will follow you until you are dead. They will steal all of your evidence to protect the banks, not you.

  8. Eric kintz

    Who do we talk to to get in the t I group ,why is lawyers like jay sacloth not speaking out,why is people like trump teed Cruise and others not confronting this

  9. Matthew James Simoneaux

    Folks its our own governmCurrenlty as of 6/26/2022 i have been tortured by the FBI through a device in my ear that was put there by a CIA agent. How do i know this. well at first i just thought it was skitzo thing due to a semi past life i didnt like. Well I wake up on day to a women claiming ty we planned all this. Now for year and years a lot more other things happened to me like hearing Joe Biden come across my room on one of my electronics. So after this women, about 5 foot 5 african american short shaved hair due claimed thank you we planned all this. well little did i know a CIA was teaming up with a one Bishop TD jakes to help me with my situation. I didnt know all this until they explained with thier never ending arguing across the the bluetooth headset and my mothers raidio i had just moved in my room. There also was a drone flew ten feet above my coworkers head. me and my mother both heard a phone virating in our roof. Well in my left ear there is apparently some kind of speaker wire connnect to my nervous system that can read my throught i beleive. So instead of the FBI doing thier job and coming to help me and my family out. What do they do. They use this device to play a craz high pitch breath taking, headache making, body shaking , nausea forming sounds through it at such high level ffor extreme long periods of times. It make you want to throw up and you cant breath at timeds. your body will shake so badly at times you feel like your going to just pass out. Also they can put this device in your roof , tv antenna and just about anywheres and they will hide in a remote location and just torture your for hours. Personally I think they will and have been doing this to people for a long time. ive tested there limits out and there is non. they do not care. im sure there have been suicides and mass murders causedd by these people and now they are trying to kill me and my brother. I never really believed in conspiracy theroies and never though the FBI coulld do this to people on US soil. But they can and they will. I even tried to cooperate wioth them by doing what they indirectly asked me to do and nothing seems to make them come. I dont know all the laws out theare but i just want anyone to know that thesee devices you are talkig about are real and they are used by our government. The CIA gentkement seems to have a good heart but just made a grave misstake trying to protect bishop td jakes. But the FBI are out to kill people. i promise you that.

    1. Donna

      I am a targeted individual. Satellite constant emf . Elevated heart rate. They are trying to kill me.

  10. Brian nunley

    I am being targeted as I type this I have had my lungs shut down my kidneys stopped voice to skull voices that just won’t stop. Tooth aches everyday. Can somebody please help me. My phone number is 276-477-3174 and my email is briannunley08@ gmail.com

      1. Craig Weaver

        I can tell you the active part in the system is like a punch in the face obvious. Kidneys boiling, hands vibrating, memory instant bad, tumors, tooth loss, groin attacks, over stimulated, what feels like acoustic attacks all over body, hair loss, accelerated skin aging…just to name a few. It’s very malicious. It feels driven by an unbalanced, insecure person. I’ve lost my kids, financials, and life. The cruelty is hard to explain. That doesn’t include the social, and media attacks. All happen at the same time. It seems like a Ccp wet fantasy. Sadly the ccp probably does not need to invade, we have shitty traitorous people here who would carry out their agenda. I prefer love and reason over the negative but unfortunately much of this technology has been handed over to the more base in nature.

      2. Alicia Kraker

        Stephen, I’m in NYC, and am a targeted individual. I developed a mass in my right breast, and am afraid that it will be malignant. They were driving me to want to commit suicide, and they showed themselves to my somewhat new boyfriend. He didn’t believe me until he moved here with me back to NYC, from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Now it’s all too real. Please someone help me with some groups, support groups, or Something! I can’t keep doing this alone anymore. It’s been really hardcore for the past 1.5 years. I appreciate any help.

        1. John S

          The pain is all being done via cell phone towers ,micro wave,laser pinpoint accuracy, any part of your body and stay their regardless of movement, the kicker is it being done by multiple towers they can do this up to 20 some miles away ,you block one signal from a tower they hit you with another maybe 2, been a ti for awhile now, learn alot been through alot,there isn’t much that will stop it metal shielding will lessen the pain but not fully stop it ,their is one thing that works fairly well if know what direction its coming from is infra-red signal most remote controls use this ,but like I said they are using lots of towers.

  11. K

    Clearly testing for the “Space Force”. I wonder how long before it’s destroyed…..only 70 years for Babylon since the destruction of Jerusalem in 1947. So, pray we’re almost there. 2024 at the very latest. 70 years + 7 year tribulation. So imagine if they add the vaccine…are we on the verge of them launching it “worldwide”?

    1. Bill

      I’ve been targeted for the last 25 to 30 years I have moved 4 times 3 different states and everywhere I go no matter where it is it still continues to this day. It goes with you no matter where you move to. Seems to me that there is no place on earth you can go to get away from this horrific crime against humanity. I have used just about everything that is suggested for shielding and it still continues. If anyone has any suggestions to get some relief please reply.

  12. Eric kintz

    I have been tortured for years my dogs tortured and killed,what can I do to expose these sychopaths and y hasn’t any body in places of influence done anything about it,it’s hard to make it thru each day,I want to expose them ,but if I can’t I will leave this country and go to Fiji to preach the gospel xz please give me info who to contact