Twin Soul Ascension Report; Sun and Mercury in Scorpio; Time for Deep Healing

twin flames eraoflightdotcomDearest brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of time with much news to share with you as ever.

There are so many huge shifts taking place currently behind-the-scenes at the moment on a collective level that it may seem as though The Dismantling of the old 3D matrix is taking a very long amount of time, but it is important to know that there is a very important reason for this, and this is because if humanity was to truly grasp the scale of the agenda of the previous nefarious rulers who used to govern over our world and the scale of the atrocities that they have perpetuated in the name of domination and control, this would cause an unprecedented level of trauma and mental imbalance for many many souls in the Collective. Therefore It is important to know that the timing of this aforementioned dismantling has been strategically planned for a long time now and truly the Timeline of the Old paradigm of patriarchal elitist rule is in the process of spectacularly collapsing.

We are living in unprecedented times, and these are the days we have all been waiting for and we are the ones we have all been praying for. It is important for everybody to understand that as the Old 3D paradigm matrix system collapses this can appear to be intensely messy and destructive, much the same as when one is moving home. The collapsing of the old structures can be viewed as chaotic and disorganised but it is very important at this conjecture in our personal and collective evolution that each of us individually remember to focus our attention on building the new 5th dimensional culture of Unity consciousness, eternal love and the recognition of the divinity of all, and Prioritise placing all of our attention on the exciting prospects of creating the new higher dimensional Golden Age, as opposed to obsessively monitoring the said demise of the powers that ‘were’.

We would like to take a moment now to send a specific message to the Divine feminine. Dearest beautiful beloved sisters it is absolutely imperative now that you stop waiting for the Divine masculine to come and save you and whisk you away on his White Horse. Despite the lies that have been said to you, the truth is you are the spiritual leader in the new paradigm of sacred relationships, and this requires you to fully and completely awaken and liberate yourself out of the old patriarchal Matrix which has deeply indoctrinated the feminine to be in the vibration of passivity, receptivity and waiting for the Divine masculine to take the lead sexually and in terms of initiating this new paradigm sacred Union.

Beloveds This cannot be reiterated enough – each individual feminine reading these words is being invited now to finally free herself from one of the deepest illusions patriarchy has enforced upon her, that She must take a disempowered stance in the realm of sexuality and sacred union.

Brothers and sisters this is a lie of the highest order and is what has kept our collective Consciousness locked into the illusionary third-dimensional matrix patterning. Please know nothing could be further from the truth, the Divine feminine is the leader in terms of sacred sexuality and the initiation of the hieros gamos rite of passage.

We are living in a time whereby virtually every single soul on this earth is experiencing some form of sexual trauma or another. For many of us truly Awakened Souls, we feel the atrocity every single time a child is violated, Every single time a woman or any vulnerable person is violated. We are all microcosms of the macrocosm and our genitalia and pelvic area and Womb spaces hold the scars and imprints all of these memories of violation. Our pelvic areas also hold the memories of all of our ancestral traumatic experiences as well as our past life and karmic traumatic sexual experiences, that we have all incarnated to fully clear heal and atone.

We are sharing this with you now so that you can experience a fresh perspective with regards to you and your relationship with your sacred sexuality. It is time now for all of you who are reading these words to truly accept the fact that you are priests and priestesses of the highest order, who have incarnated specifically to be successful in clearing all imprints of sexual violation on a micro and macro level. Therefore it is imperative that every soul reading these words make a decision now to shift their relationship with their sexuality from being one of their being primarily focused on how can I get, or indeed how can I be satisfied,  to the viewpoint of how can I serve and how can I heal my beloved and assist him to atone for all the memories of sexual trauma that he is carrying in his sacred sexual areas.

This message is so powerful for many of you on the twin soul path who are perpetually waiting for your twin soul to stop running or to recognise you. Sisters we have a message for you, your divine twin soul Union has been decreed to take place by the highest forces of light, in accordance with a specific timeline destiny that you, and your twin soul have agreed on whilst sat at the feet of Mother Father God.

For some of you, this timeline destiny could be in one year or 2 years from now, but this does not mean that you are not destined to have a sacred Union with another soul if your twin soul is not ready to jump in the White Fire of your devotional love at this time.

Please know beloveds there are many now who are aligning with what could most appropriately be turned ‘preparatory’ twin flames, these are souls who hold virtually identical soul signature resonances to your vibrational counterpart, and who are indeed near twins/catalyst twins/soul mates of the very highest order.

Dearest ones, if you take heed of this message and stop waiting for the Divine masculine to whisk you away on his White Horse and finally truly step up as the empowered divine feminine that Mother Father God created you to be – fully aware that you hold the codes to restore and fully heal your own relationship with your own sexuality and all of the sexual Stargates in your body through the restoration and Remembrance of your own Innocence, then dearest ones will you be able to skillfully walk, sing, and stroke your divine masculine (who Mother Father God has sent to be with you now) home.

The energies are now building up towards the 11:11 portal and we are very excited to announce that the 11:11 transmission will take place on the 11th of November at 8.08 p.m. UK time.

In this transmission, we are being very strongly guided by our Arcturian ascension teams to assist the galactics who are working tirelessly to anchor the gift of Free energy, and the releasing of tachyon healing beds for Humanity.

These are off-planet so-called ‘alien’ Technologies that have been gifted to humanity and are waiting in the higher planes to fully be implemented into the grid of planet Earth. We are being guided by our ascension teams to come together in large numbers on this portal date to enable the anchoring of this powerful important and life-changing technology for Humanity.

As soon as both of these gifts ground down into our collective field, every soul on earth will live in abundance and will be free of all aches pains and imbalances in their physical and emotional Fields.

It is so important that as many brothers and sisters as possible come forward to be part of this transmission-  the more of us that gather together, the Swifter we can implement these shifts in the collective consciousness for all of our brothers and sisters, and for all of the generations to come.

It is our greatest honour to gather with you and share these powerful and important messages.

We pray that you receive these messages, take heed and make the necessary shifts that your higher self is wanting you to make.

There are so many Souls who are in desperate need of healing now and who are in desperate need to to be held by one who truly has remembered and claimed their eternal Innocence as a son and daughter of the most high – Mother/Father God.

In love and eternal light Jen ji and The White Wolf Tribe.


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