The Rainbow Angels: You Are A Gift To The World

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomWe are the rainbow people of the inner planes, of inner earth, of the inner realities that you can not yet conceive of in entirety. We see you as rainbow prisms reflecting and refracting the codes with vim and vigor. In our inner realm of the hidden lights that are soon to be revealed we see energy in rainbow hues. We are angelic in nature, as are you, many of you reading these messages, you are filled with tremendous light. Your sacrifice, your offering up of your very presence is a gift to the world, to this universe and beyond to the All.

The All That Is encompasses what your limited human knowledge and understanding cannot grasp. Such is the veil that is being rended, pierced through. We see with the rainbow eyes of clarity. We hold all the colors of the rainbow and beyond, the colors that you do not yet have words for in your reality, your experience. For just as your sights have been limited your perceptions too have remained within a very limited light spectrum. This is one of the perks of ascension that your colors come truly online. For in reality your chakra system is spinning and breathing light that is all interconnected. The chopped up version of your current chakra system is being remedied, expanded, so that such will be a complete and lovely rainbow of light colors on your being, your field.

We are the Rainbow Angels. We delight in meeting with you for we work with the colors. You are drawn to certain colors for a reason. We enjoy calling out from certain light spectrums. Currently we are showing this one a pale turquoise of the most intense green. Yet again, you have not seen much of this color. The Andara Crystals feel us. We work with the Andara crystals most closely but in truth we work with all the crystal kingdoms with vim, vigor and joy. For much healing can be based through color. Hence you work with the violet flame of St Germaine, the blue flame of Archangel Michael the great healing rays of Archangel Raphael and so on. Master Sananda is a lovely Magenta ray. Colors abound in the higher realms. Colors speak if you listen. They hold certain healing frequencies of joy and bliss. In the higher realms they glow for all is alive, all is an expression of Source and all is most joyful to behold in the higher realms.

We are the rainbow warriors, workers, angels of the rainbow way. We see you as the rainbow warriors for truly you are doing much light work wherever you go. Soon your auras will become even more brilliant. Your smiles light up the world. Truly you are God’s gift to us, to the universe for your very precious presence is a gift. And so we say thank you, truly. Thank you. We bow our heads in service. We encourage you to extend frequencies of color, of healing into your surroundings. When you see someone in pain send them color. Send them light with the intention of healing. Send them this and we will be alerted to extend our energies of healing as well to this individual. Coat Gaia in light. Coat all upon her in light. Send the light. For the exhale of the great central sun waits not much longer. We see this as imminent, but again, friends, we are outside of time and so keep the expectations high for healing, for light, for love to transform your world and watch it transform moment by moment.

We are the Rainbow workers, keepers of the rainbow light. We work deep within Gaia’s crystal heart with unending passion and purpose to further ignite her crystal light. We see this light, extending to the prisms of light upon her form, we see you as the crystal prisms catching and spreading these rainbow bursts of bubbles – of light – that erupt into yet more joy and smiles all around! We hold the embodiment of laughter! Of joy! We are the Rainbow angels of deep inner earth, of Gaia’s crystal heart. Be at peace children, warriors, friends. We love you. We are the angels.


» Shared per request via email » Channel: Galaxygirl