Athena: What is War?

we are one love eraoflightI am Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and War

So you ask, what does wisdom have to do with war? This is a good question. You have lived lives on earth where war was created and it was anything but wise. However touted as such, with strategic moves and daring takeovers of strategic points, it was nothing of the sort. Your people have been deceived, fooled into thinking that this is what war is. It is not. It is annihilation of your people, done in such a way as to trick you into believing you are fighting for a benevolent cause, with a benevolent outcome.

Have you seen such an outcome? Has war actually abated on your planet? We think not. It continues unabated, year after year, with your leaders creating more destruction and your people and precious Gaia paying the price.

This must stop. This is not war, as I say, it is annihilation of a species. Global genocide. Wake up and see this now.

The true meaning of war is the creation of change. Aligned with wisdom, the creation of this change is for the betterment of the all.

Your war propaganda is delivered to you in such a way because your warmongers realize that they must appeal to your sense of benevolence and caring for others in order to put their plans forward. So it is described as an act of benevolence, or peacekeeping. But in fact there are many campaigns to overtake territory of enemy extraterrestrials on your planet – the real reasons for these wars you have been involved in have been kept from you. You have simply been used as pawns. This is your planet and now it is time to take it back for yourselves. To become self determining again as your forefathers were.

This shall be no more. The Truth will be revealed. It is decreed.

Balance will return to your world. Love will be the prime energy, not hate. Your world will turn in its fortunes and we see this in the kingdom and proceed with all the plans to create this.

You are our receivers. Receive our love and send it out to the others who so sorely require it. You are like your lightning rods – receiving the high voltage energy and grounding it through the surface. You are powerful enough to hold these energies and are becoming more empowered every day. It is sweet to see this.

Your world will return to Eden. It is foretold and this is happening now. God has decreed that your planet return to a planet of peace and of loving one another and so it shall be.

Use your energy wisely. Do not attack the other because to attack is an act of what you call war. It is an attack on another that hurts both you and they. Your world needs healing and in healing yourselves, you can heal the other also.

I am Athena. I loved your planet so long ago, and I have now returned.

YouTube: SharonandIvoofVega