Angel Messages: Walking You Through The Fire

angel messages eraoflightdotcomYou can’t ever be alone. The simplest way to convey this to you now is to say that all are always surrounded by angels, by ever-present nonphysical help. How you think of others, their strengths, and their access to ever-present help, is a reflection of how you think of yourself. Do you see yourself as truly supported and loved at all times?

We invite you to notice the sense of struggle whenever it arises. The sense of struggle comes from an idea of aloneness. If you are attached to an idea that a separate one must forge ahead and make things happen, you are seeing yourself as alone and unsupported. When the sense of struggle arises, stop. Know that in this moment you are perfectly placed to allow distorted thoughts of aloneness and struggle to be replaced by thoughts of all-oneness and flow. In fact, when struggle is keenly felt, you are looking directly at the block you hold up to escape love. In this moment, you can agree that blocks are not and never have been necessary. You can surrender that block.

The sense of struggle comes from the idea that there are forces that can dominate you. The forces that seem to be able to dominate a separate you are always imagined. Think of the seeming presence of those forces in the mind. Think of how they feel. The power you seem to sense around them is a false power, a false strength. It is entirely imagined. The mind is very powerful, and you can allow yours to be retrained. When a sense of struggle arises, it is your indicator that you believe in separate and destructive forces that are real. Belief brings experience. In the moment when you can see what you believe, you can allow light to occupy the space where the beliefs once seemed to be. More accurately, you can look through the unreality of those beliefs straight to the light that always is. This is the only force that cannot be dominated.

Whenever there is any sense of effort or trial, it is an indicator that you are identifying with a self of weakness, and you are making identities for all others on this basis. When you believe that your patience is being sorely tried, you are receiving an opportunity to see all selves as they truly are. Send out the call. Ask for what you really want: Please help me to see all selves as they truly are. All selves are conduits for the light, and it is entirely possible to see them that way.

When you hear of a catastrophe such as a fire, certain ones may come to mind, or just a general sense of ones having particular experiences. How you relate to them in mind is important. How you see them is how you see yourself. Do you see them as subject to a fire? Do you see them as bodies? Do you see them as weak and imperiled? Ask to see clearly. Instead of asking that ones be kept safe, ask to see the safety in which ones have always been held in the greatest love. As you ask to see, you invite the experience of it into your world.

We thank you for the opportunity to assist you into clarity. We are always here, and we love you very much.


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