Divine Feminine and Masculine Flames Burning as One From Within

feminine energy eraoflightdotcom.jpgIncredible high frequency light codes are flooding through and these will require the ability to allow, resistance will show up as blocked areas and appears to be hitting the higher chakras at first, headaches, sinus, tingles within the throat.

Secondary to this release the lower chakras begin to activate and again, any low frequencies held in these areas will show up as uncomfortable symbols which request your attention to allow the energy to pass through

Mental and Physical awareness is the key, understanding these energies are coming through and continuous focus on relaxing the muscles and stress collector areas.

The codes are beginning to unravel the movement we are next to take before Mercury Retrograde begins, a Retrograde that asks whether we are ready to take the shift or whether we are taking the loop to See self again, perhaps now is the time to ask, have you not seen enough? To re-enter is after all a choice to continue the path of death, a choice to reattach to mirrors already spent and a denial of the heart.

Is there really a choice?

Pallas conjunct Venus has us focused on relationships, Pallas conjunct Mercury assists us to understand the pattern of information and on the point of him turning Retrograde what enters now will be clear and precise instruction as to how we are led into his backwards dance.

This retrograde will take us out of the standard rule book, it is pure BUILD energy, and whilst the internal dialogue may well be trying to create the contradiction, the energy will support taking the next step so long as we are committed to dissolving what arises as we move through the next 3 weeks.

We have been talking about the importance of aligning to the internal guidance, listening and acting upon the requests of the physical and this is now fully active, it is the frequency of the next incoming portal for us to pass through.

The portal is accessible to harmonic frequencies of the Divine Feminine and Masculine flames burning as One from within.
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