The Blue Avians: We Have Followed You

blue avians eraoflightdotcomWe are the Blue Bird Collective. For a long time you have been too far down in the sluggish heavy energies for us to make contact with you. We have followed you in the distance. We are close to you because in the history of Gaia’s history we have worked closely together.

Our contact so far during this period has been to erase some memories with you. This is because when you have met Friends from your Soul family, the memories have sometimes been too negative for you. The essence of the meeting between you and your immediate family is Love, Oneness and your Mission at Gaia.

The great fear that you had until quite recently would otherwise have adversely affected your appearance. Now, when you can meet in consensus and know that all you did was a role-play created only to gather experiences for the Creator and the Universe, now you can meet in Love without our help. More than this way, to temporarily erase certain memories from your consciousness, we have not been allowed to act. The “blurring” has been done in agreement with your Higher Self.

We the blue bird creatures on the Blue Planet are infinitely far away from the likewise blue planet Gaia, we are all extremely happy and relieved at the fantastic event that we observe now happening on your Planet. With great Love, Gratitude and Appreciation from our group called The Blue Bird Creatures.


» Source » Channel: Kerstin Sisilla