A Crucial Time is Upon Us

we are one love eraoflightA crucial time is upon us as we unfold infinite possibilities and opportunities through these incredible energetic codes popping like bubbles from within, creating changes with so much transformational power that to resist creates the most powerful flush for the detachment to begin and yet to See becomes an expansive journey as we ride the rapids on our cosmic rafts, like white water rafting, it takes focus, it takes teamwork, it takes strength but most of all it is so enjoyable.

When focus aligns with the purpose of the all, when commitment is ONLY to become the lightest version of self, when we are prepared to release all and step into the Universal Flow and allow all to move and reform as is required for the incoming phase and we have learned how to support and stabilise all from within then the magic of creation begins.

And whilst you are fully aware of the disruption the heart lights the path and continues to feed through the symbolic messages, leaving a trail of light gems to follow and keeping the path a peaceful and harmonic experience.

I see the sea parting, the wall of waves raging on either side, the sound so incredibly loud as we take the path leading East, to the rising Sun.

Be aware of the WOW moments, the influx of adrenaline, cortisol, oxytocin all part of the addiction process, all un3cessary and more harmful than the toxins out there that many have come to fear. Bring focus to the awareness of high and low emotional reactions and begin to neutralise these in the wisdom that all is happening in Divine Order, everything now Saturn and Pluto have begun is happening in Divine Time and neither of these Father’s request we self sacrifice, repeat, loop, try…..their whisper is to trust, slow down, stay focused and be prepared to transform on request….your request, you see this has been what you asked for, you asked to rise, but in order to rise we must realise the expectation programs as we all, as humans, try to control and form and create from that space of lack, until it has been filled, from within and it is at that point what we manifest becomes the stuff we once thought was only created in dreams.

Gliding through these changes is done with ease once the attachment and 3xpectation is released, which comes so easy when you make light the priority, the need to push ceases and we realise the moment we know thyself, our place and our purpose then we realise everything happens naturally and it’s all only ever been about presence, it’s only ever been about energy and once we hold the utmost respect and we learn to be responsible then we learn to be The Master Builder which is after all the theme and energy of the incoming year according to our times and choice of calendar (obviously).

The theme of 2020 is to learn how this works and whilst many see chaos many more will see creation, because that is the spectrum we shall surf and those holding the respect and responsibility for the codes of this evolutionary phase will be lighting the paths, sharing the keys and guiding more through into the heart awakening experiences.

Today’s energy supports the release of old karmic ways/weigh those of you who have a copy of the module Karma Dogs I advise giving it a read over, many of you will be at the phase ready to be in pure gratitude for the experience as the emotional wave has now been truly spent, and no doubt you can see clearly why it once had to be that way, so from this space we can take a look at the resistance we once held and move into spaces of pure self forgiveness, we often at these points realise health issues we held at this time, that have since miraculously stopped and yet within that old timeline the ailments were loud, again, a moment for self love, forgiveness and a promise to self never to allow that energy to collect up again and should it ever be noticed again a solemn promise to listen and act, and then THEN we get to move into pure gratitude for the experience and all who showed up to make it possible, for you to finally see you.

Raise the frequency of the Mars square Pluto and see those transitions and give utter thanks and appreciation….which of course may just trigger another coming in but hey, you know it’s for your highest good now.

Now you KNOW

Sending so much love out to All 💙💙💙


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