Captain XIA of Sirius: You Have Risen

star family eraoflightdotcomIt is with great pleasure we can see that people have risen further in consciousness and frequency. With everything happening now for GAIA and the people in its ascent, this is a lot more than we expected. The energies that are downloaded to Earth are very strong and they come from the higher frequencies of the 9th dimension and higher.

We galactics can see that more and more people are sharing their past knowledge and wisdom from all their past lives on Earth and other star systems. It is very gratifying and hopeful that the ascent goes as planned for the people. It is a great and fantastic news that soon there will be light ships on the horizon that first appear as a cloud and then as a light to the people who can see. Eventually the ships appear to all people so that everyone can see them. After that there is not much left for a mass landing on Earth with our ships.

The galactics are very happy that the development is going so fast for humans and even Mother Earth. We are constantly working to send love energies to Earth and humans to reach as many people as possible. There are still many people who have no idea what is happening on Earth and that everything is changing as it goes. It is these people that we need to wake up and make them realize that everything has changed to a brighter and more beautiful Earth as well as a better life for all people.

It will be a great job for the light workers to get the people who have no idea what has gone on Earth and for GAIA. The ascent varies greatly for people who are in different high frequencies. Some people do not want something to change in their existence and they are happy with the 3rd dimension that they are in. Everyone will rise in frequency when the time is ripe for them.

The light workers do a fantastic job for us galactics but also for the people to be positive, loving and just spread their light to other people they come in contact with. It does not have to be any great achievements but merely being on Earth and spreading the light to as many people as possible. This affects the Earth and also the entire Universe.

The Galactics are also working to try to change the relationships with the people so that the meeting will eventually be as positive as possible. We know that many people are afraid of us galactics, but the only thing we want is to meet our brothers and sisters on Earth again. We have met many times before in our lives, either on some planet in our star system or on our light ships.

We are excited about this channel that can convey our messages to people about their ascent to higher frequencies.

Live in love with yourself and each other. Love is the only true thing.

Captain XIA and the crew

Big thanks …… In love I earn …… I AM


» Source » Channel: Inger