Saint Francis: Nothing Bigger

new earth eraoflightdotcomDear friends, there is no major news. This is the greatest of news, oh praised by God in height. The news that we are upgrading, is making an energy shift on earth, our beautiful blue gem in the universe. Nothing can be bigger than this. I say it over and over NOTHING.

Never before has it happened that you physically change shape to a crystalline base. Oh, if you understood how great it is dear friends. All the glances of the universe are upon you and our beloved GAIA. It’s like witnessing the greatest of births. In order for Gaia to be born again, every being on her body needs to be in the shift, from the smallest molecule to the southernmost imaginable being.

It crackles and crashes, boils over and boils of change and development and you hang with dear friends in the big wave. In the midst of experiencing chaos and destruction and war and evil, you are in peculiar peace, dear ones. Can you feel it? It is like a placenta of peace and blessing that Mother Earth and the spiritual sphere hold around you so that you can be born and travel into the new dimension.

Oh, how big it is dear you ,. blessed crust. No news of any kind can surpass this all-encompassing change. Even though you remain as you are with your basic personality who expresses one way or another. You are in the middle of it so it can be hard to see it. Verily I tell you that you are changing, the crust of the earth is changing, the animals are changing, the nature is changing, the weather is changing, your children are changing, your diseases and organizations are changing. Hoist the sails and follow dear you because it is so grand and wonderful what is happening, in the midst of all the drama created on the surface.

It heats up in the pit where we can see that the earthly is beginning to sparkle and sparkle. Spark of love and beauty that wants to penetrate, behind the hidden veils. The earth has gone through the dark night of her soul and it begins to brighten, with another clarity, a deeper wisdom and a new strength that all her beings need and now possess.

We who follow you sit on the first parquet and witness the most exciting adventure film. You are one of the main characters dear to you. Think I can follow you. This is magnificent.

Your most solemn Francis.


» Source » Channel: Beatrice Madsen