A Collective Cleanup Within & Without

earth the one eraoflightdotcom.jpgEvery morning the first place we should move is into the heart, at first it becomes a practice until the heart is the only place to exist in which we wake in the same space we fell asleep, the same space we drifted during our dream state because that space has now been entirely explored for the clearings that were once required, astral travelling becomes so smooth, it no longer is about ME and becomes entirely about WE, and the wisdom that can be brought back into this physical reality can either be oh so expansive, keys and gems, a completely new way of being upon waking, or simply unexplainable in this time, because the human hasn’t reached the ability to explain, there are no references, no foot holds, perhaps we can draw “it” but what use is a pattern, shape, machine or energy that feels something to the receiver but nothing to those they try to explain to.

I’m fully aware there is so much more sharing, teaching, giving, receiving, healing through expanding the awareness whilst we dream, it’s the best place, there is less resistance, I’m with those who I share keys with every night, and then within a few days those I shared with come into our space and talk about the shifts we worked on whilst in dream, nothing has been said in the physical, why bother, when you know, trust and have witnessed the physical reality form just days after the astral sessions, it makes me smile when they remember, it makes me smile wider when the physical expansion happens, when they pluck the AHA and begin the process of aligning to the next available frequency.

It’s magic, everything is simply magic and magic is the new baseline “norm” frequency.
Living in a world of magic 2as something we dreamed of, this now releases the key of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, I’ll have to tell you the story one time, about a little girl who fell in love with music from this song, at one of my Father’s Jazz Jams, my heart has just exploded, as I realise…..dreams really do come true.

A personal moment of light appearing as I type, memories flash, like beacons, they were symbols, gems dropped 40 years ago to be realised now, another gem along the path leading us home.

As I said….magical!

So this morning as I wake, and for a change I was in my mind, a clear mind, mind you 😁, it’s taken many years but it’s so peaceful in their now, who are you Andrea? And the dialogue begins, a morning conversation whilst making a cup of tea, I am peaceful, that’s for sure, oh and how I love everything I touch, see, feel, taste, smell, hear, give, receive, love has become me, because I come to love me…
But who are you Andrea? Ok so what have I been working on? Support….Paying attention to the most subtle of signs, taking action, even when no action is the action required, listening to guidance, fully, no excuses, no more “I know” …
So what are you experiencing Andrea? Ahhhhh balance and with that I turned to grab the tea and there was my reflection, in that precise moment. The vesica piscis in the pic below.

Everything speaks, everything within your field is communicating to you, everything holds data and everything is your mirror because you are the Creator and you are constantly creating for your benefit, for your opportunity to expand, thing is most don’t want to expand, so they squabble, judge, act out, separate.

Everyone forgot the magic, and most “try” (lie) to “believe” in IT which is why they experience spits and spats, moments and chances, synchronicity and luck, because that too is another belief system to bust down, and one that feels quite scary at first, because in order to align we must let go of our treasured “moments” experience and beliefs, this is rooted in lack believe it or not, and stop chasing the dragon of happiness and focus entirely on rediscovering the magic within, it’s a quiet journey, learning to be soft footed, gentle until you reach that field of peace, because that’s where magic is abundant, and when we take our seat, in the middle of that field, when we learn to understand it’s whispers, when we respect the rule of the field and humbly work it as IT requires then we own the field, we are the Creator of the field and all that is grown from harmony will only ever increase in its celestial amazement.

Respect and responsibility
The Sacred Field Key

Another symbol…a reflection of my phone on the ceiling, an arrow facing North, follow the Star

A moment of reflection, an inner knowing that all is Aligning and the more we choose to take another conscious step on this always expanding path of light the more opportunities we expand into, collectively.
Each conscious choice speeds up the pulse, which in turn dissolves the discord allowing it to collapse on itself as we are witnessing on the world stage, friends, family, communities, leaders, rulers…that which is not built from The Sacred Field will always exist in the life/death cycle, a cycle in which we are leaving however that appears for each of us playing this out.

With the pulse speeding as Earth requires to rebalance, rejuvenate we feel the importance to harmonise, hence why we are healing this masculine wounding and bringing everything within to rebalance and align to our Earth, to assist our Earth as our Earth does way more than just assist us, this is our life force.

A collective clean up, within and withOUT

So for those choosing the same route as A Gift from Gaia let me tell you, The Sacred Field exists, we are living in it, and I encourage you to continue to detach, deprogram and dissolve all that you have known to be true, to go deeper than the details and see Self at its very core level, at the subconscious drivers, at the place you choose to operate from and begin to create the patterns of peace, freedom and unconditional love for All.

Notice where you say NO to expansion, notice where you limit yourself due to your investments, and when you find them, ask yourself, how these have served you to this point, to the point of being completely and utterly truthful with Self, which of course you wouldn’t need to do when you are aligned to expansion, to light.

Notice where you are not able to renew, notice where you may realise the reasons but are still holding separation to rejuvenation. Forgiveness happens mentally, energetically but it will also happen physically when all are aligning to unconditional love and the harmonics of our planet because it is humanUNITY we are heading into and when we join our light, we become a powerful, connected force to bring change, to complete phases and assist on levels we have only till now dreamed of seeing with our physical eyes.

The power is with the people and when we say no to the unconscious and yes to all that is conscious we will rapidly bring form to our wholesomeness, if we want to exist collectively in a network of sharing, caring, unity then we must be accountable for all of this within to emanate and attract those who truly are the frequency they say. The proof is always in the reality, the way we show up, the words we use, the symbols from the physical, the behaviours, the energy, everything is Seen once we realise we were wearing blinkers, and actually take them off, which is in itself a phase to be learned, so many know they can see and yet still have the blinkers on….the Know Bank, a place we store up a million KNOWS, at first we feel the value of having all this KNOW, but then we realise banking this stuff up does nothing but contradict, it’s like having a million pounds in the bank but living a life of limitation, to scared to spend a penny, and in both cases is a huge abundance block, blocking experiences, blocking comfort, blocking love, blocking health or life force. The bank’s must close, they have been in control for too long, no this isn’t a conspiracy, although it’s a conspiracy of self and yet another pattern that runs through the details….

Close down the I know
And learn to BE, take the precious pearls of wisdom and take the gift of today to unwrap the new you.

Everyone should put on their pearl twin sets today and show off the finery

Another key…another realisation, a personal one that one other will know, and today, writing this, just now, I See the message, I see the gift and all has been adjusted

All I’m going to say is Pigs in Twin Sets and a massive THANK YOU 💙💙💙

The awakening ramblings of an ascending woman, with love, always



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