Yeshua: Gratitude

yeshua eraoflightdotcomI am Jesus. I come in the scream of love and I’ll talk to you about gratitude.

Let the word sink into you, thank you. There is much to be grateful for, dear man.

Let gratitude envelop you and feel how comfortable your body becomes.

Feel gratitude and know that gratitude is an attractive energy.

Gratitude attracts love.

Gratitude attracts the abundance of life.

In your gratitude you look at life with loving eyes.

In your gratitude, any problems and concerns slip away.

Floats away. Losing power.

Helps you not to suffer. The suffering that is so easy to end up for many different reasons.

Being in suffering is a contracting energy. Contracting because you get harder to see your opportunities. What happens then is that you stare blindly. An expression you have created on earth to describe the experience of not seeing its possibilities. So when you choose gratitude and love instead, you give yourself the opportunity to look at life from a different angle. You give yourself the opportunity to dissolve the knots of life. They are knots that sometime everyone gets to experience.

How hard the knot is, how easy or difficult it is to dissolve, depends on how you choose to handle it. The more anger, frustration, irritation you put into the knot of life, the harder it becomes to dissolve. If you instead choose to look at the knot with love, the effect may be that the knot dissolves itself. Like magic. As if magic hands dissolved it.

It’s so easy to shop in affect when something happens, but my advice to you is to always first take a breath and see if you can look at what happened with other eyes, with a different energy. Carrying the word acceptance with you and picking it up in these situations will help you not to make the knot harder.

Learn from life. Let life teach you. Let life enrich your life. Your unique life with your unique opportunities. Your particular life has a special purpose. Just here you are for a reason. See your value. See what you have to contribute. You are here because you have chosen to be a part of life on earth during this time. I walk with you along the path of life. Today and all other days.

With love. Jesus, Sananda.


» Source » Channel: Camilla Nilsson