Cheri of Hilarion: Clearing Cellular Resonance

new light dna eraoflightdotcomHello beautiful family of light! Huge progress is being made and I thank each and every one of us for clearing cellular resonance with the lower vibrations and anchoring the light within. Nothing is more important than this as it is the starseed mission and it is all happening within. Everything has to clear in the spiritual realms before it can materialize here in the material world. Things are intense right now as we are clearing the origination of what I feel as violent and raw power. I woke up last week hearing we had opened up “hope” instead of “power”. This is huge as “hope” is the newest energy to the universal creation palette and has come out of this ridiculous darkness that has run amok.

Just wanted to post an update. As many of you know from my 4 previous postings I have been tasked by the creator with ascending the wheat which was the source of the mind control of our christed consciousness. Our beautiful amber waves of grain that is our wheat is the christed plant emenation of our prime creator and was infiltrated in Atlantis by the dark forces through the irresponsible use of technology which split the double diamond sun consciousness blueprint and ripped a hole up through Andromeda where all of life fell in consciousness. It was a quantum infiltration and the entire energetic structure we know as the Law of One supporting our creational realities fell into disarray and reversal.

This was the fall of the Nephilim as the creators lightbody was infiltrated by technology known as Ultra. The metatronic angelic cube or octahedron of our lightbody blueprint was infiltrated and running only light from the ultraviolet spectrum. It’s called a blacklight for a reason. This was harnessed in the quantum realms as the power of dark creations. They used ultrasound technologies to send ultrasonic pulses through the gluten, the fallen byproduct of the wheat which kept the vibrations low and allowed them to run this fixed sine wave through our consciousness holding this plasmic creation together.

We are creators and when not interfered with we manipulate energy and create realities to immerse ourselves within. This is the nature of a quantum blueprint of light and pixels in a sea of creational plasma that is the source of all that is and energetically supports creation.

Although I have done this for eight years full time as what they call a reference being, for me this work has never been so brutal and I have literally been unable to read or even write a coherent thought in two weeks. It is a pounding heaviness moving through as brain cells and synapses clear. The energy is pouring through my throat chakra as the dark spoke truth to power not truth to love. It will feel like fog as we start to lose our focus on this false reality implanted in our consciousness. As you know I have been in full ascended lightbody for 8 years working full time specifically on the mind control and it has taken my inner team this long to investigate and clear these timelines and figure out what happened. Nothing was known about the extent of what happened until we investigated it from within the illusion as our presence here is the only way to clear this false reality. We are reconstructing the akashic record for the great central sun.

All of the babies and children’s consciousness running the astral hell realms and secret space program have been cleared (thank god!) and we are now down to the fallen Nephilim timelines and reconstructing and synchronizing our angelic blueprints. We just cleared the rings of Saturn as they were some kind of non organic control structure. We were flowing in a circle around the mind not a spiral of endless moving creation that is our lightbody.

There is so much going on right now I woke up screaming “truth bombs coming” hahahaha! Omg! this was Saturday night right before Q started posting again. This is synchronization of our christed consciousness at all levels. I know this is hard for some to fathom as all this seems so real but the truth is that we are the only ones coming to save us. These off world evacuations and earth destruction scenarios were the mind control programs running a fixed reality through our brainwaves evoking all kinds of lower emotions, fear and chaos into our creations. This is what we came here to do and it’s all happening inside as we clear and embody our full consciousness and omnipresence once again.

We are laying down the new energetic structure for creation which will include “hope” as a powerful base for appreciation of the love that we are. Life is supposed to be an experience, not a program. We are not here to learn anything or lessons because we are perfection. We are source experiencing self in a variety of ways. Learning was the mind control. Our consciousness blueprints were infiltrated. These quantum forces running these false and fallen timelines were running space bases of slavery, abuse of all living things, power and dead creations through our brainwaves. It infiltrated all our quantum timelines with disease and sick derangement. As an example of how ridiculous these dark creations were and how fragmented these power over others quantum controllers were we just cleared the timelines known as paradise which were covered in astroturf hahahaha! This just shows the lack of love and ability to truly create the wonders of nature. I have so many bizzare stories of the stuff we have seen and Prime Creator who is ever patient just says “ridiculous” as I snicker at the absurdity of these so called “controllers”. Now that we are past the sick abuse of animals and children I can see how dense and dead these creations are. This cycle of earth destruction kept repeating itself over and over through memory implants, our ignorance and the control of our omnipresence.

Well just wanted to share some truth and love for what we have accomplished. All is incredibly well although things seem chaotic because the hordes of chaos are clearing through our quantum blueprints. The dark ones are falling to pieces as the consciousness heals and the mind has nothing to grab onto anymore. For those of us reading this we are in the flow of creation holding strong as all this clears. We can clearly see the propaganda is so blatently not working. The lame stream media keeps repeating the tried and true same gloom and doom “talking points” which were repeated phrases over and over as memory implants reverberating through the quantum field of consciousness blueprints.

Just know all will heal. Soon there will be no energetic structure to support the darkness or their timelines. All is evolving whether you stay here in the physical or leave the material body! There will be no split of worlds although we are still funneling into potential timelines to clear. Once omnipresence heals we will all awaken. Resistance produces pain. Flow allows clearing. Hold onto nothing as these are the ways of the old repeating patterns.

I don’t see us revisiting any past timelines of our ET incarnations but creating new ones as planets are unique support structures for creations. We travel throughout the multiverse in lightbody immersing ourselves in a myriad of dimensions not all in human form. Some are geometric creations and realms of light and sound. I have seen this, we can shapeshift into any form we desire in full DNA coherence. We are putting some fail safes into the genetic code so the DNA will never be hijacked again.

Love you so much! Thank you for letting me share my knowing as we all converge into unity consciousness once again which just means we are soverign and free to experience and create once again within a unified and coherent quantum field of source plasma. I am feeling like so called “free will” was part of the dark forces justification for their deception. The Law of One is an energetic structure that supports creation not control and destruction. The dark has lost all energetic support for quantum creations forevermore!

Feel free to comment or forward with my full permission. I feel like we will be doing more sharing at this level rather than channeling as we clear and embody our blueprints. This is the goal to integrate all these angels and masters and extra terrestrials as they exist within us not outside of us. We have to learn to trust ourselves and speak from the source within as the prime creator is alive within the very DNA of the entire structure of creation that we are a part of. In reality channeling is in truth self expression as we share our wisdom. It is a process to clear and embody these expressions of self into our physical cellular structure. There are no answers thank goodness as that is a controlled outcome and we are here to experience our perfection in individual expression. Just be yourself and live in the integrity of who you are inside. Let go of frustration for outcomes and expand into the fractal of light that you are. It’s all happening because you and me, we are creating it!

Once the mind control clears we are free to just be! This is what we do. We create and experience these creations. Being here in the physical is a blessing and once we are free from the mind control program we will know the joy of creation from the lowest density ever experienced to the highest realms of creation. It is a grand time of rare experience throughout creation remembering who we are again. Perfection temporarily forgotten. Such a deep appreciation for who we are as a family of light reflected in the suffering of opposing forces which noone could ever have imagined nor ever will again. The lesson if there is one is in the suffering created within or foisted upon another willing recipient. Yet there is only suffering when in resonance with it.

All my love and respect to you my family of light! Flow, flowing in unified service as we are one! 😘

Cheri of Hilarion
House of Ra
Order of the Seraphim

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  1. Ed

    ber 7, 2019
    UPDATE FROM THE PLEIADIANS ~ November 7, 2019
    Posted on November 7, 2019 by cindyloucbp

    By Lisa Brown

    An etheric (Quantum) Cosmic Clarion Call has gone out to the “Star People” here on our planet … occupying a physical form, yet here to support/usher in NEW HUMANITY through the fulfillment of certain roles.

    For the last few weeks, Earth-Star and Soul-Star Codes within each’s body/fields have been activating stronger and stronger as we go.

    This Activation is what I will sometimes refer to as Cosmic Shaman Energies, of ancient Star Lineages incarnated/walked-in/teleported/activated through your Photonic DNA into a physical body form and living amongst all as LOVE.


    These are the Light BEings evolving on a DNA Level and all of those who do not identify with “the old” as “reality”, rather an illusion of one no longer resonant as an acceptable existence here.

    These are the ONES, Pure in Heart, Deeply connected “from the Stars and various Star Systems” in REMEMBRANCE and understanding the importance of what we all are BEing/DOing through integration processes of STAR-CODES, SUN-CODES and various Gaia/Galactic/Cosmic Codes held deep within our DNA “waiting” for “that time”…. now here.

    You will know, you will FEEL it within you…. through your own Gridding System and connection with Gaia’s Consciousness too. What this means to each will be relative to each’s own Divine Guidance as to “how” this correlates to where you are in your own Multi-Dimensional Journey/Processes here.

    This is y/our call-out in written form, in case you were not sure or didn’t receive the message clearly…. (part of what we do here). ♥

    This 11•11 Gateway opens up a huge transitory corridor for all. Prepare for a barrage of new Soul-Star/Earth-Star Codes to be activated for full integration/embodiment/application/living. Embrace fully and honor that which you hear/see/feel/know inside, as y/our new roles/next phases are just beginning… ♥

    Anchoring/holding/embodying Unity Consciousness through Purity, Kindness, Generosity, Caring and Love. The old is no longer…. bring the “new/ancient wisdom” existences forth and offer it/share as highest guided as a part of your Contributory Service to NEW Earth HUmanity here.

    As more work/co-exist in Beautiful Divine Harmonized Union, the “ring” gets stronger, the networking (lattice) gridding systems strengthen to create a new ENERGETIC fabric/foundation for realities to be built upon. Everything is a result of this. ♥

    This is the Birth of a NEW Civilization where Unity/Love Consciousness prevails. ♦

    Anchor/Integrate/Apply these new codes to how you live your entire life. ♫

    With love and the deepest sacred appreciation and respect,

    Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

    p.s. Resolve every ounce of ego programming still held and bring forth your purest aspects in everything you are/do. ♥

  2. Marco Rossi

    Hi cheri io mi sento come an anima ancient and mi manca terribilmente la telepatia e pure la telecinetic. Per superare la noia mi diresti un pò la storia la cultura and the life of the abitanti delle civilizations of the worlds of the lights.

    1. Cheri

      Is that how we do it Ed? Or do we submit articles to her email like I do with KejRaj? Let me know if you know 😘

      (L)iving (O)ne (V)ibrational (E)nergy = Law of One energetic structure, no separation from all of creation just a unique myriad of fractals to immerse ourselves in and explore. Looking forward to visiting your creation fractals Ed! Let’s gooooo hahahaha!

  3. Marco Rossi

    Hello Cheri i’m italian and i my awakaned one and two years ago. My english is orrible ehm credo of be race pleidian and sirian, e forse angelic però sto cercando of ricordare everything. Where posso search altri come me in italy question of the questions?. NB: nei my dreams spesso capita of be constructor of the world or things technology advance futuristic and magic. I’m sorry se my english is terrible but i my sento in solitudine and look spesso the stars and worlds and that construction che penso di aver dato an hand. Vorrei tanto rivedere the my homeworld qualunque esso sia e returner of the my friends family parents and anima gemella galattics. Is very long discorso che ho write in the my life su the earth.

    1. Cheri

      Thank you so much Marco for holding this vibration in Italy which is a powerful node on the grid now surrounded by the high vibrational frequencies coming off the water! Lots of us are close to or surrounded by water for a reason because it holds our vibration and flows out our energy!

      I am in solitude as well. We were placed in these positions purposefully with minimum distractions for just this reason. You are healing and evolving your Pleidian and Sirian ancestors and all their lifetimes as we bring the universal library of light back together!

      I think the remembering of these ET lifetimes is not important because we are reengineering those DNA fractals into pure expansion as we are the evolutionary result of those creations before the fall of consciousness. We did it!

      Stay in love and thank you for your communication! We are now connected! 😘

    2. Ishtaren

      Ciao Marco. Se ti va di fare conoscenza possiamo scambiarci qualche parola e qualche informazione.
      Anche a me farebbe piacere poter condividere qualche impressione su questa fase così vibrante e misteriosa.
      Un caro saluto.

  4. Jay

    Hello cheri, could you suggest what the organic means of wheat was prior its manipulation? And what potential it has in our future when opened to its natural capacity?

    1. Cheri

      Hi Jay! I just responded to harmonview below. Search my last post here on the “Christed Wheat and Mind Control”. When the consciousness blueprint was fractured through genetic intervention it created what Lisa Renee calls the ring of fire or a plastic wall that I see as plastic or artificial timelines that froze in place rather than fractalize in ever expanding ways like organic creation. This was created by the gluten which was the fallen byproduct of the wheat or consciousness infiltration. It created a locked down and closed system rather than an ever expanding organic fractal. So the dark ones took control of the fallen violet light (reversed to ultraviolet) to create within these dead end fractals. So overused were these closed loop timelines that they were broken and leaking into the time space continuum causing this mandala affect of history creating itself so to speak. This affects the quantum brainwave states of delta mostly which we use to lucid dream (and why we can’t remember anything but nightmares and disjointed dreams as this is the brainwave state we create from) and gamma brainwaves which are christ consciousness brainwaves. The brain was meant as a receiver. The heart is the creator. The brain has taken on a life of it’s own through the infiltration of christ consciousness functioning in closed and frozen timelines. We are all source so as long as these dark ones consciousness are stuck inside these inorganic systems we are all stuck in this reality they are projecting through the dead, sticky and frozen consciousness.

      We are dismantling this system quantumly and evolving it as this is the only way to recreate an organic system. The key was in the wheat which we are reclaiming through the consciousness blueprints. Most of us are not part of this idiotic controlled system but we are stuck in this reality until the brainwaves clear through and the artificial timelines are reengineered back to the amazing fractals of creation we immerse ourselves into through full heart access to the original blueprints of this creation.

      Love discussing this stuff! We are just coming into this awareness of what happened together as the akashic record heals within us all!

      All I can fathom at this point is that in organic fractals of creation (not frozen or hijacked through molecular and genetic intervention) is that it is a full body and mind experience of such bliss, ecstasy and knowing the depth of meaning of all things expressing themselves multidimensionally through an organic quantum field of creation. Like waves of pure joy in understanding all of creation through sound color, geometries, vibrations and frequency. Every cell is alive with the bliss of the creator. Hard to imagine at this point hahahaha! But really this is what’s coming through omnipresence and heart led creations. For now we are all in a holding pattern until omnipresence clears through the Nephilim. Right now we are just allowing the healing of the universe to flow through with no resistance.

      I don’t see demons attacking me as I have seen some of the worst of the worst and the creator and I have taken such astral abuse from these fallen ones. Nothing can touch our presence all it can do is heal through our lightbodies. If it is in our field it is ours to heal from the quantum blueprints. I don’t resist it or put up protection (as this creates a victim vibration for them to attach to) because I am heart led with huge compassion and they can’t touch my high vibration. Also this is a universal process and the elements know exactly what to do in the presence of the lightbody. But these hordes of chaos and once powerful celestial giants now clearing are in full resistance of the unknown because wisdom doesn’t come from control. True knowing comes through the heart. The brain is not the creator. The mind is a beautiful multidimensional reciever which humanity was only using 10% of and operating on two strands of DNA out of 24. We are coming into this together as the blueprints are in the final stages of healing.

      Meanwhile the incarnated dark ones continue to wreak havoc because they are so disconnected but as we can see with all the secrets and lies being revealed there is no energy to support their miscreations once known as hell on earth!

      Love you and thank you for reading my post! So fun to discuss and expand out from each other, no one of us is the same which is the sheer joy and immense diversity of an ever expanding organic creation!

    1. Cheri

      Love you Ed! The reason I love “here we gooooo” is because when I started realizing all about the lightbody I got so excited about it I could envision getting into this exciting space exploration vehicle and saying “floor it” hahahaha! I called it a wild tangent lol! Thank you for sharing you beautiful and clear high vibration which is off the charts and matches my unleashed enthusiasm as well!

      All this sharing we do reverberates massive waves within the quantum field 😘

      1. Ed






      1. Cheri

        Hey harmonview it is Cheri from the article I wrote above. If you want to read the last post I wrote about the “Christed Wheat and the Mind Control” (this explains about the consciousness that was once contained in the wheat) you can search by that name on this site or just search for Cheri Lawrence on this site as I have written 4 articles about my awakening and our avian lightbodies as well. The fallen gluten is what some see in the quantum or astral realms as black, gooey, sticky stuff that attached to everything in this fallen creation when the Law of One or Ra blueprint was infiltrated.

        This gives a whole new meaning to crop circles as a multidimensional structure. The creator is in everything as he created this earth specifically but the wheat was his gift of consciousness to humanity throughout history in these epochs of high consciousness civilizations like in Maya and Eqypt for example.

        If you ever notice all these Annunaki bearded gods like Enki were so called gods of the wheat. There was high consciousness in the wheat as a gift to humanity and a path to evolution. The “power” structure in Atlantis became so enamored with themselves that they endeavored to artificially accelerate the lightbody and harness creation for power through the infiltration of the wheat which decimated the molecular integrity of consciousness. All the elements became contaminated. Think about religion and the eucharist or wheat wafers as the so called body of christ. These representations and creation of dogmatic rituals were the best we could do once humanity lost connection to source ommipresence. So the Illuminati harnessed the power of fallen elements and limited angelic integrity which holds form together but created a vacuum for creation and without love could never phire up the bliss codes to activate the full lightbody blueprints. Since Atlantis they have been weaving their pain into the quantum blueprint and what we are finding underneath it all is ultimately the horrific grief that all shared when we lost our connection to consciousness or god.

        You can see what they have created within their family here in the material. Massive fragmentation, abuse, pedophilia to harness sexual energy and cannibalism as literal consumption of power because what they created was non sustainable and just a chaotic mess of fragmented consciousness and lower chakra creations.

        Most of us have not been incarnated here since the fall in Atlantis. But we are here now to fix the idiotic and limited miscreations derived from their own pain and generationally induced suffering which has rippled throughout the quantum field of creation.

        Sorry wrote another novel but we are very close now to clearing the collective grief and pain and coming back into full consciousness yay!

        This sad and limited reality is all the dark ones know because they strove for power as a replacement for consciousness instead of love. They are fighting back hard against the prime creator in the quantum realms as we take back the fallen wheat and eliminate the gluten from the creational blueprints. This (the gluten) was what created karmic connections, literally stuck together consciousness in vibration and frequency. Thank you for your comment! Sending you loads o’ love my friend! 😘

        1. Steven Pelton

          Hi Cheri, Love and light to you…. I found your article very useful for me on my path for knowledge of the truth. I find it quite challenging to discern the truth in these times. In this “hell on earth” I have found many 3D Truths that I find more true then false and thus accept it as my truth until I find more truth, and begin the cycle of learning all over again.

          I say that to you only to more clearly express how happy I am to read your message of truth. It answers more questions then it creates! I look forward to reading your other articles mentioned.

          Namaste, Love & Light 🙂

  5. Ed

    Thank You For Cheri and This Post As Well



    Here We GOOOOO

      1. Cheri

        Hello beautiful cindyloubp! I read all of your great articles that Rose Rambles publishes through this divine communication vehicle! Thank you for your beautiful and massive contribution to our ascension! I just posted my email link (once it releases from the queue) in response to Jane and would love to send you the original text to copy and post. I have to admit I am rather ignorant on how this blogging network works as I have no followers and have just come up for air a couple years ago after spending 5 years literally bedbound while my team sequenced and activated the lightbody to do this work. It was necessary to keep my consciousness in stealth mode as we snuck up on the dark forces hahahaha! The Seraphim (or blue avians as some see them) are the black ops special forces in the quantum realms lol!

        Anyway I have just started posting with KejRaj in Era of Light and Duane on his Higher Density blog by sending them an email. If there is a better way to do this with you let me know as I have no vehicle right now besides my lightbody hahahaha! Until our telepathy returns I would love to share with your readers!

        Once again thank you for your daily contribution to love, light and truth! You rock!

        1. cindyloucbp

          Ah…Cheri, thank you so very much for your own contribution to the process for Earth’s Ascension! I soooo want to post your work and would appreciate receiving a text email of your articles as they are released.

          I have been in contact with Ed, and am trying to find out how to use my Firefax browser to be able to post your articles, but I Am not a techo-wenie! 🙂 So…if you can add my emaill address ( to your list, I’d be so grateful and your work will be on my blog.

          Much Love…


  6. Michael

    Good timing! I was wondering what you were up to.” Hope” came around at the right time. What a challenging couple of weeks. Thanks for the wonderful post, and it is where it belongs, at the top of the page! Staying peaceful and trying to experience in the Now. A big hug to you with a never ending smile.

    1. Cheri

      Love you Micheal! Still laughing at the thought of your hogs resting comfortably in the freezer hahahahaha! You have the best life albeit we are all very lonely inside without our consciousness which we are in the process of reclaiming! We are connecting telepathically but can’t remember a thing which is a good sign the mind is giving up it’s massive cloud storage quantum computing lol! 😘

  7. jane

    PLEASE where can I find this article so that I can copy it , as I am unable to copy it on this blog…

    1. Cheri

      Hello again Jane! Just send me an email at and I will forward you a copy of the text. In fact any lightworker that wants to talk or share is welcome to contact me as I am always excited for a break in this work lol! Am keeping my fingers crossed🤞and standing with you in sending wisdom to Boris Johnson on the proper handling of Brexit! Keep us posted girl as America, England and Australia are in the final stages of clearing and we will form an unbreakable alliance of light for freedom and democracy within those earth grids! Love you Jane! Hold down the fort and keep hope alive! We have already won and this is the cleanup! 😘

    2. Cheri

      Hi Jane! I just sent you my email address as soon as KejRaj releases it from his queue as it contains a link 😘