Council of Overseers: 11:11 Portal; Activating The Heart

1111 portal eraoflightdotcom.jpgThis 11:11 Portal and the accompanied awakening of the higher heart is the transitioning of frequencies from one level to the next. An initiation and a graduation of sorts is the ability to hold within your cells, the higher frequencies. No one can bypass the cellular process, yet, all is completed in a moment, when ready.

This activation takes place through the readiness and willingness, to be the conduit of these higher frequencies.

Remembering, that when one enters into a new world, all that was previous to the new world, ends also. This is the death and rebirth.  So how many truly are ready then for this and desire this?

To be ready for the new level/11:11 Portal activation (to be received) would be through the frequency result of the releasing of attachments to the current reality.

The cause of the readiness is the release of attachments.

Looking directly at the cause of anything, we view it through the current level of association with matter as a reality, functioning, frequency, portal, filter.

We do not see beyond now what it is and how it is our consciousness is functioning. Or what we may actively do at the lower level to attain the higher.

Even though we may not know what is behind the curtain of this life filled with surprises, we may be certain of one thing. We are the cause. How we are being is the cause. The frequency level we are being exerts itself as matter/frequency and projects itself onto the screen of our reality.

So where to begin? Turn that finger that points out there to the visual stimuli that says this is real.  To the cause. Check in with yourself and observe yourself, till one moment, all that you are is the observer, that through observing, then, creates.

Now, back to the 11:11 Portal. This portal does not exist in time. This means this may be accessed in any moment. Like a big huge written test, when you (as an example) know all of the answers, you are ready. When you do not know the answers you are not ready. So then, knowing the answers or not knowing the answers, is clearly not dependent on time. It is an awareness, a knowing and a readiness.

What it takes to get there is not always a given. As the playing out of memory plays a huge role as far as how much baggage of fear still lays under the coffin of suppressed memory. This coffin of memory hopes to put to rest, that which needs to be opened, so that the life may breathe, the bats may fly, the reawakening and rebirth may begin.

One may wonder what happened to all the memory of other existences? And we say, clear out the coffin first of the fear based memories and beliefs of lack, pain and separation. Then as certain as the sun does rise, you will surf the ocean of your existences, and be connected consciously to all memory forever.

In this now we transmitted to you, beyond the words or pictures painted in your head. We have activated your heart, as part of your 11:11 PORTAL experience. That based on your level now, leads you to that new life, dreamt of held in the memory of all that does truly exist now. Feel through your heart the frequencies beyond imagination. So that the soaring may be the freedom, and your heart, may be the magic carpet, you ride.


» Source » Channel: L’Aura Pleiadian