Mary Magdalene: Development

mary magdalene eraoflightI am Mary Magdalene and it is a marvelous world that you live in now. It really bubbles and buzzes all over the world today. There are small and big changes in every person. It is a development that you become more receptive and compassionate people as a whole. We are beginning to understand more and more about ourselves and each other, because we do not necessarily belong together. By understanding your next, you also understand yourself. It goes hand in hand, it is through your neighbor’s eyes that you see yourself. This realization may put it a little close on you, but if you still wait until the emotions have calmed down, you have the understanding there.

It took a while before I realized what role I was playing when I went down to Earth. It was revealed to me as I walked with Jesus and it became more and more clear to me what my own truth was. It took another couple of lives before I had completed my journey and was ready to enter the realm of love that humanity now faces as a large collective. It gives my heart joy and all my love rests with humanity today. I know your journey, I see and understand your sorrows, but I also see and understand the joy that the steps towards the light bring. You have a large family around you, who all want to help you take the last steps forward now. The last steps through your loving heart and your loving mind. That is why it is so hot on Earth today. Many energies are mixed with each other and it can give rise to many different emotional expressions that make up a little here and there.

It is a time when one needs to be focused in one’s mind to keep the balance when thrown into all the different emotions that arise between people and countries today. If one is focused in one’s mind, one can more easily follow the path commanded by your Father – the Source of all that is. This is when you make the right decisions for yourself and your fellow human beings. Yes, you make decisions for your fellow humans as well. For every right decision made by a human being, the brighter the world you live in. You help each other by helping yourself. An insightful, balanced person can do much good for the world. He / she is also guided by his inner divine voice, so he / she fulfills his task, his gift on Earth and thus has helped Earth and humanity to take a step forward. For every human being who obeys his inner voice, the Earth and humanity rise a little.

It bubbles and buzzes on Earth today, energies meet energies, but the energies of light are calm and stable, so sense them as strength and power within you. It is in your silence that you should sense what energies you want to cherish and follow. There are many different paths to go that lead to the destination of the journey, but the fastest and truest path goes through the sacred space of your heart where wisdom and love reside. They follow one another and cannot be fooled in these turbulent times with many different directions to go. They wait patiently for everything to calm down and for you to find your way home to the tranquility and tranquility that is there just below the surface of the emotional storms that play out outside and even within you.

It is enduring the courage that calls for you, dear children. Everything has its time, everything grows at different rates. Something grows fast, some grows slowly, … but it grows, dear … it grows. I see beauty grow on Earth today. I see the beautiful creations born in this beauty of growth in the Earth and in the interior of humanity. I feel and see all the love that sprouts on the Earth now and my interior is filled with a bliss and happiness that cannot be described in words.

I love you so much

Mary Magdalene.


» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg